10 Amazing Waterfalls In Nevada

It’s hard to picture waterfalls in one of the driest states in the country, but that is what makes Nevada’s waterfalls so intriguing and unique. Nevada is famously known for Las Vegas and all the accompanying beautiful hotels and casinos. Depending on where you are in Nevada, there are different waterfalls spread out across the state.

You can visit some falls by doing day trips from Las Vegas, but others require a bit more time and effort to visit. Whether you want views of Red Rock Canyon, or to see Lake Tahoe from a distance, here are 10 amazing waterfalls to explore in Nevada.

1. Hunter Creek Falls

explore, travel, 10 amazing waterfalls in nevada

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Hunter Creek Falls

Hunter Creek Falls is an active waterfall that is well visited from March to October.

This is one of the most popular waterfalls in Nevada and is a 5.7-miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1,210 ft.

The trail is dog-friendly and many people use it for horseback riding and mountain biking.

In the winter, it is great for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing – if there is enough snow.

Hunter Creek Falls is located near Reno, Nevada and is rated as a moderate hike.

You will get many scenic pictures as the trail follows a creek until you reach the waterfall.

2. Lost Creek Falls

explore, travel, 10 amazing waterfalls in nevada

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Lost Creek Falls

Lost Creek Falls is close to Las Vegas and is an easy hike that consists of 0.6 miles of trail.

The waterfall is a great place for a family hike for all ages.

Dogs are allowed on the hike and you can expect to see many different types of birds and wildlife.

There are a few different benches and viewing platforms to stop and capture those amazing views while catching your breath.

The trail is lined with rocks, so it is not possible to wander too far from the trail.

Lost Creek Falls is a great place to enjoy a picnic during the summer months.

3. Big Falls

explore, travel, 10 amazing waterfalls in nevada

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Big Falls

Big Falls is in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area across from Kyle Canyon and is considered a very scenic hike in Nevada.

This trail is hardly ever congested because of the increased difficulty of the trail.

There is some scrambling that needs to be done in order to reach the falls; because of that, these falls are rated moderate in terms of difficulty.

Pets are permitted on a leash and the hike is 3.8 miles in length.

Bring enough water and snacks because the heat is very intense and the hike will take a bit of energy to conquer.

4. Mary Jane Falls

explore, travel, 10 amazing waterfalls in nevada

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Mary Jane Falls

Mary Jane Falls is located in the Mount Charleston Area and is one of the most popular hikes in the area.

Many groups and families visit Mary Jane Falls because the hike is easy to manage and it’s not far from Las Vegas.

Depending on the season you visit, you can see snow in the Mount Charleston area, which makes for amazing photographs.

If you want to escape the craziness of Las Vegas but don’t want to adventure to the Grand Canyon, Mary Jane falls is a favorite because of its proximity to the strip and all the outstanding nature surrounding the falls.

5. First Creek Falls

explore, travel, 10 amazing waterfalls in nevada

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First Creek Falls

First Creek Falls is located in Red Rock Canyon and is approximately four miles long – or a two-hour hike.

The trail is rated easy to moderate; you will trek across a desert valley to a waterfall surrounded by unique cottonwood trees.

The visitor’s center is open every day from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

After you finish hiking around First Creek Falls, continue on the road for a scenic drive around Red Rock Canyon.

The scenic route is open every day, but the hours vary depending on the season.

6. Tamarack Creek Falls

Tamarack Creek Falls is a moderate hike located in the Reno area and East Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

You can bring your dog along on the hike, as they are welcomed.

This hike is great in any season because of the different seasonal views.

The total hike distance is six miles and loops around from start to finish.

This hike circles around the peak, which makes it one of the most impressive hikes in the region.

Since the hike has less than 500 ft. of elevation gain, you can race through in under a couple hours.

Not only will you enjoy the Tamarack Creek Falls, but you will also have an incredible view of Lake Tahoe.

7. Kings Canyon Falls

explore, travel, 10 amazing waterfalls in nevada

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Kings Canyon Falls

Kings Canyon Falls is located in Carson City, Nevada, and is under a mile hike, round trip.

The best months to visit Kings Canyon Falls are from April to July.

Many people will recognize this area due to the forest fires that happened in 2004; there were dozens of houses that got destroyed and many people called this fire the ‘waterfall fire’ due to its proximity to Kings Canyon Falls.

Kings Canyon Falls are 25 feet tall with an elevation gain of 5400 feet.

You can bring your pup on the hike as they are permitted on a leash.

Many locals visit these falls in the summer for a day trip getaway.

8. Stonewall Falls

Stonewall Falls is a unique waterfall molded by a spring that streams out of Stonewall mountain.

The water flows 400 feet down the side of the mountain.

You can reach Stonewall Falls by exiting off highway 95 after you have passed the Lida Junction intersection; just follow the signs for Stonewall Falls.

If you want to partake in an extremely difficult hike, I would recommend climbing Stonewall Mountain after visiting Stonewall Falls.

This hike is around a seven-hour round trip and is known to be one of the more challenging hikes in America.

9. Thomas Canyon

Thomas Canyon is located in the Ruby Mountains, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, which is southeast of Elko, Nevada.

The trail is shaded for the most part but has a section of grassland with little to no shade.

Thomas Canyon is U-shaped and is around two miles long.

Depending on how far you want to hike, you can continue up the valley.

There is a campground close by that you can stay at and spend a few days exploring the valleys.

This particular canyon is free to access.

Thomas Canyon is exactly what one would picture Nevada to look like.

It is a dry area, but very beautiful and great for photographers.

10. Galena Creek Falls

explore, travel, 10 amazing waterfalls in nevada

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Galena Creek Falls

The height of the Galena Creek waterfall is 60 feet and the distance of the hike is around 4.8 miles.

The best time to visit Galena Creek Falls is from May to August due to the flow of the falls.

This is an easy hike that many families enjoy, especially with the views of Lake Tahoe and Mount Rose.

You will notice many wildflowers along the trails and close to the falls.

The nature surrounding the falls is breathtaking – bring your camera to capture the beauty.

If you want more of an adventure after visiting Galena Creek Falls, continue on the trail to the top of Mount Rose.

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