10 Chef-Approved Carving Knives for Smooth Slicing

food, 10 chef-approved carving knives for smooth slicing

After you’ve taken the time to carefully plan, season, roast, and rest a beautiful bird or premium cut of meat for a crowd, the last thing you want is a tableside hack job of carving. Even if you don’t know exactly where to slice, the best way to make carving meat easier is with a high-quality carving knife. With a sharp blade that’s comfortable in your hand, you can make carving look effortless so your guests will be just as impressed with your knife skills as they are with their delicious meal. We’ve found the best carving knives to save you from any future holiday dinner carving mishaps.

What to Consider

Before you buy a carving knife, consider the size and weight of your new blade. Depending on your hand size, you might want a larger or smaller knife for a more comfortable and secure grip. First, look for blade length. Most carving knives have 8-, 10-, or 12-inch blades. The handles tend to fall between 4 and 5 inches. If you don’t know which size is right for you, a 10-inch knife is a good starting place. Larger blades can be awkward for smaller people and many cooks find that 8-inch knives don’t provide enough leverage for carving meat.

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Next, consider weight. The knife weight generally increases in line with blade length. However, most of the weight comes from the handle. Although lighter knives can be easier to maneuver and might be more comfortable for long cutting jobs, you do want some heft to your knife to help you slice through fibrous meat and tendons. Most regular carving knives weigh 6 to 10 ounces, whereas electric knives will be heavier because of the motor inside.

Finally, take a look at the blade construction. You’ll need a sharp blade to easily slice through meat, so stainless steel is a great material. A blade with divots along the edge, also known as a hollow or riveted blade, can be useful. The indents prevent food from adhering to the side of your knife as you cut, so each slice of meat falls away from the blade.

How We Selected

As a private chef, having the right tools in my knife bag is essential. A good carving knife can be the difference between clean, appetizing slices of meat, and ragged, dry cuts. So I’ve sorted through customer reviews and conducted product tests and research to find the best carving knives for every kind of home chef and budget. This list includes blades in all sizes and styles, including carving sets, so you can find the perfect one to add to your collection.

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food, 10 chef-approved carving knives for smooth slicing

8-inch Carving Knife


This well-made carving knife is a winning option for its middle-of-the road size, which makes it a great choice for many types of hands. It also has a comfortable handle with a bolster and finger guard for safety. The knife is dishwasher-safe in a pinch, but the best way to maintain its super-sharp blade is to hand wash it immediately after use.

food, 10 chef-approved carving knives for smooth slicing

Granton Edge Carving Knife


The carbon stainless steel gives exceptional strength and durability to this corrosion-resistant carving knife that is ideal for briskets, salmon, and other cuts of meat but also suited to prepping fruits and veggies. Its blade is tapered for minimal slicing resistance and nonstick properties.

It’s recommended you use a whetstone to sharpen and wipe it clean after use to elongate the life of the blade. Customers say this remarkably sharp knife is one of the best they’ve ever owned.

food, 10 chef-approved carving knives for smooth slicing

10-Inch Scimitar Knife


The curved blade on this knife gives plenty of leverage for slicing large cuts, breaking through small bones, and cartilage. German-forged steel has lasting durability and maintains a sharp edge, and the pakkawood/steel handle provides comfort and balance.

Hammer Stahl offers a lifetime guarantee and will factory-sharpen your blade for free—you just pay the shipping fee. Customers are blown away by the quality of this knife, saying its quality surpasses most others in the same price range.

food, 10 chef-approved carving knives for smooth slicing

Carving Knife


This sleek carving knife is affordable, yet it has premium looks. The beautifully curved ergonomic handle is made from a stunning dark brown wood. And the thin stainless steel blade has an attractive wood grain pattern for extra flair. Best of all, this stylish and sharp knife makes quick work of large cuts of meat, delicate sushi, and more.

food, 10 chef-approved carving knives for smooth slicing

Classic Two-Piece Carving Set


Wüsthof is known for making high-quality and reliable knives, and this carving set does not disappoint. The 8-inch carving knife is light and well-suited for small hands. And the handy carving fork is designed to make the chef’s job easier by guiding cuts, maneuvering tricky areas of a roast, and holding things in place for cleaner slicing.

food, 10 chef-approved carving knives for smooth slicing

Classic 12-Inch Brisket Knife


Brisket knives are designed to quickly slice through large cuts of meat. This Shun knife has a long, narrow blade, so you can make a smooth pass between slices of smoked brisket. Sawing back and forth to carve cooked meat can disrupt the natural grain of the muscle and cause your carefully-prepared roast to release its flavorful juices. This ultra-sharp stainless steel blade helps keep the flavor and integrity of your dinner intact.

food, 10 chef-approved carving knives for smooth slicing

AC Electric Knife


This electric serrated knife provides the extra power you might need for difficult carving jobs. It’s easy to use, with a one-touch power button, and handily slices through meat, fish, and bread. For clean-up, simply remove the detachable blade and pop it into the dishwasher.

food, 10 chef-approved carving knives for smooth slicing

Genesis 10-Inch Carving Knife


A 10-inch knife is a happy medium between a light 8-incher and a hefty 12-incher. This comfortable carving knife has a sharp pointed end that’s useful for breaking cartilage. It has a narrow blade to get into difficult areas and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

food, 10 chef-approved carving knives for smooth slicing

Fibrox Curved Cimeter Knife


For carvers who prefer a slight curve to their blade, this well-balanced 10-inch knife from Victorinox is a great option. The curve can help provide leverage for difficult cuts, and the pointed end is useful for getting into hard-to-reach places. This is a long-lasting and reasonably priced knife with a great design.

food, 10 chef-approved carving knives for smooth slicing

Slicing Knife


This beautiful slicing knife from Tuo makes you look like a pro, no matter your skill level in the kitchen. It has a smooth and shiny pakkawood handle and a beveled stainless-steel blade that’s both sleek and functional. The blade is made with vacuum heat treatment to resist rust and maintain its super-sharp edge.

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