10 Exhilarating Places To Visit In Salt Lake City For A Vacation To Remember!

Salt Lake City is an international and all-season tourist place in Utah, USA. The number of foreign tourists visiting here increased after the 2002 Winter Olympics. This winter sports event showed the world the quality of snow and the number of skiing pistes present in Wasatch Mountain. Apart from snow adventure, Salt Lake City is also the place to take a tour by honeymooners, family, nature, animal, bird, and lake lovers. Here, we have selected the top ten places to visit in Salt Lake City. It is a tourist-friendly place with modern tourist facilities and amenities.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful destinations to visit in the States. Here is a list of all the charming places that you should visit on your trip to the Salt Lake City!

1. Solitude Nordic Center2. Willow Heights3. Millcreek Canyon4. Liberty Park5. Salt Lake Temple6. Natural History Museum Of Utah7. Utah Olympic Park8. Olympus Hills9. Hogle Zoo
10. Powder Mountain

1. Solitude Nordic Center

explore, travel, destinations, usa, 10 exhilarating places to visit in salt lake city for a vacation to remember!

If you wish to see snow in all-seasons, the Solitude Nordic Center is the best place to visit once in Salt Lake City tour. You will pass through the scenic Solitude Village. You can get through the free lift and reach here. Yet, this is a ticketed area and you have to pay a few hundred dollars. The pass price does differ with tourist seasons. It is an excellent place to see the snowy vistas of the Wasatch Mountain Ranges in Utah. It has a lot of skiing and skating slops. If you wish to learn skiing, there are ski schools here with training and certification. It is the finest place to visit for a family to enjoy the snow, alpine forest, and snow recreational activities to do here. The professional skiers or those who know to ski well can take a cross country skiing from Solitude Nordic Center. Tourists rarely visit this place. Therefore, you can enjoy the snow and mountain adventure at the fullest. However, it is worth visiting here for its white beauties.

2. Willow Heights

explore, travel, destinations, usa, 10 exhilarating places to visit in salt lake city for a vacation to remember!

People interested in visiting greenery places, must-visit Willow Heights in Salt City Lake, Utah. This is one of the lush green places to visit in Salt Lake City. This is a picturesque place with meadows, pine trees, swamps, rolling hills, and lakes. You can find snow during the winter. Yet, they look more pleasant with greenery during the summer. If you are energetic, you can go for the Willow Heights trail. You can find many traditional homes while hiking. Few of them does allow tourists to stay there as a homestay with food. You can be with Mother Nature throughout the hiking. It is one of the scenic places to take photos with a lush green backdrop. It is the finest place to breathe fresh air and do meditation along with nature. You can find many dogs, horses, bison, and birds in willow heights. It is the best privacy place for the honeymooners too.

3. Millcreek Canyon

explore, travel, destinations, usa, 10 exhilarating places to visit in salt lake city for a vacation to remember!

The Millcreek Canyon is the nearest one to reach from Salt Lake City. Tourists can visit in all seasons to see this majestic canyon in Utah. There are two modes to access this canyon. Hiking is the best you can hike this canyon, which is of 6-miles in length. If you have time, you can hike from the top of this canyon too. The tourists interested in cycling can pass the canyon by cycling in an hour’s time. However, biking trails are with mild to high difficulties. It will look amazing to see the 2000-ft canyon walls through hiking and biking trails in Millcreek Canyon. You can buy food and beverages in this canyon. You can find many day camp tents here. These are of boys scouts. This canyon is a part of Salt Lake Valley towards the east. This canyon is snow-fed during the winter season.

4. Liberty Park

explore, travel, destinations, usa, 10 exhilarating places to visit in salt lake city for a vacation to remember!

The tourists coming with family must visit this urban park for recreational purposes once in Salt Lake City. This park is children and adult-friendly Park. You can find two tiny islets in this nature park. There are many ponds, where you can relax on the wooden seats. You can find many water birds on this pond. You must visit its greenhouse with children. They can also enjoy the children’s play area and the swimming pool present inside this park. Paddle boating is the coolest way to spend your time watching the greenery of this park in 360-degree. It is the best place to take photos with lush green trees as the backdrop. This park is snow-fed in the winter season. You can do cycling in the cycling location of this park. You can find morning and evening joggers in the jogging pathway. This is a cool place to relax with games and entertainment present inside this park.

5. Salt Lake Temple

explore, travel, destinations, usa, 10 exhilarating places to visit in salt lake city for a vacation to remember!

Salt Lake Temple is the important one for the ‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ followers. They are called the LDS church followers. Yet, Utah is the only place with this church recognition with most of the communities living in Salt Lake City. This is a 126-year old church, which is still in good condition. This 222-ft height with 253,015 sq ft floor area is worth to visit to see its architectural values. The stones to build this church were brought from Cottonwood Canyon in the year 1872. You can find the church walls with glittering quartz monzonite. If you look at its architecture on the exterior, you can find this church has many hidden symbols. This is because the LDS faith practiced symbolism for conducting many rituals. The location of this church is in a scenic place. It is surrounded by rolling hills, city creek and by the Jordan River in the downtown of Salt Lake City. This church has an ordinance room. This is where healing and endowment rituals take place. If you are lucky, you can find a marriage or baptism ceremony going on during the day hours.

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