10 Food Tours You Should Not Miss In Rome

food, 10 food tours you should not miss in rome

10 Food Tours You Should Not Miss In Rome

What better destination for food lovers than Rome? Eating and drinking your way through the beautiful city of Rome is an easy and splendid thing to do. Yet why come here simply to wine and dine? Why not learn a few of the secrets from the locals so you can create the recipes back home? Booking a trip to Rome should always include at least one or two foodie tours. To help travelers find their best choice, we have rounded up the ten best foodie tours in all of Rome. Whether learning to make pasta from scratch or touring an outdoor market, these tours offer something for every person, every appetite, and every budget.

Cooking Lessons From An Italian Chef

Train with the best and learn how to make delightful dishes from an Italian chef. Participants will have the chance to learn how to make pasta, including ravioli. And after learning professional tips from the chef, guests will move on to creating a classic Italian dessert: tiramisu. This experience takes place inside a restaurant open only for the tour, which lends itself to an authentic vibe. Afterward, enjoy dinner and friendly company.

  • Tour: This 2 hours and 30 minutes cooking class is informative and delightfully engaging
  • Price: $81.19 per person
  • What to expect: Lively instruction while you learn to create ravioli and tiramisu

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If You Leave Italy Without Making Meatballs, Did You Even Really Go?

Spoiler alert: the answer is no. It’s Italy! Sure, travelers are bound to come back reconnected to all the ways one should relax during a meal, the importance of cherishing family, and the appreciation of beautiful art and architecture. But also–meatballs. The Travel declares your trip doesn’t fully count if you came away from Italy wondering how they served up such delectable meatballs without learning to create them yourself.

Luckily, there is a tour just for this very purpose. Led by an engaging professional Italian chef, participants will learn to make stuffed ravioli, and authentic Italian meatballs just like their Nonna taught them. The delightful experiences include plenty of wine and the opportunity to be seated around the dinner table with new friends and a new recipe to savor.

  • Tour: 2 hours and 30 minutes of Italian cooking
  • Price: $59.91
  • What to expect: Learning to make authentic Italian meatballs, just like your Nonna taught you.

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Eat Like A Local

Don your stylish shoes and walk the cobbled streets of Trastevere, where there will be plenty of opportunities to sample cured meats and cheese, pasta and pizza, and, of course, plenty of wine. This foodie tour provides a fresh take by making it such an active experience, stopping in delis, markets, and shops to meet the folks behind Roman cuisine.

  • Tour: A delightful walking tour that lasts approximately 3 hours
  • Price: $68.90
  • What to expect: Lots of classic dishes to try as you walk the cobbled streets of Trastevere.

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Step Outside Rome To See The Countryside

Any itinerary in Rome should include a brief excursion outside of it to experience the beautiful countryside. This relaxing day trip to Lazio includes a wine tour, an educational experience on the best wine pairings with traditional meat and cheese plates, and a delectable lunch. And, as if all that wasn’t enough, guests will visit a traditional wine cellar in a medieval village, enhancing their connection to the past while enjoying the beauty of the present.

  • Tour: Includes transportation for this 4-hour memorable tour
  • Price: $68.91
  • What to expect: A visit to a medieval village wine cellar, lots of wine, and an excellent lunch

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A Bar Crawl In Rome? Why Not!

A nighttime walking tour in the trendy Rome neighborhood of Monti that includes a bar crawl and an engaging tour host, pointing out historically significant landmarks and sharing stories of the seedy underworld. This is a fun tour that will leave you tipsy by the end of it–but with plenty of laughs and good memories to go home with.

  • Tour: An approximately 3 to 4-hour “tipsy tour” in Rome
  • Price: $58.92
  • What to expect: Drinks. Lots and lots of drinks.

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Calling All Gelato Lovers

Who can resist the creamy delights of a gelato desert? With the many flavors to try, this is one treat that can be eaten daily in Rome. Most tours in Rome focus on pasta making and wine, but this one is devoted exclusively to making Italian gelato. It includes a demonstration on how to make three different flavors, and then each participant will have the opportunity to create their very own gelato. This experience is one that should simply not be missed.

  • Tour: A 1-hour slice of heaven–or rather, a scoop of gelato
  • Price: $54.93
  • What to expect: The all-important honor of being able to say you made your own gelato.

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Create Pizza In The Land It Was Perfected In

Impress your friends–and yourself–by learning to make a classic pizza from a real Italian chef during this fun workshop. Plenty of wine will be flowing along with fresh ingredients–and the best part is, it all ends with the guests getting to eat their very own pizzas. This delightful workshop often sells out, so be sure to book it in advance.

  • Tour: A 1-hour pizza perfection class
  • Price: $54.93
  • What to expect: Enjoy creating what has to be the greatest food ever invented: pizza.

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Perfect Your Pasta Making Technique

Train with a professional chef to learn the secrets and techniques to some of Rome’s most classic dishes: fresh pappardelle and spaghettone alla carbonara. Fresh ingredients and plenty of insights are included in this class that begins with a Prosecco toast and ends with a divine lunch prepared by yourself. The chef will also teach students to make the beloved Italian dessert, Tiramisù. Leave with a full stomach and a smile on your face.

  • Tour: A 1 hour and 30 minutes class to learn several classic Roman dishes
  • Price: $67.91
  • What to expect: Enjoy making (and eating) a pasta lunch and divine dessert.

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Experience The Romance Of Rooftops In Rome

No one comes to Rome without expecting love: to find it, to renew it, to awaken it within themselves. The passion of the people, the beauty of the city and its art, and, oh yes, the wine… Adventure seekers with an open heart should find this tour to be an unforgettable journey. Guests will visit four different rooftops, where they will sip cocktails, enjoy snacks and dinner, and take in the beauty of unvarnished views of Rome. This is a tour that should not be missed.

  • Tour: 4 hours of wining, dining, and sightseeing Rome from above
  • Price: $278.58
  • What to expect: Plenty of food and wine under a blanket of stars

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Take A Train To Nearby Wine Country

Step outside Rome to the nearby wine country of Frascati. Enjoy a short train ride and arrive at the Frascati station, where guests will be greeted by their enthusiastic tour guide. Taking a guided tour through the old town, guests will visit a vineyard, sample wine and olive oils, and enjoy a classic Italian lunch. This relaxing adventure is the perfect way to spend a day in and out of Rome–with the impressive energy of the city and the beauty of the countryside.

  • Tour: Take the 25-minute train ride from Rome to Frascati. This tour lasts 7 hours.
  • Price: $98.85
  • What to expect: A knowledgeable guide, a vineyard tour, wine and lunch, and lots of relaxing

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