10 Haunted Places Of Karnataka In 2022: Are You Ready To Challenge Your Soul?

Imagine you are walking down a street and a demonic creature appears in front of you all of a sudden, wouldn’t you get freaked out? Or would you try to run and escape? Well, escape may be a difficult option if you are at the haunted places in Karnataka .

The state of Karnataka has been a part of the wishlist of many for its natural and historical wonders and also the corporate side of it which includes the cyber city, Bangalore. Recently, haunted places in the state have been gaining huge attention exciting more and more people to experience the demonic occurrences.

Who would have thought that a state like Karnataka which is a go-to place for people seeking jobs, for enjoying the beachy vibes and having a great time in restaurants and cafes can also be a home for paranormal activities? People have witnessed numerous haunting incidents including strange noises and disappearing creatures in the night time. A place which remains crowded for the day becomes a shelter for ghostly spirits at night and many people around never dare to visit them.

10 Haunted Places In Karnataka

Over the years, people have seen several ghostly occurrences at the night time making the state a hot destination for paranormal activities. Fortunately, most of the paranormal concentration is in the remote locations but the act of going out in the night time in Karnataka is not a child’s play anymore. Take a look at the various haunted places in Karnataka city that you can visit.

  • Bangalore International Airport
  • Victoria Hospital
  • Kalpalli Cemetery
  • NH4 Highway
  • Call Center In M.G Road
  • Banyan Tree In Tiptur Area
  • Hoskote Route
  • Government Hostel In Dharwad

1. Bangalore International Airport

explore, travel, karnataka, 10 haunted places of karnataka in 2022: are you ready to challenge your soul?

No one would ever believe that an airport which is usually one of the busiest places can be a shelter for ghosts. But the Bangalore International Airport has recently made people come across such supernatural occurrences making it feature in the list for the top haunted places in Karnataka. According to reports, people have noticed a lady in white walking around on the runway and even in the Cargo section of the airport. Some rumors also suggest the presence of a headless ghost near the escalators of the airport. It is also one of the most mysterious places in Karnataka.

Location – KIAL Rd, Devanahalli, Bengaluru

2. Victoria Hospital

explore, travel, karnataka, 10 haunted places of karnataka in 2022: are you ready to challenge your soul?

This hospital is certainly not a place where you would like to get your treatment . Many people claim to have noticed a white unnatural figure at one of the trees in the hospital premises. However, a more interesting thing is that the ghost isn’t hungry for people but the food which is the primary reason for many food packets going missing every time. Despite this, the place has been one of the most haunted places in Karnataka.

Location – City Market, Bangalore -560 002

3. Kalpalli Cemetery

explore, travel, karnataka, 10 haunted places of karnataka in 2022: are you ready to challenge your soul?

A cemetery would probably be the most obvious place to feature in the list of haunted spots in Karnataka. People passing by the cemetery have often witnessed a spooky creature looking like a man roaming around the graves. Sometimes they even get the essence of someone being behind them. Isn’t that enough to freak you out?

Location – Kathalipalya, Sarvagnanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

4. NH4 Highway

explore, travel, karnataka, 10 haunted places of karnataka in 2022: are you ready to challenge your soul?

A highway at night can always be a critical point for something worse to come. Such is the National Highway 4, where people claim the presence of a good looking woman asking drivers for a lift. The lady disappears in thin air as and when the drivers stop the vehicles. But this doesn’t end here, the lady reappears starts laughing hysterically when the drivers continue to drive again. This place is one of the most haunted places in Hubli Karnataka and we do not recommend you go on a trip here barefoot.

Location: NA

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