100 Best Hugot Lines on Love, Travel and Work (Tagalog)

Pinoys are so creative that even the littlest things, we can create witty and funny lines that we all relate to whether it’s about love, travel, work, or life as a whole.

I know that you’re also searching the internet for the best hugot lines out there, well don’t feel sorry no more because I’ve searched the entire world wide web to give you some of the funniest and wittiest hugot lines. In Tagalog, ito ang mga hugot lines sa pag-ibig, trabaho at travel. Here are just some of it. Please note that I do not own these hugot lines, so I am giving proper credit to the owners.   Let’s start and enjoy!

Hugot Lines on LOVE

This is our favorite part. Love keeps us all alive and on fire, that’s why these hugot lines will definitely bring back some good and bad memories. Well, what’s important that we’ve loved and learned along the way, right? Let’s start.

  1. I choose you na nga, pero you wanna catch them all.

Why are you doing that? Am I still not enough? What do you think of us? Things that you can just collect and then select which is best for you? Ganun. Hahaha!

  1. Love parang barya lang po sa umaga. Alam mo naman na di ka masusuklian nagbigay kapa ng buo.

Oh my! This is more painful than having no “sukli” in the morning. Hahaha! Why are we so hopeful that we will be loved back? Aba, I don’t know. Hahaha

  1. Maganda kasi yung daan kaya kumaliwa.

Nangaliwa or pangangaliwa has a different meaning for the Filipino language. It means your love just found a new one and based on this hugot, I think she’s more beautiful than you. LOL!

  1. Taken na nga, for granted naman hahaha

Sometimes being in a relationship doesn’t guarantee happiness. Yown! Hahaha!

  1. May nag propose, bigla kang nag react #Ampalaya

To your bitter friends. LOL!

explore, travel, 100 best hugot lines on love, travel and work (tagalog)

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  1. Binitawan kaya hanggang tingin na lang.

Yeah you left her, and then you realized that she’s getting more beautiful each day. Sorry, you left her remember? So hanggang tingin ka nalang. LOL!

  1. Sa pag-ibig, walang bulag pipi at bingi, pero tanga madami.

And one of them is you? Of course, you’ll never admit it. Hahaha!

  1. Isa lang ang way para maka move on Pakabusog ka.

Try this. I think this is a very good strategy to move on. Tara kain tayo. LOL!

  1. Malabo. minsan  mata, minsan ikaw.

You just couldn’t read her/his mind right?

  1. Walang isda sa baybayin, saka never kang makakahuli. Choosy ka kasi.

This is for your friend who keeps on complaining of having no love life, but you know the reason why right? you’re her friend. Choosy kasi siya. Hahaha! Yung mga pwede na, laman tiyan din, pero ayaw pa rin nya. LOL!

explore, travel, 100 best hugot lines on love, travel and work (tagalog)

Image Credit: Travel Thoughts PH 

  1. Na-catch mo na lahat pati na Feelings ko.

This is just a simple way of saying, Nasayo na ang lahat. Hahaha! The best feeling of being in love. Naks.

  1. Travel tayo, tapos libre mo ulit ako. Love you.

She is a traveler, and she is user-friendly. LOL! For the sake of fairness, He is a traveler, and he is a user-friendly. Hahaha!

  1. Gusto mo ng magandang tanawin, tumitig ka sa sa akin.

This is you, having enough courage to talk to your crush. LOL! I hope your crush gets the message.

  1. Marami na ang namatay sa maling akala.

This is not just a reminder about love, but about life as a whole also.

  1. Ang crush ay parang isang Math problem, kung hindi mo makuha titigan mo nalang.

Yeah, I think you’ve already accepted the fact that it is quite impossible that he’ll love you back, and you’re just happy to see her every day.

explore, travel, 100 best hugot lines on love, travel and work (tagalog)

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  1. Wag mo na ipagsiksikan ang sarili mo kung ayaw nya sayo.

It’s about time that you listen to your friends. LOL! Did you hear what they’ve just said?

  1. Wag nang ipilit masasaktan ka lang.

Here’s another one. It’s about time to accept the reality. Hahaha!

  1. Pagmamahal mo parang sweldo ko, di ko man lang naramdaman.

This is just in preparation for the next part of this hugot series. Hugot about work. LOL!

  1. Sayang ang plano, kung di naman magkakatuluyan.

This is you telling yourself that there is hope. LOL!

  1. Wag basta magtiwala sa di ukulele.

Yeah, don’t talk to strangers. Don’t you dare fall in love with someone na kakikilala mo lang. Wag maharot. LOL! Siya’y di ukulele. LOL!

explore, travel, 100 best hugot lines on love, travel and work (tagalog)

Image via Travel Thoughts PH

Hugot lines on Travel

Well, since I am a travel blogger let’s go for the hugot lines that are closest to me, these are hugot about travel but in a way it is also related to love because we can mix travel and love right?

  1. Minsan ang tao parang lugar, hindi na dapat balikan.

Yown! The times when we had a bad and painful experience that we’ve learned our lessons that we’ll never do it again. It’s the same with having a painful experience with a person whether your ex or a friend, that person will be like a place that you don’t want to visit again.

  1. Friends lang tayo, walang Malaysia

Funny right? The first time I saw this hugot line, I couldn’t help but smile or even laugh a bit. This is just a product of the creative minds of Pinoys that they were able to incorporate the country Malaysia with line that reminds everyone that they shouldn’t be assumero at assumera because this is all about friendship, walang Malaysia.

  1. Taga Baguio ka ba? Because you’re so cold.

Hahaha! A question that you’d want to ask him or her, who suddenly turned cold on you.

  1. Ingat ka, marami nang pa-fall ngayon.

This is just a simple reminder to those who easily gets attached to someone and even to the extent of falling in love. There are some who just want to make you experience the “kilig” but has no plans of getting serious.

explore, travel, 100 best hugot lines on love, travel and work (tagalog)

Image via Travel Thoughts PH

  1. Sa limatik ka na nga lapitin, pinagtabuyan mo pa (Faie)

Another funny hugot line for mountaineers, perfect to those who are hopelessly waiting for forever. Hahaha!  You know limatik, that small creature that sticks to your skin and even sucks blood. Try to climb mountains during rainy season, you’ll encounter them.

  1. Yung love story natin parang flight ko, akala ko delayed lang yun pala canceled na. – Gra Castro Barrera

Another story of someone with a broken heart, a love that is comparable to a canceled flight.

  1. The journey of a thousand miles begins pag may pera ka. Kaya mag-ipon ka.

A story of an avid traveler, someone who wants to pack his back and go but has no enough money. This just affirms the fact that traveling needs fund, so if you want to travel, plan it properly and save.

  1. Sana piso fare pa rin. Piso fare na lang. Piso fare na lang ulet! (Jeni Tianzon)

Getting some hugot from the movie, One More Chance. I think no more explanation needed.

  1. Ang pag-ibig parang itinerary. Madalas hindi nasusunod.

Come on, it’s true. It’s very rare that we actually follow our itinerary. But that’s the good thing about traveling, the spontaneity of it.

  1. Buti pa kay manong tricycle driver, 25 pesos lang special kana (Faie)

A traveler who yearns for someone who makes her feel special. A hugot that was creatively compared to a tricycle ride.

  1. Nag camping may dalang mascara, BB cream, CC cream, eyeliner, lipstick, eye liner, li plumper, Pucha gusto maging Dyosa ng kagubatan

We all have a friend like that. Hahaha! It’s like, hey are you really hiking a mountain? Seriously?

explore, travel, 100 best hugot lines on love, travel and work (tagalog)

Image via Travel Thoughts PH

  1. Ingat sa Cliff diving. Delikado ang ma-fall lalo na kung walang sasalo sayo. (Paul Derick Mendoza)

A reminder again to guard your heart. It’s hard to fall for someone who is not ready to catch you. Hahaha! Let’s accept the fact that when we travel, we’ll meet new people. Some will be your friends, but there are some who can possibly be more than friends. The thing is some of them just wants to enjoy your company but not really want to be your lover. ouch.

  1. Kung yung weather nga pabago-bago. Feelings mo pa kaya? (Aaron Mercado)

A painful reality that in any relationship, one might just change and fall out of love. Ouch. A love that can be comparable to our weather.

  1. Kung mahal mo ko, wag mo akong Kazakhstan.

Another hugot that will definitely put a smile on everyone. It’s just amazing the wit and humor of Pinoys.

  1. Mabuti pa ang bundok inakyat mo, eh yung pag-akyat ng ligaw sakin kelan mo gagawin?

The girl who has a crush on you is telling you this. Now, are you going to pretend that you’re numb and didn’t even hear it? Or is it the right time to open your hearts and even consider that this girl is also worthy of your love?

  1. Buti pa yung guide, jahit agod na hindi ako iniwan. Ikaw, hindi naman kita pinagod pero bakit mo ko binitawan? (Paul Derick Mendoza)

Why? Why did you leave him/her? This is just the simple question of this hugot. Why? You’re tired of everything? Look at Kuya guide, he’s even more exhausted than anyone that he never gave up. LOL!

  1. Don’t be afraid of death, be afraid of an unlived life.

This hugot sums it all. What are you waiting for? Right time to embark on that journey? Right time to climb that mountain. There’s no right time but Now. As the saying goes, it’s about the experiences that matter at the end of the day.

explore, travel, 100 best hugot lines on love, travel and work (tagalog)

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  1. Sabi mo dollar lang ang ipagpapalit mo. Bakit pati ako?

So do I have to explain further why? This is for the broken hearts, asking their beloved half, why?

  1. Buti pa ang travel mo kaya mong planuhin. Ako kaya? Kelan mo paplanuhing mahalin? (Ponga Sampang)

This is for those who are hoping that their love and admiration will be reciprocated. Those who are even wondering why you have the time and effort to plan your travel, but me, when are you planning to finally love me? LOL!

  1. Basta text kita later, male-late na KUWAIT!

Just something to make you smile. Another product of Pinoy’s creative minds.

explore, travel, 100 best hugot lines on love, travel and work (tagalog)

Image via Travel Thoughts PH

  1. Ang usapan natin “Leave no trace,” pero bakit ang sakit-sakit pa rin? (Aaron Mercado)

As an Traveler I can practice “Leave no Trace” by heart, but when it comes to love, why it is so hard? LOL!

  1. Buti pa ang bagyo, may pag-asa

This is him/her, finally giving up and losing hope for that chance for your love. Awww!

  1. Yung pag-akyat ng bundok parang tayo, nakakapagod.

When you hear your love saying this, you gotta be worried and step up your game. Relationship should be loving and inspiring, definitely not exhausting. Agree?

  1. Sa lahat ng napuntahan ko, ikaw lang ang gusto kong balik-balikan (Kab Fabito)

I’m wondering what did you do to make him/her long for you this way? You should’ve have done something great. LOL!

  1. Pag nagmahal ka dapat SAGADA

Don’t listen to them that you should leave something for yourself. When you love, you gotta give it all. LOL!

  1. Kung tent tayo, ikaw ang pole. Because I can’t stand without you.

It’s like saying I can’t live without you the mountaineer way. Hahaha! Very creative.

  1. Ang lamig dito sa taas. Kasing lamig ng puso mo. (Michael Kay)

Why, why are you so cold? As cold as the temperature at the top of a mountain, in Cordillera. LOL!

  1. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday then Someday.

Whatever you’ve planning to do all this years, there’s no someday. There’s no right time. You got to do it NOW.

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  1. Sabi mo, “Laro tayo”. Akala ko “Surfing” yun pala “Feelings”. (Czareena Malasig)

Oh my! This is the game that we all are not happy to play!

  1. Hanggang miss you all nalang ba tayo sa Group Chat?

To all our busy and “drawing” friends. LOL!

Hugot lines on Work

I know a lot of you are stressed with not only workload but all the drama and politics in the corporate world. At times, hugot lines can be a breath of fresh air that can ignite laughter because not only you can relate to it, but also it is a way for you to release that stress.

Here are just some of the hugot lines that have become popular among workers and corporate slaves.

  1. “Buti pa ang pamasahe ng tren tumaas. Sweldo ko na lang ang hindi.”

This is for those who have been working for years in the company but never experienced any pay increase. Well, if you’re working in a small company that earns little, you have the option to look for better salary. If you’re working in a multinational company and it is obvious that the company is earning yet the management’s least priority is its people, this hugot is for you!

  1. “Talo mo pa ang straw sa sobrang kasipsipan.”

Oh my, we all have that kind of co-worker. Someone who will do everything to please the boss, to the extent that he is willing to kiss the boss’ ass. It’s annoying right? because you know that this kind of co-worker will always be on the side of management. He is always willing to sacrifice someone or throw a co-worker under the bus for the advancement of his career.

  1. “Ang trabaho ko hindi nauubos pero ang suweldo ko, konting-konti na lang!”

Popularized by a line in a local movie, this hugot line also suits those who are overwork but underpaid. If you can relate to this hugot, well you have to do something.

  1. “Revisions ba ‘ka mo? Ba’t ‘di ko i-revise ang mukha mo?”

With our past jobs, we’ve experienced this boos. You know those who couldn’t make up his mind and indecisive. Those who keeps on revising your work but at the end of the day he will realize that your original version was the best. Haay…

  1. “Hindi dahil may karapatan ka minsang maging t*nga ay aaraw-arawin mo na.”

Bad. I suggest you to be patient especially if the co-worker is new. Give them time to learn. But if you have a co-worker who keeps on repeating his mistake, go back to his boss. It’s just a matter of mentoring.

  1. “I’m not disappointed, since I don’t expect anything from you.”

Sometimes it is good not to expect too much. Hahaha!

  1. “Move on? Why don’t I just move on from this job?”

Whoah! I know you’ve had enough but don’t be impulsive with your decision. You’re not rich. You need a job to pay your bills. If you want to move on with your job, plan it carefully. Don’t make impulsive decisions.

  1. “Hindi pangako ang tawag sa promotion na ‘di natutupad. Ang tawag doon, ‘paasa.’”

This are for those employees who are about to leave the company but the boss promised a promotion so they stayed. And then, two years have passed, no promotion happened. Hahaha!

  1. “Huwag mong ipilit ang sarili mo sa promotion na hindi dapat sa ‘yo.”

This is for a co-worker na feeling. Feeling magaling Hahaha! Those who are too ambitious but lacks hardwork and drive.

  1. “Dahil sa sobrang traffic sa EDSA, naniniwala na ako sa forever.”

I know commute and traffic can be very exhausting. You know that feeling when you just arrived at the office but you’re already tired because of traffic.

  1. “Umagang Mala- biyaheng probinsya.”

You know those times when you’re commuting in the morning going to work. With all those traffic and pollution, you ask yourself, “is this gonna be me life forever?” Hugot!

  1. “Gusto ko ng kape, yung matapang yung kaya akong ipaglaban.”

Who doesn’t want this? I also love coffee, but yeah,  it would be better to have a stronger one, yung ipaglalaban ka. LOL!

  1. “Kamusta work mo ATM “

Something to make you smile. LOL!

explore, travel, 100 best hugot lines on love, travel and work (tagalog)

Image via Travel Thoughts PH

  1. “Para kang sweldo ko, di mo namalayang wala na pala.”

Yes, you can always mix work with love, right? Even with hugot lines.

  1. “Ready na kami for Monday.”

We’re ready for another week of battle.

explore, travel, 100 best hugot lines on love, travel and work (tagalog)

Image via Travel Thoughts PH

  1. May pag-asa ang tag-ulan, yung taghirap kaya?

Perfect for those rainy weather, then you realize you don’t have money. Hahaha!

  1. Presidente natin bago na, ideas mo luma pa rin.

It’s your boss, telling you that you need some new ideas. Wala nabang iba? You need to step up your game.

  1. Jeep nga umaalis, pag napupuno. Tao pa kaya?

You’re on the verge of giving up, and for any reasons you may have, at the end of the day, it is your decision. It is your life. If you feel that this is a risk that you can afford, well by all means do it.

  1. Buti pa nga files sinesave mo, yung relasyon natin?

Once again, it’s when you mix work with love. Hahaha! But honestly, if you don’t want to lose this precious relationship, do something.

  1. Monitor kaba? Kai parang ang sarp mong titigan magdamag.

When you hope that “crush” can be just a monitor that you can look at for your entire shift. Hahaha!

  1. Keyboard kaba? Kasi type na type kita

Okay, here’s another one for work crush hahaha

  1. Para kang aplikante ko, nangakong darating hindi naman.

This is the hugot of our HR colleagues. Well, if you’re asking me, this is still better than what most HR do, when they said that they will give you some updates about your application, and yet they never call at all. Hahaha!

  1. Ballpen nga nawawala, feelings pa kaya?

This is her, explaining why she fell out of love. Hahaha!

  1. Sick leave. Dahil nasaktan ako nung iniwan mo ko.

It’s okay to call in sick, but please after your rest, stand up. Life goes on. LOL!

  1. Keep calm and just resign.

I don’t need to explain this further. LOL!

Do you have other hugot lines? Share it on the comments section below, and we’ll do our best to update this.

Tiktok Hugot Lines 

Here’s a video of the some of the best and funniest hugot lines on Tiktok. Enjoy!

I know you’re craving for more Hugot lines, so from 75, we are upgrading the list to 100! Here are more Hugot lines for crush, your love, work or travel. Enjoy.

76. Lahat ba ng Math major laging hinahanap si X?

77. Huwag kang umasa na babalik pa siya, kung nasa piling na siya ng iba.

78. Para kang exam, hindi ko na maunawaan.

79. Mabuti pa yung deadline sa school, kahit anong hirap, hahabulin mo. Samantalang ako, umalis na, lumakad na, nandyan ka pa rin naka tayo.

80. Sana may traffic lights din sa love, para alam natin kung kailang maghahanda, di-direstso, o hihinto.

81. Ang jowa minsan parang sinaing rin iyan, kailangang bantayan.

82. Mabuti pa yung kape, mainit man o malamig, hinahanap-hanap pa rin.

83. Lahat ba ng Math major laging hinahanap si X?

84. Sa love, ‘di maiiwasan na may U-Turn. Yung akala mong dire-diretso na, may babalikan pa pala.

85. Mahal. Minsan bilihin, kadalasan ikaw.

86.Mahal. Minsan bilihin, kadalasan ikaw.

87. Ang buhay parang paglalakad lang yan sa ulan, nasa sa’yo kung i-eenjoy mo o patuloy kang magrereklamo.

88. Wag na wag kang manloloko ng payment collector, mga may utang na tumakbo nga nahahanap niya, ikaw pa kaya.

89. Mabuti pa sa date nyo, lagi kang maaga. Eh sa klase, kamusta?

90. Ang buhay parang salamin rin iyan, minsan talagang klaro, minsan naman malabo.

91. Sana yung pagmamahal mo parang hugasin rin sa bahay, hindi nauubos.

92. Ang mga magulang mo parang mananaya lang sa lotto yan pagdating sa’yo, hinding-hindi ka susukuan.

93. Hindi sapat na mahal mo siya, hindi sapat na kailangan mo siya, dahil isa ka lang kaibigan para sa kanya.

94. Ang buhay ng tao parang kuryente rin yan, ‘di natin alam kung kailan may interruption para mas lumiwanag.

95. Kung ayaw mong masaktan, huwag kang papatol sa alam mong expert sa kalokohan.

96. Hindi lahat ng patama tungkol sa’yo, sadyang natatamaan ka lang kasi!

97. Hindi ka magiging masaya kung patuloy mong babalikan ang tapos na.

98. Ang daling matulog, ang hirap bumangon. Ang daling mahulog, ang hirap mag move on.

99. Kung nagalit man ako nang walang dahilan, pasensya na. Nasaktan kasi ako nang wala kang alam

100. Ang sorry ay para sa mga bagay na hindi sinasadya. At hindi para sa mga bagay na paulit-ulit na ginagawa.

There you have it. If you have any more hugot lines whether Tagalog or English, share it at the comments section.

Note: First published on June 17, 2018
Updated on September 23, 2019 / Updated for 2020