11 Best Restaurants in Invermere, BC

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

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You’ll fall in love with nature when you visit the small town of Invermere, BC. Glorious mountain peaks and two spectacular shimmering lakes encapsulate this stunning town in the hub of the Columbia Valley.

There is an abundance of summer and winter activities awaiting your arrival in Invermere. These include hot springs, national parks, days on the lake, and even a river float!

Of course, after a big day of exploring, a tasty meal is exactly what you’ll need. Wondering where to eat in Invermere? Join us as we take your tastebuds on a delicious expedition to some of the best restaurants in Invermere, BC!

Best Restaurants in Invermere, BC 

1. Ullr Bar

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc


● Location: Downtown Invermere 

● Type of Food: Pub food

● Average cost per meal: $20

● Why we love it: The fried chicken and lively atmosphere (and the chili margarita!)

Having friends who live in Invermere means I get the best restaurant recommendations. One of the first they brought be to was Ullr Bar to enjoy some of the most amazing fried chicken I’ve ever had!

I was a little skeptical at first that such amazing fried chicken lived in the small humble town of Invermere in BC – boy, was I wrong! The fried chicken at Ullr Bar really is that tasty, and a meal here is a great way to spend lunch or dinner in Invermere.

The menu at Ullr Bar is small and centered around their famous fried chicken. Bailey loves the classic fried chicken, whereas my personal favorite is the fried chicken sandwich, which never disappoints. They also make amazing cocktails, including a chili margarita that paired well with my sandwich on their outdoor patio.

Ullr Bar is also the best place in town to enjoy a fun night out. They often have live music on weekends and a large dance floor. So, as the sun goes down, don’t let your day end, head to Ullr Bar!

2. The Invermere Bakery  

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

Photo credit: The Invermere Bakery

● Location: The Invermere Bakery Location

● Type of Food: Artisanal bread and pastries/Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan Options

● Average cost per meal: $8 CAD

● Why we love it: Pastries!

Oh, my pastry heaven! Your sense of smell will guide you to this famous bakery in downtown Invermere. This quality bakery was established in 1954 by a Dutch Baker, followed by an Austrian Baker in 1964, and then a Swiss Baker in 1981 to date.

You cannot miss this bakery with its enormous pretzel above the door. The pretzel has become an iconic symbol over the years. There is a beautiful story on their site about The Pretzel, and I encourage you to read it!

Walk into a cute and modern decorated setting. The space is intimate, offering seating for around 40 people. On the lush, warm sunny days, you can enjoy their delightful patio area.

Now for their pastries…

Dan and I visited one sunny morning for a mid-morning coffee treat. Upon entering, I headed straight for the counter adorned with pastry choices. Dan ordered us coffee from their micro-roastery while I decided on the chocolate brownie and apple Danish. Together, they hit the spot! Both our pastries were super fresh and delicious. Plus. our coffee was smooth and aromatic.

An all-around fantastic bakery experience! We grabbed a loaf of hot “out of the oven” artisanal harvest loaf bread to enjoy later in the day on our picnic. The service is quick and efficient. The staff are passionate bakers, warm and friendly.

The Invermere Bakery is open from 8 am to 4 pm every day except Wednesday, when they close at 3 pm. They are closed Sunday.

3. Spice Hut Indian Cuisine  

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

Photo credit: Spice Hut Indian Cuisine

● Location: Spice Hut Indian Cuisine Location

● Type of Food: Indian/Pakistani

● Average cost per meal: $16 CAD for a main/around $4 for appetizers and side orders

● Why we love it: Spicy East Indian Cuisine

Looking for aromatic and authentic Indian food in Invermere? Here it is! This beautiful and quaint restaurant specializes in East Indian cuisine. In true Indian style, there is a vast menu, including a massive vegetarian selection. In addition, there are many gluten-free options.

Dan and I were starving after a long hike. So, we decided to go for a full 3-course meal. Everything smelled and looked so delicious that it was tough to make a decision. In the end, we started with some vegetarian samosas. Perfectly crunchy with a generous filling.

For mains, I tucked into the coconut prawn curry, and Dan had the tandoori chicken tikka.

Flavor, flavor, and more flavor with the perfect bite of chili! Served alongside freshly baked naan bread, you cannot go wrong.

Our plates were clean, and our appetites were satisfied. However, dessert was a must. We shared the Kulfi Indian frozen ice cream flavored with cardamom and pistachios. An excellent choice!

The food is colorful and beautifully presented. Honestly, the best Indian meal we have had in a while. Do not walk past this restaurant in Invermere without popping in if you love Indian food!

 4. Smokehouse 93

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

The mac and cheese brisket burger is everything!

● Location: Along Kootenay Highway 

● Type of Food: Smoked meats

● Average cost per meal: $15 CAD

● Why we love it: The brisket!

It was my nose that led me to Smokehouse 93. Located along the highway, we must have passed it just about every day, and every time we did, I got the most amazing smells. This led us to visit on the last day of our most recent trip, and the only thing I regret is not going sooner.

This small roadside smokehouse serves the most amazing meats, with my favorite being the AAA Canadian Beef Brisket! The restaurant serves its food either by weight on its own or in burgers and other sides.

I personally got the Brisket Burger and loved it! The meat literally falls apart, and the flavors are incredible. Bailey is a mac and cheese lover, so she got the “Meat and Mac,” which comes with brisket on top.

Honestly, if you love smoked meats, then Smokehouse 93 will be the best restaurant you visit in Invermere!

5. Fuze Food  

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

Photo credit: Fuze Food

● Location: Fuze Food Location

● Type of Food: Wholesome, healthy food

● Average cost per meal: $14 CAD

● Why we love it: fresh, natural, and real food

The owner, Sarah, takes us on a journey of healing. After suffering severe injuries in an avalanche, she used her Chef expertise to assist her recovery with healthy, natural, and real food. Her extensive food knowledge from her travels has contributed to her success as one of the best restaurants in Invermere!

Enter a modern and funky family restaurant with an epic “graffiti style” painting on its feature wall. The bold colors used in this stunning mural follow through into their rainbow meals. A worldly mix of fresh ingredients, ethnic dishes, and family favorites, all prepared and served with passion. Fusion food has never tasted this great!

Their menu is epic, to say the least. If you visit every day, you can experience a different part of the world each time. I opted to try the Glory Salad Bowl. The Orange Tahini dressing was the perfect finishing touch. It was scrumptious! Packed with the freshest local ingredients and an energy-boosting meal.

Dan explored the “Wrap Zone”, zoning in on the Legendary Donair. The beef was perfectly seasoned, and the garlic yogurt was an excellent condiment. A pure fusion flavor burst with each bite!

We enjoyed our meal together with a smoothie. I love coconut, so the virgin Pina Colada was an ideal choice. Dan got his “greens” in with the King Kale. Undoubtedly, Fuze Food is a fabulous choice when seeking healthy, tasty, and nutritious food in Invermere!

Traveler Tip: Enquire about food allergies before ordering.

6. The Station Pub  

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

Photo credit: The Station Pub

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

Photo credit: The Station Pub

● Location: The Station Pub Location

● Type of Food: Canadian-style pub grub

● Average cost per meal: $15 – 20 CAD

● Why we love it: Excellent pub fare with an extraordinary view

This traditional Canadian-style pub food restaurant in Invermere is located on the beachfront.

The view from this location is captivating, and photos simply do not do it justice. The ambiance is fun and family-orientated. It’s a great place to meet some locals and indulge in comfort food and a few drinks.

A pub-eating experience calls for an outstanding burger! The burger combinations are excellent here. My eyes run straight to the Black and Blue Burger – bring on the blue cheese! I’ve ordered this burger a few times and am always very impressed. Dan’s tried quite a few of their menu items, but he always loves their burgers as well.

Whenever we visit The Station Pub, we always have to have a drink too. They are actually located above Taynton Bay Spirits, the local distillery in the area. Their spirits are used to create delicious cocktails. Not much goes together better than a hot summer day, a beach view, and a craft cocktail! Add that to a yummy meal to the mix, and you’ve got one of the best restaurants in Invermere (and the entire Columbia Valley, for that matter!)

So, where should you go to eat in Invermere with the best view, yummy food, and fun family vibe? Look no further. The Station Pub is an all-in-one Invermere experience!

7. Fubuki Sushi  

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

Photo credit: Fubuki Sushi

● Location: Fubuki Sushi Location

● Type of Food: Sushi, Japanese, Asian

● Average cost per meal: $15 – 25 CAD

● Why we love it: Scrumptious traditional Sushi!

When we visited this sushi restaurant in Invermere, we felt like we were entering a traditional-style sushi restaurant in Japan. The interior decor is spot on! We had the opportunity to enjoy our meal at a Kotatsu table in a separate room. As some of you may know, these tables are low. Therefore, you are seated on the ground and get a feel for the Japanese eating lifestyle. The ambiance is authentic, and the staff warm and friendly.

The sushi is freshly prepared. There may be a short wait for your meal. However, I promise it is worth it! Their menu carries all the classic sushi products you can expect from a sushi restaurant. In addition, they have some awesome Kid’s Boxes packed with healthy sushi goodness. They offer gluten and soy-free options too.

Dan and I decided to share some assorted Nigiri as a starter. Beautifully plated, fresh, and flavorsome! A classic Teriyaki always satisfies a Japanese food craving. Dan decided to try the beef, and I opted for the vegetarian. All the traditional flavors burst with Teriyaki goodness!

We love Miso soup. However, we boldly stepped out of our comfort zone and tried the Japanese Onion soup this time. The perfect condiment alongside our bowls. Very tasty!

We tried their highly recommended Banana Tempura signature dessert. Ideal for sharing and the perfect way to complete our Asian culinary experience! Served with vanilla ice cream and a generous chocolate drizzle.

If you’re a sushi lover, this is the restaurant for you in Invermere!

8. Birchwood Restaurant 

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

Photo credit: Birchwood Restaurant

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

Photo credit: Birchwood Restaurant

● Location: Birchwood Restaurant Location

● Type of Food: Classic Canadian with a phenomenal ingredient combinations

● Average cost per meal: $35 – $45 CAD

● Why we love it: wonderful ambiance and extraordinary meals

The Birchwood offers some of the finest food in Invermere! This rustic little restaurant is intimate and unique. The décor carries a bohemian style. Yet, has an individual touch of its own.

My favorite part of this restaurant was the delightful atrium. It is an ideal spot for lavish summer dining. We were greeted by warm, friendly staff, and the service was excellent! Furthermore, you can still enjoy the space on chilly winter evenings as it can be closed and heated for added coziness.

Our meal, in a word, was superb! The unusual combinations of ingredients in their meals are intricate. Despite this, the flavors harmonize phenomenally well. Our appetizers of Beef Carpaccio and Poke Nachos were delicious.

Dan savored every mouthful of his Citrus Braised Lamb Shank. Very tender and “fall-of-the-bone.” I ate my Beef Duo slowly. Each bite melted in my mouth with extraordinary flavors.

To conclude our mountain dining experience, our sweet indulgence choice was the Feature Crème Brule. Smooth and creamy! Just the right amount of sweetness. Our entire meal was enjoyed with a bottle of carefully selected wine.

Look no further when seeking where to eat in Invermere. This one-of-a-kind exceptional restaurant is ideal for the adventurous palate or foodies looking for a culinary experience.

Reservations are strongly advised; book here! You can view their menu online here!

9. Stolen Church Gelato & Coffee  

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

Photo credit: Stolen Church Gelato & Coffee

● Location: Stolen Church Gelato & Coffee Location

● Type of Food: Specialty gelato and coffee

● Average cost per meal: $5 CAD

● Why we love it: Premium Gelato and excellent coffee!

We couldn’t have a list of the best restaurants in Invermere without including a spot for those with a sweet tooth! And what better place to recommend than a specialty gelato cafe in the heart of downtown!

For supreme gelato and coffee, this is the go-to spot in Invermere. The colorful exterior of this charming restaurant in Invermere extends into the rainbow flavor burst of gelato indulgences they offer. Find a comfy spot on the open patio to absorb the summer sun in gelato-eating style. The atmosphere is upbeat and fun. Of course, you are eating the best gelato in Invermere!

With more than 50 flavors to choose from. How does one make a decision?! It took us a while. I finally decided on the Burnt Caramel, and Dan chose the Mango Sherbet.

Naturally, I had to sneak a taste of Dan’s, as did he mine. Oh my gosh! Both were delicious. Dan’s sherbet was fruity and fresh, and my gelato hit my sweet spot. Smooth as velvet, thick and creamy.

The menu offers a variety of additional items. Such as waffles, sundaes, and excellent cookies. In addition, they have a small café-style menu offering sandwiches, wraps, and other lunch favorites as well. But if I’m being honest, I always just come here for the ice cream!

For a caffeine fix, be sure to order a cup of their local freshly roasted coffee prepared in-house in the micro-roastery.

10. Peppi’s Pizzeria  

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

Photo credit: Peppi’s Pizza

● Location: Peppi’s Italian Fuel Location

● Type of Food: Italian, Pizza

● Average cost per meal: $20 CAD

● Why we love it: Best Pizza!

The variety of food in Invermere would not be complete without an epic pizza! The interior of this streetside Italian restaurant is simple yet comfortable. The locals boast about the extensive pizza menu and the freshly made dough. Dan is the pizza king, so we had to visit them the last time we were in town.

There is a super family-friendly vibe at Peppi’s – exactly what you would expect from an Italian restaurant. The staff are warm and inviting. It was recommended we try the thick base pizzas, so that’s exactly what we did! We scanned the menu thoroughly before making our decision. This was not an easy task! Dan tried out the New Roma, and I chose the Capricciosa (The Kitchen Sink). What an awesome name!

Our pizzas arrived packed with toppings and a generous amount of cheese. The flavor combinations were scrummy, and the crust was fresh and tasty. The restaurant has local craft beer on tap and a selection of cider and wine.

As a whole, a wonderful “Italiano” culinary experience in the heart of Invermere.

11. Cafe Allium  

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

Photo credit: Café Allium

● Location: Café Allium Location

● Type of Food: Canadian, International

● Average cost per meal: $20 CAD

● Why we love it: Conscious Cuisine

Last but not least is this international, conscious cuisine café situated on Kinsman Beach. This beautiful freestanding log building has a fascinating and romantic history. The view of the lake and the natural surroundings is exceptional! Honestly, the location alone makes this one of the top restaurants in Invermere.

We could not help but breathe in the crisp pine air as we arrived. The patio is ideal for absorbing the shimmering lake and lush forests. But besides the ambiance, the menu is on-point. You can expect locally grown, fresh and organic produce on your plate. Furthermore, the warm and friendly staff offer efficient service.

The owner is well-traveled, which is evident in the menu design. What I loved most was the menu designed for sharing. So romantic! Dan and I decided on the Deli Platter with a glass of local wine. It was more than adequate. Beautifully presented, and the palate enthralling!

For dessert, I chose the Sweet Potato peanut brownie. Just morish! Dan fancied the Lemon Tart with citrus ice cream, hitting the zesty spot. Mostly, we sat in silence as the view was awe-inspiring!

Sit back, relax and experience a world of gorgeous, fresh, and conscious food.

Thanks for reading!

activities in invermere, 11 best restaurants in invermere, bc

Thanks for reading and enjoy your time in Invermere!

So, as you now know, there are some really unique restaurants on offer in Invermere. For us, one of the best parts about traveling is always the food, so checking out the best restaurants in Invermere while you’re on holiday is sure to be the cherry on top.

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