11 BEST Restaurants in Vernon, BC

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When you need to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the city of Vernon is an ideal choice destination in BC. With its lush forests and clear sparkling lakes, this picturesque city is perfect for unwinding, which makes it a top holiday spot in the summer months. And what goes better with relaxation than a great meal?

Luckily, there are a variety of restaurants in Vernon to cater to every culinary craving.

We visit Vernon all of the time (thanks to my grandma who lives there) and every time we try to eat somewhere new. We must’ve eaten at almost all of the restaurants in Vernon by now. And, in this blog, we’ve narrowed it down to our favorite 11 restaurants in the city.

So, no matter if you’re just visiting Vernon or you are lucky enough to live here, you’ll find some delicious food to try on this blog!

So, settle in and join us as we take you on an incredible food journey through these Vernon restaurants!

The BEST Restaurants in Vernon 

1. Intermezzo Restaurant and Wine Celler 

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Photo credit: Intermezzo Restaurant and Wine Celler

We begin our culinary adventures in Vernon with this exquisite fine dining experience. You will feel famous as you walk along the red carpet, entering a stylish and polished interior. The ambiance is welcoming, with just the right amount of warm light and romantic touch.

When we last visited, we were greeted by the friendly hostess, who took us to our table. Dan and I were advised by the locals to save our appetites. Upon viewing their menu, I can clearly see why. A three to four-course meal is a must! The Italian-inspired options really caught our attention.

We began with a bowl of warm olives, enjoyed alongside a glass of Riesling. I opted for the Chicken Parmigiana. My eyes can never usually pass a dish with gnocchi in it. So delicious! Dan opted for the Ahi Tuna. Seared to perfection, bursting with flavor and a wasabi touch.

For our mains, I ordered the Manzo Bocconcini. The ingredient combination from both a flavor and texture point of view hit the spot. Dan took a while to decide. However, he was thrilled with his choice of Bolognese. This unique way of preparing Bolognese was super tasty.

We enjoyed another glass of wine while our meals settled before indulging in a decadent dessert. Bring on the chocolate! Naturally, I could not refuse the Chocolate Decadence. The coconut whipped cream added an inviting flavor twist. Dan finished off this meal with the refreshing Raspberry Sorbet.

Clearly, Intermezzo has made an excellent reputation for itself over the years. Their passion for modern and classic dishes has set them in great stead. Making them one the best restaurants in Vernon for sure.

Tantalizing Tip: Enjoy a happy hour menu every day from 3 pm to 5 pm!

2. Wasabi Japanese Restaurant 

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Photo credit: Wasabi Sushi & Grill

  • Location: Wasabi Japanese Restaurant Location 
  • Type of Food: Japanese, Asian, Sushi 
  • Average cost per meal: Depending on the number of pieces, around $10 CAD per roll 
  • Why we love it: The best Sushi! 

Calling all Sushi fans! Walk into an authentic and casual-style Japanese restaurant in Vernon.

The executive Chef, Wone Jun Choi, comes from a family of chefs. Their traditional cuisine secrets and sushi expertise are evident in their variety of freshly prepared sushi.

The vast menu caters to pescatarians and vegetarians alike. What we loved most about this restaurant was the Sushi Combos. I found this to be a super combination! Each combo is served with a bowl of Miso soup.

I ordered the Nigiri Combo, and Dan decided on their Signature Combo. An explosion of pure sushi delight! The ingredients are so fresh and tasty. This sushi has a way of “melting in your mouth.” The Miso soup has all the flavor you expect from this traditional Japanese meal.

Sushi is really nutritious and filling. With this said, I strongly advise you to visit this Vernon restaurant more than once to try out your favorites and explore other options. Their prices are really reasonable too.

This extraordinary sushi-eating experience will linger in your culinary travel memories.

So, get down to one of the best restaurants in Vernon for a sushi indulgence like no other.

Hot Tip: Wasabi Restaurant is located arthe edge of town closest to SilverStar Mountain Resort. So after you’re done skiing (one of the best things to do in Vernon) and driving back downtown, stop here on the way for a bite to eat!

3. Los Huesos Restaurant 

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Photo credit: Los Huesos Mexican Restaurant

  • Location: Los Huesos Restaurant Location , downtown Vernon
  • Type of Food: Mexican, Latin 
  • Average cost per meal: $20 CAD 
  • Why we love it: Best Mexican! 

Authentic and expertly prepared Mexican Food in the heart of Vernon. As you walk into this delightful restaurant in Vernon, you can feel the Mexican vibe. I always find the flavors of Mexican Food and texture combinations fantastic. Come hungry as their portions are incredibly generous.

Dan and I started with the veggie Nachos to share. I enjoy a bit of Guacamole on the side. My portion of Taquitos with chicken satisfied my Mexican craving. Dan’s Burrito Loco Roja with beef and smothered in roasted red sauce exploded with chili in every bite.

Indeed, no Mexican meal is complete without a Margherita. The Strawberry Mango option was the first-time combo to cross my palette. Refreshing and sublime! Dan stayed safe with a classic lime Margherita on the rocks, a double no less!

We completed our meal with a traditional Deep Fried Ice-cream, served with cream and a chocolate drizzle. The ideal sweet indulgence to end our Mexican culinary experience. My favorite part about this restaurant was the simplicity of the meal. All the right flavors and fresh ingredients were in place.

Los Huesos Restaurant is a little bit of Mexico outside of Mexico!

4. Range Lounge & Grill at Predator Ridge 

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Photo credit: Predator Ridge Resort

  • Location: Range Lounge & Grill Location, up at Predator Ridge golf course
  • Type of Food: Local and International, Grill, Fusion, Wine Bar 
  • Average cost per meal: $25 CAD 
  • Why we love it: Best upscale casual dining with a view! 

Welcome to upscale casual dining with a spectacular view! This magnificent restaurant in Vernon is located in the Predator Ridge Resort. This luxury resort is a perfectly private and family destination in the sunny Okanagan Valley. We encourage you to book a stay to relish spectacular dining and enjoy all the resort’s magnificence.

Ok, let’s talk about the Range Lounge and Grill. This restaurant has a strong focus on new-age fusion cuisine. They pay special attention to the use of local and responsibly sourced ingredients. They have a passionate team of chefs working together to provide you with an all-around excellent dining experience.

Dan and I went for lunch not too long ago, exploring the “Favourites” section. The menu is globally inspired, so you can expect a variety of dishes with a unique flavor twist. Furthermore, you can expect meat, vegetarian and vegan dish options. Dan promptly jumped on the Jalapeno Chimichurri Chicken Burger. I could not refuse the Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich. Truly a scrummy meal bursting with fusion flavor goodness.

I stepped out of my chocolate comfort zone and ordered the Key Lime Crème Brule for dessert. There is something extraordinary about the fresh, zesty taste of candied lime. Joined with a cracker shortbread and a creamy Brule. Just magical! Dan thoroughly enjoyed his Range Signature dessert.

The combination of dark chocolate, banana gel and peanuts finished his meal off perfectly. Our entire meal was washed down gracefully with an exceptional bottle of wine.

I loved the location of this Vernon restaurant. It is a privilege to experience superb cuisine alongside excellent service and a view to behold. Plus, the prices are really reasonable considering the quality of food and service!

5. Station Smokehouse BBQ 

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

photo credit: Station BBQ

A meat lovers’ paradise! This slow-smoked BBQ specialty restaurant in Vernon has everything your meat palette desires. We often visit when we are in downtown Vernon after a busy day exploring, when we want some hearty comfort food.

You will feel very welcome as you enter walk through the doors into a cozy and friendly vibe. The portions are generous, and the fries have a fantastic seasoning. It’s a prime spot to bring your friends and family for a morish meal.

The menu is simple, offering a variety of all your favorite BBQ delights. If you don’t mind getting your fingers sticky, order the full rack of ribs – bursting with flavor and finger-licking goodness!

The marinade is delicious. Dan always orders the Pulled Pork “Sammiche”. Soft and tender Pulled Pork served on Griddle Bread alongside a tangy slaw. There is something extraordinary about a pork and slaw combination. Too yummy!

In addition, there is a selection of side dishes to choose from. All are complementary to your BBQ-eating experience. If I have one piece of advice, it is to get a side order of onion rings.

To wash down your meal, they offer a refreshing homemade lemonade.

6. Eatology

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Photo credit: Eatology in Vernon

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Photo credit: Eatology in Vernon

  • Location: 3100 30 St, downtown Vernon.
  • Type of food: traditional café food, dine-in or grab and go 
  • Average cost per meal: $15-20 CAD
  • Why we love it: Heartwarming food alongside excellent hospitality 

Next up on the list, Eatology. This downtown corner café in Vernon is the place to visit for traditional home-style food with a personal creative twist. The owner is passionate about food that follows the philosophy of “Food is Fuel, but dining is an experience” which I loved. You can definitely tell that he takes this approach seriously when you eat at this place! It’s the ideal restaurant/cafe to enjoy hearty nostalgic meals with an individual and authentic touch.  

We’ve wanted to try Eatology for years now, but every time we went they were too busy. However, the last time we were in Vernon we got lucky and got a table!

Since it was morning when Dan and I arrived, we explored their breakfast menu. So many delicious options! My eyes promptly made their way to the Buttermilk Pancakes, and Dan opted for an Eggs Benny with pulled pork. My pancakes were SO fluffy! Like, seriously, melt-in-your-mouth soft. The tartness of the added blueberries created a perfect balance of sweet meets sour in one bite. So yummy!

Dans’ Eggs Benny was served hot, and his eggs were made just right.  The pulled pork option was a refreshing change from a traditional eggs benedict with ham. Also, the hash browns were flavorsome with just enough crunch.  I may or may not have stolen a few bites off his plate!

The physical warmth of this restaurant is met with friendly and helpful staff. The tasteful interior has a “diner” feel with cozy cubicles so you can enjoy your meal with sunbeams streaming through the window. In addition, you will never be in a hurry to leave as you sip away on coffee and tea refills.

A stop at this coffee shop is an ideal way to ease into your morning before a day of exploring Vernon!

7. Saucies 27 Pizzeria 

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Photo credit: Saucies 27 Pizzeria

  • Location: Saucies 27 Pizzeria Location 
  • Type of Food: Pizza, Pizza, and more Pizza 
  • Average cost per meal: $20 CAD 
  • Why we love it: Best Pizza! 

Look no further for the most fantastic pizza in Veron! Saucies 27 Pizzeria has mastered the art of pizza making. The ingredient combos are all so delicious.

Also, the toppings are incredibly generous. You can get a little bit of each topping in every mouthful. You will never find just a few pieces of pepperoni on your Pizza.

I loved the creativity in the names of their pizzas. For example, Backyard Dog and Stuff your Pie Hole. I smiled as I read the menu, and Dan had a giggle or two. In the end, I decided on the Twisted Pineapple and Dan tucked into Gold Dust Fever. They had just the right amount of cheese, and to no surprise, the toppings were fresh and flavorsome.

There are great children’s options with quirky names too. I’ll leave you to take your family along to enjoy an excellent pizza that is just as creative as their names. It’s clear why this pizzeria is rated one of the best restaurants in Vernon. See you there, Pizza Peeps!

8. Marten Brew Pub Bar and Grill 

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Photo credit: Marten Brewing Bar & Grill

This tastefully designed double-story pub and brewery in Vernon must be on your restaurant visit list. There is a full view of their mini-Brewery where all the magic happens! I was so excited when I entered that I almost forgot they offer scrumptious meals alongside their epic craft beers.

Let’s begin with the beers. The owners and passionate brewers have gone the extra mile to bring you smoother and rounder beers. How do they do this? They ferment and carbonate their beer naturally. Believe me, whichever beer you prefer. You will taste the difference due to this process.

While we were sipping away on our beers, we had a look at their global pub grub menu. They have a thought-out menu that is complimentary with any beer. Including “Comfort Food” and “Burgers”. After careful consideration, we chose to try out the Craft Battered Fish and Chips. The fish was crumbly and the batter is delicious. You have the option of one or two pieces of fish.

The atmosphere is fun and upbeat. The vibe carries through into the service, alongside friendly and knowledgeable staff. Undoubtedly, one of the best restaurants in Vernon.

9. Bamboo Beach Fusion Grille 

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Photo credit: Bamboo Beach Fusion Grille

Sometimes, takeaway food is the way to go! We felt like a day of pure rest on our Vernon adventures. We decided to find some takeaway and head back to our accommodation. We discovered Bamboo Beach Fusion Grill and we are so thrilled we did!

The owners, Amanda and Yuki, met in Japan and brought the aromatic flavors of Asian Food to Vernon. Furthermore, they each bring a delightful twist to their delicious Food using their culinary expertise.

They have fantastic burger options, all with an Asian touch. However, when I think Asian, I think Rice Bowl. I decided on the Korean Beef Don with Vegetables, and Dan fancied the Tofu Fusion Don. The rice was steamed to perfection, and all the added ingredients were of fresh, excellent quality. The prices are just right too!

The culinary expertise from Amanda’s pastries, alongside the flavor-popping Asian Food from Yuki, truly makes for an excellent and enticing combination. My restful afternoon was complete as I enjoyed a piece of Amanda’s famous apple pie.

Wow, super happy we discovered this award-winning takeaway spot and I’m sure you will be too!

10. The Phoenix Steakhouse 

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Photo credit: The Phoenix Steak House

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Photo credit: The Phoenix Steakhouse

  • Location: The Phoenix Steakhouse Location 
  • Type of Food: Steak House variety 
  • Average cost per meal: $45 CAD (Steak Options) 
  • Why we love it: Best Steak! 

The locals and travelers rave about the steak served at this restaurant in Vernon. For this reason, Dan and I had to pay them a visit. I loved the location of this iconic restaurant. It is housed in a historic building in downtown Vernon.

Gorgeous double wooden doors invite you into the recently updated and stylish décor. Feel welcome as you enter the warm ambiance and friendly service. This splendid venue is met with their steak excellence.

They offer an enticing menu of steak and local culinary options. However, we were definitely going for the highly recommended Phoenix Signature Steak. I jumped on the Bourbon Mushroom Sirloin, and Dan could not refuse the Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin.

One word, outstanding! Our steaks were prepared as per our requirements. Each bite melted in our mouths and was oh so tender!

There are delicious side sauce options to choose from. My steak came with a Mushroom Sauce, and Dan added the Madagascar Peppercorn sauce for the ultimate steak-eating experience.

The smashed potato and market vegetables were so fresh and tasty.

We departed feeling more than satisfied with our meal and the experience. It is clear to see why Phoenix Steakhouse is by far one of the best restaurants in Vernon. You have never tasted steak like this.

Tantalizing Tip: Happy hour is every Tuesday to Saturday from 2 – 5 pm. Splash out!

11. Diner on Six 

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Photo credit: Diner on Six

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Photo credit: Diner on Six

  • Location: Diner of Six Location 
  • Type of Food: American Diner Style Food 
  • Average cost per meal: $15 CAD (Breakfast Menu) 
  • Why we love it: Best Family Restaurant! 

We all love a good old-fashioned diner! Feel the fun and classic diner energy as you walk into this Vernon restaurant. The décor carries a diner-style and moves through your meal. Dan and I decided to go for breakfast after a walk around the surrounding area.

In true diner style, I chose a “Sweet Combo.” A Belgium waffle with eggs, bacon, and sausage. I had always wondered about this combination, and I am pleased to announce it. It is a winner!

Dan was starving, so he hit the Big Breakfast. You will need to browse their menu to view this meal.

Their house-made hashbrowns are divine. The lunch menu has something for everyone’s taste. Additionally, the Kids’ menu has exciting options, even for those with fussy palettes. The staff is great. So friendly and roll with the diner vibe. If you are visiting Vernon, this is an excellent family restaurant choice.

The Food is not extravagantly presented. However, our meal was tasty, and they followed the traditional diner cuisine. Your kids will love this spot. They have seen similar-looking diners in their favorite movies.

What I loved about this spot was the authenticity of the American-style diner meals. You are aware you are in one of the best restaurants in Veron. Yet, you are waiting to hear an American accent that never arises!

Thanks for reading!

explore, travel, 11 best restaurants in vernon, bc

Thanks for reading!

Although just a small city, as you now know, there are plenty of great places to eat in Vernon. So, while you’re exploring Vernon, be sure to save some time to relax at one (or a few!) of the best restaurants mentioned in this blog – you won’t be disappointed!

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