12 Things To Do In Karnataka That Will Make Your Trip A Super Thrilling One!

Whenever we talk about exploring or visiting South India, Kerala is perhaps the first name that comes to the mind. We often ignore Karnataka, which is a state that has a lot in store to offer to tourists, if you want to invest on the tour. From hill stations and beaches to pilgrim sights and wild adventures, there is a lot to explore in this state. The state has a rich history and culture that is evident in the form of historical sites. The food is a treat here. Yes, being a part of South India, you would be served the same idli and sambhar, but the variation in taste is something you would appreciate. If you are planning your next trip to this state, then you must take note of these things to do in Karnataka.

12 Things To Do In Karnataka

When we talk about a state as a whole, the list of things to to broadens as well. So, here is a compilation of the best things to do in Karnataka which you take note of.

1. Coorg – Sip On Some Authentic Coffee

explore, travel, karnataka, 12 things to do in karnataka that will make your trip a super thrilling one!

A while back, Coorg was amongst an offbeat destination in Karnataka, but with the passing time, people started exploring this place and fell in love with the sights. Though hill stations like many others in the state, Coorg’s landscape is quite serene. The culture and the Kodavan clan of the town who excels in martial arts are also one of the major highlights of the place. Known for its abundant coffee production, Coorg is replete with lush green landscapes, which features several spices and tea cultivations. You can tour around these plantations, watch the process, and visit the factories to know in detail. Also, sipping on some filter coffee, and watching sunsets are something you can’t miss.

2. Gokarna – Go For Beach Trekking

explore, travel, karnataka, 12 things to do in karnataka that will make your trip a super thrilling one!

Karnataka is not only famous for its hill stations, but also possess a few great beach destinations, and Gokarna is one of the best to visit. The town of Gokarna is relatively a small town located on the coast of Karwar. It has two major things to offer to tourists, beaches, and temples. The sight of coconut trees and pristine water will take you to another zone. Beach trekking is something you cannot miss when in Gokarna. Strolling through the pristine beaches and relaxing on the sands amidst the tranquility are some activities most favored by the tourists. Even occasional camping and beach yoga are also quite famous here. If you happen to be a foodie, then do not forget to explore the full range of food shacks present beside the beach.

3. Hampi – Explore The Ruins

explore, travel, karnataka, 12 things to do in karnataka that will make your trip a super thrilling one!

Hampi is replete with the ancient ruins and architectural finesse, shown in the beautiful temples. The site has been recognized as the World Heritage Center. Once the capital of Vijayanagar, which was one of the largest empires that India ever witnessed. Even today, the ruins will give you an insight into the glorious days of the history of Vijayanagara. The ruins date back to the 14th century and cover an area of 26 sq km. The ruins are scattered all over this area. If you are an architecture lover, you will fall in love with this place. Make sure to have a day time in your hand to discover all. Enjoy a fantastic temple tour and discover innovative facts about them, and after that, head off to enjoy a taxi boat ride on the river to enjoy the sunset views.

4. Mysore Palaces – Take A Stroll In The Palaces

explore, travel, karnataka, 12 things to do in karnataka that will make your trip a super thrilling one!

The City of Palaces is the epithet awarded to Mysore for having many palaces. The city of royals also is the second-largest city in the state of Karnataka. The city has a charm, maybe because of the presence of royal families, and establishments. Some of the palaces that you must explore include Jaganmohan Palace, Lalitha Mahal Palace, and Karanji mansion. So, while in Mysore, you definitely cannot miss out on exploring the heritage palaces, and know about their existence. Apart from that, hike up through the mountains to visit the Chamundi Hills, or you can also go shopping in the exotic silk market of Mysore.

5. Badami – Get Into The Mystic Caves

explore, travel, karnataka, 12 things to do in karnataka that will make your trip a super thrilling one!

Badami is scattered with numerous caves and archaeological sites, which attracts tourists who have a knack towards discovering the rare historical and geographical facts. It served as the capital for Chalukya Empire, today its fame lies in its rare cut work temples. Most of its sandstone cliffs are made out of red rock which to a great extent looks similar to the ones present in America. The mythological name of Badami was Vatapi. During their reign, Chalukyas made a lot of monuments with intricate carvings and intriguing architecture. Post the reign of Chalukyas, the city also served to many different dynasties and reigns like Adil Shahi Dynasty, Vijayanagara Reign, and Mughal Dynasty. The charm of the place is still retained and exploring the caves of Badami and places will be a delight.

6. Chikmagalur – Opt For Jeep Safaris

explore, travel, karnataka, 12 things to do in karnataka that will make your trip a super thrilling one!

Chikmagalur is a tiny town in the state of Karnataka, it is famous for the production of coffee. 90% of the total coffee is produced in India is produced in Chikmagalur. Apart from its famous coffee production, Chikmanglur is also famous for its serene sights, calming ambiance and beautiful valleys. Jeep safaris are among the most exciting things that you can do in Chikmagalur for enthusiasm. The surroundings of the place are bound with abundant greenery and tranquility, which captivates the mind completely. There are several jungles and forests in Chikmagalur, and going for a jeep safari through these paths ensures a different experience altogether. Besides, you can also look for adventurous opportunities like kayaking, trekking, and much more.

7. Kabini – Witness Wildlife In Natural Habitat

explore, travel, karnataka, 12 things to do in karnataka that will make your trip a super thrilling one!

Kabini is known widely for its abundant wildlife resources, settled amidst the lush green nature, and forested areas. It got its name from the river Kabini. Kabini hosts ample wildlife, and exploring them is a sheer treat to the eyes. It once served as the major hunting area for the British. Waterfalls, Thus, going for a jungle safari is the best option to avail as soon as you reach the destination. Those who love to add some spice to their jungle safaris can opt for elephant safaris instead of jeep safaris. Apart from the adventurous jungle safaris, you can also indulge in some bike riding and trekking activities too.

8. Jog Falls – Get A Spellbinding View

explore, travel, karnataka, 12 things to do in karnataka that will make your trip a super thrilling one!

The highest waterfalls in the state of Karnataka and the second-highest plunge waterfall in the entire country, Jog Falls in located on the border of Uttara Kannada and Shimoga. Falling from 253 m in one drop, this is often counted as one of the major attractions in the entire state. While in Karnataka, you cannot leave the chance to mesmerize yourself with the view of the Jog Falls. Make sure you visit the spectacular Gersoppa Falls. There are many other attractions in Jog Falls, which can only be discovered in further explorations. Though there are not many food stalls or restaurants located near Jog Falls, you can, however, find some great eateries.

9. Murudeshwar – Seek Spiritual Solace

explore, travel, karnataka, 12 things to do in karnataka that will make your trip a super thrilling one!

Murudeshwar is one of the most popular among the pilgrimage places to visit in Karnataka. It houses the second largest state of Mahakal in the world, and witnessing it is nothing less than solace to your mind. The Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats surround the place, giving it a more soothing ambiance, and it is very popular amongst the people of South India. The sunset views here are to die for. It feels like you are in some heavenly above, in the presence of Lord Shiva. Apart from attaining the spiritual bliss, the tourists can get ample scopes to avail the adventurers, like trekking and hiking. If you love photography, do not forget to capture the cloud-capped view of the hills.

10. Udupi – Feast On Sumptuous South Indian Food

explore, travel, karnataka, 12 things to do in karnataka that will make your trip a super thrilling one!

Nestles in between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Udupi is one of the most famous and prominent pilgrim places for the people of South India. The city has a lot of temples, which are the main attraction of the town. Added to this there are unexplored forests and quaint beaches that make it ideal as a tourist destination. Udupi, besides being famous for its outbound beauty, is also known for its sumptuous food and authentic South Indian platter. There is no better way to start your morning in Udupi than an authentic South Indian breakfast. There are several local eateries, which serve authentic South Indian morning breakfast. Apart from it, you can also spend your time exploring the beautiful temples of Udupi.

11. Devbagh – Experience Nature At Its Best

explore, travel, karnataka, 12 things to do in karnataka that will make your trip a super thrilling one!

Devbagh is known widely for its relaxing ambiance and lush green scenic nature. Famous for its natural retreat, you can freshen up your mind amidst the tranquil environment from the daily hustle. Go for some tremendous ayurvedic massages at one of the beach resorts, and unclog your body from the workload. You can also get involved in adventurous activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and much more. Also, watching the beach sunsets with your partner is never a bad idea.

12. Dandeli – Opt For Adventure Activities

explore, travel, karnataka, 12 things to do in karnataka that will make your trip a super thrilling one!

Dandeli is full of adventures, and thus, when it comes to a vacation, you cannot leave Dandeli behind. So, if you are an adventurer hippie, then do not miss the chance to attempt water rafting with your group, or go for an adventure jungle stay. There are more such activities, which include rock climbing, boat riding under the moonlight, canyoning, and wildlife sanctuary. For those who love some extra dash of adventure, can even attempt river crossing and kayaking.

So, this is the list of the best things to do in Karnataka that you can opt for. Whether going with your family or with your friends, there is a lot in store for you. So without spending much time, plan your excursion to Karnataka with TravelTriangle and get a chance to opt for a customized trip. Want more? Well, you can get featured on our blog by sharing your experience. What are you waiting for? Plan your vacation right now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Karnataka

What can couples do in Karnataka?

Karnataka has ample options for the couples to avail of. Especially, honeymoon couples can avail of cozy resorts in Karnataka and go for boating across the serene lakes, and spend ample time at the pristine beaches.

What are the ideal activities to indulge in for a family?

Families or groups can attempt several things to do in Karnataka like water rafting, and can even plan an adventure stay at the jungles and forests of Karnataka. If you happen to hop in Karnataka with your family in the winter months, then you can also do riverside camping and bonfire.

Can kids get enough amusement options?

Your kids can find ample entertainment options, which will retain their interest in the vacation. You can take your kids to the number of parks located majorly in the city, or they can even play at the beaches, on the pristine sands.

When should I visit to try out the best activities?

Karnataka usually has a coastal climate, and thus, October to April serves as the ideal time to visit Karnataka. It is during this time of the year when several fairs and festivals are organized throughout the state, giving you the scope to explore. Moreover, you can also get the chance to experience a comfortable weather condition and explore the best of the city if you plan your trip during this time of the year.

How many days’ trip is ideal for enjoying the best of Karnataka?

Karnataka accommodates several states and exploring the best of all within a handful of days is near to impossible. So, make sure you are planning at least ten days trip to Karnataka.

How many Wildlife Sanctuaries are there in the state of Karnataka?

There are 21 Wildlife Sanctuaries in Karnataka and 5 National Parks scatted in the different parts. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, and Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the famous ones.

What are some of the famous Hill station destinations in Karnataka?

Coorg, Chikmagalur, Kodachadri, and Madikeri are a few very famous hill stations in Karnataka. Each of them is famous for something distinctive.

What are some ideal honeymoon destinations in Karnataka?

Gokaran, Chikmanglur, Mysore, Coorg, and Kabini are some of the very famous honey destinations of Karnataka.

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