15 Best ANTIPOLO TOURIST SPOTS (near Manila)

For a lot of Filipinos, especially those living in the busy metro, there has always been one go-to destination for everyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle for a day or two. This beautiful city offers countless attractions with majestic mountains, sparkling cascades, and thriving restaurants offering delicious food and breathtaking views.

The best part? Tourists don’t even have to pass through the lengthy tollways and expressways to reach it. Some cities within the metro are even just minutes away from it! Yes, that’s the beauty of visiting the bustling city of Antipolo.

Whether you’re craving for a quick weekend getaway or an on-the-spot romantic dinner date with your special someone, Antipolo City will surely be one of your best choices. From nostalgic spots that have been the favorite attractions of many throughout the years to newly established attractions that are springing across the city day by day, you will never run out of options to relax, enjoy, and admire all the mesmerizing views that the “City in the Sky” has to offer.

So are you ready? Come with me and let me help you discover the 15 Best Tourist Spots in Antipolo City! Ano? Tayo na sa Antipolo!

1. Pinto Art Museum

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Saan ang dako paruon?

First up, there’s no better way to start your trip to Antipolo with an aesthetically pleasing adventure in the Pinto Art Museum. This massive 1.5-hectare museum is your “Door to Philippine Contemporary Art” where you can enjoy admiring breathtaking masterpieces enclosed in a 2-hectare botanical garden. Truly, every corner of the museum is Instagram-worthy because you’ll certainly see countless paintings, sculptures, and drawings that are simply jaw-dropping.

The best part? The entrance fee to Pinto Art Museum is relatively cheap! Students and senior citizens may also avail a discount, so don’t miss it! Aside from admiring the beautiful artworks around the museum, visitors may also take a break and take a sip of freshly-brewed coffee in Cafe Rizal and Pinto Cafe.


2. Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Our next destination is one of the best family-friendly tourist destinations you’ll ever find in Antipolo City. Mount Purro Nature Reserve offers its visitors a well-deserved escape to nature for everyone who wants to take a break from the stressful city life. Enjoy the calming peace and serenity brought to you by towering trees, the cold mountain breeze, and the heavenly chirping of birds around the area.

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Credit: Mount Purro Nature Reserve 

The location also served as a reforestation project, so expect to see a sea of trees. They say that over 700,000 trees will be planted in Mount Purro Nature Reserve, that’s an endless supply of oxygen right there! There are also other activities to look forward to such as rope courses, community bonfire, swimming, hiking, and eating. Yup, there’s an in-house restaurant there, Loli’s Kitchen, which serves delicious and hearty meals! Oh, and they also have accommodation rooms where families and friends can stay to maximize their vacation. So if I were you, I’d grab the chance!


3. Cloud 9

Next up, Cloud 9 is another go-to travel destination whenever you plan to visit Antipolo City. This sports and leisure club is known for its breathtaking 360-degree view of Metro Manila’s skyline and the stunning Sierra Madre mountains.

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Credit: Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club

Cloud 9’s main attraction is the hanging bridge towards the view deck where you can take amazing pictures with the lush greenery below you. Oh, and there’s also a zip line if you want to take things to another level. Aside from the mesmerizing views, you can also have a gastronomic adventure featuring delicious Filipino meals from Cloud 9’s restaurant.


4. Antipolo Cathedral

Of course, yet another “OG” tourist destination in Antipolo City is no other than the famous Antipolo Cathedral. Throughout the years, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Cathedral is visited by many tourists not only because of its undeniable beauty but also because of the religious belief that people who would go on a long journey or voyage must first seek the blessing of Our Lady of Antipolo.

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Credit: Antipolocathedral.com

Moreover, it has also become a tradition for many to offer their prayers first in the Antipolo Cathedral before exploring the wonderful city. Ah, fun fact! Did you know that our very own national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal once witnessed a pilgrimage being held at the Antipolo Cathedral when he was a kid? Yes, that’s actually true!

5. Luljetta’s Hanging Garden and Spa

Do you want to have a relaxing adventure where you can lay back and let all the stress and tension inside your body go away from you? Well, then you’ve got to have your wellness taken care of by Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa. Known as the first and only Hanging Gardens Spa in the country, Luljetta’s offers everybody a one-of-a-kind adventure that they will never forget.

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Philippines’ world-class hospitality is truly on display in Luljetta’s where you can enjoy their spa treatments, take a dip at the infinity pool with the breathtaking views of Metro Manila’s skyline, and finally have healthy and delicious meals at the Luljetta’s Cafe.

6. PACEM Eco Park

Ready to be even closer to nature? Well, that’s what you’ll surely get at the PACEM Eco Park of Antipolo City. Originally built to spread environmental awareness to students, PACEM (Peace and Care for Earth Ministry) has eventually become a popular tourist attraction in the city. This garden sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers because you can freely interact with the beautiful butterflies, countless species of plants and trees, and also encounter some friendly animals.

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Credit: Tayo na sa Antipolo FB 

You can also enjoy other fun and exciting activities in the park such as the mini zoo, the museum of seashells, and the museum of butterflies and moths. I’m sure that you’ll have a blast here at PACEM Eco Park!

7. Boso Boso Church

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Ah, Boso Boso Church or Nuestra Señora de la Anunciata is one of the most popular landmarks in the city of Antipolo. Historically speaking, the church served great importance to the history of Antipolo because the administration was transferred to local priests back in 1768. The church is situated in a secluded place in Antipolo where visitors and devotees may stop by to offer prayers and wander around the compound.

8. Philip’s Sanctuary

Ah, yes! Another tourist destination that’s perfect for family bondings, a reunion of friends, and especially team-building activities is Philip’s Sanctuary.

This resort has literally got everything you need to enjoy a memorable vacation. Some of its facilities include the Agro-Forestry Farm, Breakfast Club, Greeneries, and also Campsites where visitors may choose to stay.

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Credit: Phillip’s Sanctuary 

Moreover, guests also wouldn’t run out of things to do because Philip’s Sanctuary has tons of activities for everyone to enjoy! From obstacle courses, rope courses, fishing, zipline, swimming, kayaking, and camping, you’ll definitely have an amazing time here at Philip’s Sanctuary.

9. Casa Santa Museum

Next up, one of Antipolo City’s premier tourist destinations especially during the holiday season is no other than Casa Santa Museum. The museum is actually a large house containing extensive collections of Santa Claus’ figurines and memorabilia. It is said that over 3,700 figures and dolls of Santa Claus are beautifully displayed all around Casa Santa Museum which is believed to be one of the largest privately-owned collections of Santa Claus in the whole world.

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Visitors and tourists can freely interact and take pictures with these Santa Claus figures. Bringing your kids to Casa Santa Museum is really a good idea so don’t miss out!

10. Nelly’s Mystical Cave

One of Antipolo City’s many breathtaking and alluring natural wonders is definitely Nelly’s Mystical Cave. We all know that Filipinos are extreme believers of religious miracles, right? Well, maybe it’s time that you also prepare yourself to be mesmerized by the story the Mystical Cave.

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Credit: ACventures 

It is said that the cave was discovered by Inday Nelly when she was 7 years old thanks to the help of her dreams and visions. The 8-story Mystical Cave is believed to be miraculous because of the stunning rock formations that seem to resemble some of the church’s religious figures. This is the reason why countless tourists and devotees visit Nelly’s Mystical Cave. It’s because they believe that the cave has miraculous healing powers.

11. Cafe Lupe Bed and Breakfast 

Do you know when is the best time to visit Antipolo City? In the morning and in the afternoon. Why? Because you’ll get the chance to witness the mesmerizing view of the rising and setting sun through the skyline of Metro Manila. However, if you’re gonna ask me, I’d say that I like the sunrise better because I’ll be able to stay away from the heavy traffic around Antipolo City. But, how exactly do I do that? Simple. I’d stay at Cafe Lupe Bed and Breakfast!

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Credit: Agoda

This amazing bed and breakfast in Antipolo offer guests an irresistibly delicious set of menus with their specialties of Crispy Pata, Kare-Kare, Nachos, and many more with breathtaking sights of Metro Manila’s skyline at night. The best part? You’ll get the chance to stay up all night to wait and view the majestic sea of clouds engulfing the skyline as the sun rises. Sounds good, huh? Well, it truly is!

12. Burrow Cafe  at Antipolo Beehouse

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Credit: Antipolo Beehouse 

If you’re craving to enjoy a hearty and appetizing meal while being able to admire the secluding ambiance of a restaurant, then The Burrow’s Cafe is definitely the one you’re looking for. Located in Beverly Hills, Antipolo, feel free to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or even dinner while relaxing with the sounds of the rustling leaves, chirping birds, and the heavenly cascades of the river nearby.

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Credit: Antipolo Beehouse

While you’re at it, you should also visit the famous Beehouse of Antipolo City. This one’s actually located near The Burrow’s Cafe in Beverly Hills. The Beehouse is a popular tourist attraction thanks to the home structure built by “The Builder” to showcase how people can experience nature while providing shelter.

The Beehouse is usually booked as an ideal place for photoshoots thanks to its aesthetic spots where you can clearly see and feel the irresistible beauty of nature.

13. Hinulugang Taktak

Of course, another “OG” tourist destination in Antipolo City is the sparkling Hinulugang Taktak. This protected landscape that was eventually hailed as a national park has long been a favorite attraction for tourists and Rizaleños. The majestic waterfalls have a height of 21.5 meters and an area of more than 3 hectares where visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature.

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Hinulugang Taktak has been one of Rizal’s icons of tourism and culture for a long time along with nostalgic destinations such as the Antipolo Cathedral and Pinto Art Museum.

14. Yellow Lantern Cafe

Finally, if you want to enjoy things all bright and sunny, then Yellow Lantern Cafe is the one you need. This cafe is known for its bright and vibrant ambiance that’s meant to cheer people up as they chill and relax to the sound of music, the breathtaking scenery outside, and of course, the exceptional taste of their food. Some of their best-sellers are the American BBQ Ribs, Umaapaw, and the famous Chocnut Cheesecake. Yum!

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Credit: Yellow Lantern Cafe 

Yellow Lantern Cafe’s goal is to bring people together and give them a chance to enjoy life and give hope through their craft and food. At night, a lot of visitors love to relax outside as the cold mountain air breezes through their skin as they enjoy the wonderful sight of Metro Manila’s skyline. Of course, with delicious food on their mouths and their tummies happy.

15. Crescent Moon Cafe

explore, travel, 15 best antipolo tourist spots (near manila)

Credit: Crescent Moon Antipolo 

Hey, wait! There’s one more.  Another spot you shouldn’t miss is the famous Crescent Moon Cafe that was established more than 20 years ago. This cafe specializes in delicious Southeast Asian cuisine featuring pottery products from the collection of Lanelle Abueva-Fernando.

These are all aesthetic ornaments so it really makes the ambiance colorful and vibrant. Some of Crescent Moon Cafe’s best-selling foods are the Beef Rendang, Fried Catfish, and Lemongrass Belly. Better try them all out!