15 BEST CORON TOURIST SPOTS (world’s best beaches & islands)

They say that if you want accessible and affordable adventures, the best place to go in Palawan is Puerto Princesa. If you want to explore its wondrous islands with stunning scenery, then go with El Nido. But if you want to have fun while enjoying all sorts of tours and activities, then Coron is absolutely the best choice!

Aside from the countless white sand beaches, picturesque lagoons, and stunning lakes that are all within Coron, tourists are also promised to receive an all-in adventure they wouldn’t forget. Coron is known all over the globe as a world-class wreck diving spot featuring historical World War II shipwrecks. It’s also the best place in Palawan to experience all kinds of activities such as snorkeling, cliff diving, hiking, fishing, and more!

Oh, and if you’re the type of person who enjoys a peaceful and serene environment, then Coron is certainly the best choice for you. There are lots of incredible resorts and hotels on the island but they are more laid back and quiet in nature. Coron is also a well-known fishing village so I suggest that you take the chance to score and taste some delicious seafood dishes during your stay! Some of the popular delicacies are Grilled Samaral, Tanigue, Kibao, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your things and come with me as we both explore the 15 Best Tourist Spots in Coron, Palawan!

1. Kayangan Lake

Number one on the list and something you should definitely look forward to visiting is the one and only Kayangan Lake. It is known as the “Cleanest Lake in the Philippines” and possesses a beauty that’s absolutely beyond imagination. The crystalline waters and lush trees on the lake are guarded by the mighty limestone cliffs, it’s as if you’re entering the kingdom of the god of the jungle! Now, there are lots of fun and exciting things to do here at Kayangan Lake like cliff jumping, snorkeling, diving, and a whole lot more.

explore, travel, 15 best coron tourist spots (world’s best beaches & islands)

Photo by Miraluna Becher on Unsplash

I also suggest that you take the time to hike atop the view deck because the breathtaking view up there is certainly one of the best sights you’ll ever witness. So bring your best camera poses with you! CHECK – BEST HOTELS & RESORTS IN CORON

2. Twin Lagoon

From the name itself, Twin Lagoon consists of two picturesque bodies of water that are separated by incredible limestone karst formations. It’s undeniably one of the most beautiful attractions in Coron where you can clearly see the bottom of the ocean floor as you dive deep into its turquoise waters. They say that the water is very cold on top and warm on the bottom because the freshwater and seawater mix together.

explore, travel, 15 best coron tourist spots (world’s best beaches & islands)

Credit: TripAdvisor

Twin Lagoon is perfect for swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling so make sure to make the most out of your visit! There are also ladders and walkways available so you can safely access the beauty of Twin Lagoon. I suggest that you pick the best spots for picture taking as soon as you arrive because it can get really crowdy!

3. Barracuda Lake

Next, the Barracuda Lake is an incredible haven for free diving, snorkeling, and swimming that’s widely visited by tourists of Coron, Palawan. The lake’s calm and quiet atmosphere really fits with its mesmerizing beauty. The combination of deep blue waters and ash-gray limestone cliffs is something that’s truly amazing to admire. When you dive deep into the water, you’ll be blown away by the amazing schools of fish, shrimps, and even barracudas thriving underwater.

explore, travel, 15 best coron tourist spots (world’s best beaches & islands)

Photo by Atlas Obscura

The limestone formations are also enchanting to look at when you’re down there. Make sure to bring your complete swimming and diving gear with you! Well, even if you’re not really a diving enthusiast, I’m certain that you can still enjoy a great time because you can still snorkel and time awesome pictures.

4. CYC Beach

After the long and tiring island hopping adventures, let’s now have a chill and relaxing time here at CYC or Coron Youth Club Beach! The tropical and laid-back vibes of the beach attract several tourists aside from its already stunning white sands, pristine waters, and lush mangrove trees. It’s also a nice spot to set up camp and spend the night as you grab the chance to watch the spectacular sunset or witness the stunning skies with bright stars at night!

explore, travel, 15 best coron tourist spots (world’s best beaches & islands)

Credit: Destinations PH/ @nicko.stark

CYC Beach is typically included in several Coron Island Hopping tours but compared to the others, it doesn’t get much crowded and noisy here, so enjoy as you have the entire island to yourself! Apart from beach bumming, swimming, and snorkeling, kayaking is the most popular attraction here so give it a try and explore the island freely!

5. Banul Beach

Well, we all know that exploring the incredible beauty of Coron requires lots of island hopping activities, right? And it can really get crowded at certain spots, especially during the peak season. But if you want to peacefully enjoy your lunch and have a relaxing view of Coron’s best natural features, then I suggest that you stop by Banul Beach! Yup, this small white sand beach with crystal clear waters and majestic rock formations is the best place to rest and enjoy your well-deserved gastronomic feast in Coron.

explore, travel, 15 best coron tourist spots (world’s best beaches & islands)

Credit: Banul Beach Coron

The beach is lovely, you can freely swim and sunbathe all you want after you eat because there are only a handful of tourists around. Banul Beach may be tiny but it certainly has everything that you want!

6. Pamalican Island

Pamalican is an island paradise that is known for its pristine beauty. The powdery white sand beach, turquoise waters, and peaceful landscape of Pamalican are certainly a piece of paradise you will never forget. Because of its exclusivity, guests are guaranteed to enjoy a tranquil and secluded vacation all throughout.

The island is located in Busuanga, Palawan, and should not be confused with the private island of the same name owned by Aman in Amanpulo. This is usually inlcuded in the Calauit safari Tours.

7. Malcapuya Island

Up next, Malcapuya Island is a small yet breathtakingly beautiful island located off the coast of Culion, Palawan. Its stunning crystal clear waters are definitely something worthy of traveling lengthy minutes by boat. Upon arrival, you’ll be blown away by the sight of pristine white sands, mesmerizing ocean view, and the amazing tropical vibes of Malcapuya Island.

explore, travel, 15 best coron tourist spots (world’s best beaches & islands)

Credit: TripAdvisor

There are also lots of exciting water activities that guests can enjoy such as snorkeling, beach bumming, kayaking, and more! The water is so clear that you can vividly see the bottom of the sea as you walk along the white sands. And there are also several cottages and huts where you can simply relax and breathe in all the natural beauty that Malcapuya Island has to offer. Taking an amazing photo as you chill on a hammock is the definition of relaxation at its finest!

8. Black Island

And there it is, the Black Island of Coron, Palawan. It is one of the most famous and intriguing island destinations in Busuanga simply because of its mysterious appearance from afar. But hey, never judge a book by its cover, right? Little do we know that underneath all the huge and dark rock formations of the island lies several astonishing cave pools with clear and turquoise waters. Around the black towering limestones, there are stretches of powdery white sands surrounded by crystalline waters where guests can essentially do whatever they want like snorkeling, diving, swimming, and such!

explore, travel, 15 best coron tourist spots (world’s best beaches & islands)

Cedit: Coron Palawan FB

The still waters around the island are also perfect for cinematographic shots that are simply phenomenal. Indeed, Black Island is a place you should never miss out on.

9. Calauit Safari

Ah, yes. After exploring much of Coron’s beautiful beach and island destinations, it’s now time that you see its thriving ecosystem with your own eyes. Lots of different animal species are enjoying the safe haven of Palawan and most of them can be found in Calauit Safari. This wildlife sanctuary was established way back in 1976 by the Marcos Administration and features different rare species of mammals like the Reticulated Giraffe, Calamian Deer, Grévy’s Zebra, Philippine Crocodile, and more.

explore, travel, 15 best coron tourist spots (world’s best beaches & islands)

Credit: NoliSoli/ PDI

It is said that the climate of the Philippines is similar to that of Kenya, and that’s why several animal species have been able to thrive and survive through the years. Calauit Safari Park is indeed one of the most popular tourist attractions in Palawan. Well, who wouldn’t want to visit a 3,700-hectare sanctuary full of amazing animals? Make sure to drop by!

10. Maquinit Hot Springs

Of course, after a long and tiring day full of adventures, we need time for ourselves to relax and recuperate our energy. Well, I’ve got the perfect place exactly for you! Maquinit Hot Springs is one of the most famous destinations in Palawan. It is said that no one should miss out on enjoying the soothing and therapeutic experience it has to offer, especially after an exhausting day.

Maquinit Hot Springs is one of the only saltwater hot springs in the world. It is said that an underwater volcano heats up the water which guests can relax on at a two-tiered circular pool. After having a relaxing bath, guests can rest on cottages and tables around the resort where they can also eat lunch.

11. Siete Pecados

Probably the most anticipated tourist destination in all of Coron is the breathtaking Siete Pecados. It is composed of seven small rocky islets that are all surrounded by abundant waters full of different thriving aquatic animals which makes it the most famous snorkeling spot in Palawan! It is said that the name “Siete Pecados” means Seven Sins, making the natural landmark a must-see attraction indeed.

Siete Pecados is also believed to house the healthiest coral reefs in the region, helping rare species of fish like barracudas, turtles, reef fish, octopus, and many more to thrive easily. And of course, nothing beats the stunning sight of the seven islands of Siete Pecados perfectly aligned along the horizon as you admire its incredible beauty. Don’t forget to take awesome pictures!

12. Bulog Dos and Banana Island

If you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful adventure to Coron’s incredible islands, then including Bulog Dos and Banana Island in your unforgettable voyage should be a perfect choice. Bulog Dos Island is a small rocky islet known for its lengthy white sand bar.

Even though it only requires about an hour to fully explore the entire island, I bet you still won’t get enough of its picturesque beauty during your tour! The crystal clear waters and amazing vibes on the island will surely be the highlight of your tour. Feel free to roam around Bulog Dos Island and take awesome pictures all you want. Guest can also enjoy swimming and snorkeling around the crystalline and shallow waters of the island for as long as they want!

explore, travel, 15 best coron tourist spots (world’s best beaches & islands)

Credit: Jackinetic

On the other hand, Banana Island is also a sought-after island destination in Coron which is known for its deep clear blue waters that are perfect for snorkeling. There’s a large coral reef just within the island’s vicinity so for divers and snorkelers out there, here’s your chance!

Banana Island is also an excellent spot to simply relax and enjoy the breath of fresh tropical air while laying down on a hammock below palm trees. Oh, I bet you’re wondering why it’s named “Banana Island”, right? There’s no clear explanation about its origin but locals say that it’s because of the shape of the island itself. Well, that’s a mystery for you to solve!

13. Mount Tapyas

If breathtaking views and mind-blowing sceneries are what you crave, then conquering the summit of Mount Tapyas is the one for you. Standing tall at 210 meters, this mountain is rather considered a hill because of its low elevation. In spite of its height, Mount Tapyas remains the most popular viewpoint in Coron, Palawan because of its perfect location allowing guests to witness the stunning beauty of Busuanga.

explore, travel, 15 best coron tourist spots (world’s best beaches & islands)

Photo by Carla Cervantes on Unsplash

The sweeping views of mountains, stunning islands, and the ocean will definitely remain in your memory. Of course, this also makes Mount Tapyas the most famous spot for sunset viewing in Coron. So trust me, the 700 steps you need to overcome in order to reach the top will definitely be worth all the hardships!

14. Fireflies and Plankton Tour

The Fireflies and Plankton Tour in Coron is probably the most unique and visually aesthetic attraction in the province. The tour involves a rather romantic boat ride along mangrove swamps where you’ll occasionally stop by certain spots to watch bioluminescent fireflies dancing around and creating a spectacular show at night.

explore, travel, 15 best coron tourist spots (world’s best beaches & islands)

Check the tour via KLOOK

You can also spot planktons that are glowing in the dark which also produces a beautiful show of bioluminescence during the trip. It is indeed a memorable and romantic experience especially for couples so be sure not to miss out! Oh, and guests are also welcome to enjoy a delicious dinner buffet during the trip featuring irresistible Filipino specialties.

15. Culion Island

Finally, the best way to cap off our amazing adventure in Coron is by visiting the enchantingly beautiful Culion Island. This famous island in Palawan has a very sad and interesting history, especially during the beginning of the 20th century. Also known by the name “Island of No Return”, Culion became the hometown of people that are infected with leprosy. For 100 years, this island became the isolation and resting place for lepers. It wasn’t until the year 2006 that it was finally declared leprosy-free by the World Health Organization.

explore, travel, 15 best coron tourist spots (world’s best beaches & islands)

Credit: Wikipedia

Today, despite the sad history of the island, people are starting to notice the pristine beauty and wonder of Culion. Its secluded location and prolonged isolation over the century made it one of the most perfectly preserved islands in Palawan. Culion is also the second largest island in the Calamianes Archipelago, which means it has a prominent population. Given that, Culion Island has a lot to offer to everyone visiting Coron, and the beautiful culture of its people is surely one of the best things in mind along with stunning sceneries of the beach, mountains, and lagoons.

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