15 Best Hotels in Quezon City

There is a lot to see within Quezon City. Not only is it the country’s most populous city in the metropolis, it is also a developed place that is home to a number of towering skyscrapers, many of which had become a landmark in the region. Of all the cities that comprise Metro Manila, the Quezon City also has the largest land area.

Not to be confused with Quezon province where Quezon city is not located from, the similarly-named city was actually founded and named after the Republic of the Philippines’ second president, Manuel L. Quezon, which at one point in history once replaced Manila as the country’s capital. Interestingly, both the aforementioned city and province themselves were named after the same Philippine president.

Quezon city’s proclamation as such began in 1948 to last until 1976 when the notion is revoked in favor of Manila once again.

As a city within Metro Manila, Quezon holds a special spot as a place that is home to the nation’s a few significant government offices, namely the Batasang Pambansa Complex which is the seat of the lower chamber of the Philippine Congress as well as the House of Representatives; and the the Reception House which is the seat of the Vice President.

To the academia, Quezon City is the location where two of the country’s most prestigious universities are in place—University of the Philippines Diliman and Ateneo de Manila University.

For recreational purposes, the city is possibly most renowned for the Quezon Memorial Circle which is essentially a shrine and a park, bordered by the Elliptical Road. In it lies a mausoleum which entombs the remains of the deceased former president, Manuel L. Quezon, alongside his wife, the First Lady, Aurora Quezon.

Yet, for a place that is bustling in commerce and people, Quezon City is also a place rife with individuals who venture into the place without something to call home, but is offset with the abundance of hotels, all of which vying to consider themselves as the region’s best.

Novotel Manila Araneta Center

There was not any hotel that is “Novotel” by brand in the Philippines until the Novotel Manila Araneta Center in Quezon City. Standing just beside the Smart Araneta Coliseum and just a walk away from the Gateway Tower Mall as well as the public transport terminals, the Novotel Manila Araneta Center makes for a perfect destination if you are keen in exploring the many parts of this massive city.

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But more than just an “epicenter” for any possible excursion across the city, the Novotel Manila Araneta Center is itself a hospitality business whose aim is to please its customers with top quality amenities that are common to a venue of its kind. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Seda Vertis North

Many in the hospitality business try to one-up another with the aesthetics. By capitalizing on this idea, Seda Vertis North makes for a place of grandeur, thanks to the perfect blend of artistic architecture, adherence to elaborate ornamentation, and proper decorum.

explore, travel, 15 best hotels in quezon city

As a 438-room hotel, Seda Vertis stands tall not too far away from the Vertis North, a different establishment, and the Trinoma Malls which are a hub for prominent international brands and eateries that are aimed for the health and wellness enthusiasts. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

Not every person can feel the life of a royalty. But you do not have to be of royal blood to experience it, so long as you can afford it. The Eastwood Richmonde Hotel may fall short in many aspects as a “castle,” but in never shy away from giving its customers a lavish experience, often fit for the classy people.

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Touting its business as one to give its clients an experience that is “paragon” to a sophisticated living, you would know that this hotel is serious in its goal to please its customers however it can—and with flying colors. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

The Cocoon Boutique Hotel

As a boutique, the Cocoon Boutique Hotel has an imposed limit to the size it can muster which significantly makes it smaller than some of its competitors in the same business. But while it littles, the Cocoon Boutique Hotel does not hold back in providing its customers the right quality of service and accommodation that they deserve.

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But if there is something else that could be certain in this hotel, it is that it’s sustainable and exercises due prudence in consideration of the environment, essentially making it a “green” hotel business. Many of us are hard-pressed to think that this kind of business model are only fitting in certain locations in the country—particularly around areas which highlights nature as an object of interest—but even in a rapidly-growing city, the concept certainly applies. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Meranti Hotel

The Meranti Hotel is not one to “truly” brag. While its own blurb may tell one thing of how amazing this hotel is, it often falls short of the overall entirety of the picture it portrays. How Meranti Hotel described itself is, in a way, an understatement. Being able to experience Meranti Hotel should already speak truth of the raised notion.

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Prior to entering the premise, the Meranti Hotel already exudes a quaint charm for its style that is not only modern but is also very clean to look at. But that is only speaking of the exteriors which only shows a fraction of this hotel. The interior design, particularly the lobby, the rooms, and the different segments of the building are themselves stunning to behold. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

La Breza Hotel

Being in the list of the most amazing hotels, it often denotes a cost that not everyone is willing to spend. After all, you get what you pay for, right?

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But not with La Breza Hotel, a 4-star hotel, which perhaps makes for an exception. Despite being a star short from being one of the best-rated hotels within Quezon City, the La Breza Hotel’s quality of service is at par with some of the best in the area.

Essentially a “midrange” hotel, the La Breza Hotel gained popularity among families in a travel and entrepreneurs who are in the city to do business. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

The B Hotel Quezon City

The moment a discerning client enters the premises of The B Hotel Quezon City, they would know that there is something unique about the place. With a visual which the establishment itself touts as “picture perfect” in every corner as well as a design which fuses modernity and industrial elements, the insides feel like somewhat otherworldly yet at the same time quaint enough for its own charm.

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Although any person can easily be The B Hotel Quezon City’s patron, those who appreciate art in architecture are undeniably this establishment’s strongest fan base. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Summit Hotel Magnolia

Shopaholics who like the idea of shopping not too far away from a place of stay find haven in Summit Hotel Magnolia. As a boutique hotel, consisting of 82 rooms situated within the Robinson’s Magnolia mall complex, stores are practically just a few steps away upon exiting one’s own room and the hotel itself.

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As the third of five hotels to bear the “Magnolia” brand, this Quezon City branch stands unique from its siblings in that it features an overall design that is conspicuously distinct, essentially giving life to the ambiguity of the meaning of “beauty” and “style.” CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

MaxStays – MaxStyle @ One Eastwood Avenue

MaxStays is a name which brands itself for offering an accommodation that is both home-like as a hotel and hotel-like like as a home, essentially highlighting the inextricable nature of a hotel and a home.

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But customers ought to take MaxStays word for it—not only does each room inhabits all the amenities that is innate in every home, it also embodies the beauty of a high-class hotel as seen in the overall aesthetics of the place. Being at anywhere in this hotel feels like living in an art gallery—everything is so beautiful and amazing, you would not believe it is real. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Microtel by Wyndham UP Technohub

It is not common that a privately-owned hospitality business establishment to operate within campus. But if there is indeed one company that dare breaks the notion, it has got to be the Microtel by Windham which stands within the UP-Ayala Land Technohub’s commercial space.

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With a target demographics that appeared to be centered towards the students or other general discerning customers who are in the lookout for a reasonably-priced accommodation, the Microtel by Wyndham UP Technohub makes for an easy choice, particularly for its strategic location which is not too far from many of the city’s places of interest. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Hive Hotel & Convention Place

Another boutique hotel to make as a contender in the list of Quezon City’s best, the Hive Hotel & Convention Place is a venue whose theme of “chicness” emanates inside and out. For something that classifies itself as “stylish” in its own way, this boutique hotel is never dull, but rather upbeat as insinuated by the color scheme of the place.

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But the aesthetics is only one thing about this place. Much like every other that made it in the list, this place also does not fall short in terms of quality services and range of accommodations. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Sulo Riviera Hotel

The Sulo Riviera Hotel may seem like a perfect venue for honeymooners due to its marketing which highlights a couple as target market. But this hotel also caters for other kinds of customers as well, hinted by the diverse offering it has about rooms as well as services.

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However, if there is one word that would summarize the Sulo Riviera Hotel, it is the word “vibrant.” There literally is a boring moment about this hotel as every details feels exquisite to the senses that staying in it makes for a tease, especially if you have a taste for interior décor and elaborate embellishments. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Fernandina 88 Suites Hotel

A bustling place like Quezon City can be a difficult place for relaxation. When the companion of economic growth implies being in the midst of all the noise and the hustle of everyday life, it is a luxury to be able to find a place of respite.

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The Fernandina 88 Suites Hotel aims to be just that. Essentially a place that easily separates itself from much of the city, this hotel makes for a bastion of tranquil and relaxation. Forget about the life’s struggles as when you are in Fernandina 88 Suites Hotel, you are a king or queen worthy of being pampered. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

The Cirque Serviced Residences

Many in the hospitality business see their trade as a place of relaxation which essentially highlights one of the key components to healthy living. While each establishment has its own take in this idea, none is probably more extensive than The Cirque Serviced Residences which puts heavy emphasis on the idea of a restful environment as fostered by its tranquil enclave as well as facilities aimed at promoting body activities that significantly contribute to health.

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Although this is not to say that the health-friendly perks of staying at The Cirque Serviced Residences are in-housed, they are just a stone throw away to getting reached. When you think about it, is not a walk an exercise in itself? CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Sequoia Hotel

Being a leisure or business traveler around Quezon City can be a physically-taxing experience which demands rest for another day’s excursion. If you are looking for a place that is not only homely but also offers warm service from the crew, the Sequioa Hotel easily makes a spot as a viable option.

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Combining the best of carefully-designed architecture and proper decorum fit for a modest hospitality establishment, the Sequioa Hotel abides by the notion of a “home away from home.” CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

So, whatever your purpose is for being in the midst of a bustling city, there are these places you consider as home or a temporary sanctuary. With a diaspora which gives no space for the city for anything else, it is just a matter of where you are in it.