The beautiful island of Siargao is definitely one of the rising tourism giants in the Philippines and it is truly a must-visit summer destination. Mentioned with big names like Boracay and Palawan, more and more tourists from different parts of the world crave everything that Siargao has to offer!

From stunning white sand beaches, enchanting lagoons, secret coves, and gorgeous islands, Siargao really is the perfect place for your grand escape to nature. But what really stands out is Siargao are the world-class surfing sites that inevitably attract international surfing enthusiasts. Hence, the perfect waves of the island eventually led to Siargao’s iconic nickname, “The Surfing Capital of the Philippines”.

Imagine waking up and realizing you’re surrounded by powdery white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and coconut palm trees. That feeling of living in a tropical paradise is exactly what you’ll get during your stay here in Siargao. Aside from the island’s breathtaking natural features, Siargao is also known for the countless fun and exciting water activities that it offers to adventure seekers out there. Moreover, the laid-back culture and beautiful people living on the island will surely make you feel at home anytime! Well, no wonder why more and more tourists decide to live here and settle for good. A breathtaking place, with awesome culture, and beautiful people. What more can you ask for?

So are you ready? Come and join me as we both explore the hidden beauty of one of the world’s beautiful islands! Today, let’s discover the 15 Best Tourist Spots in Siargao!

1. Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Siargao is the number one attraction on the island and it served as the iconic face of Siargao for many, many years. Aside from being voted as the most popular place to hang out in Siargao, where you can watch the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset, Cloud 9 is also rated as the best surf break in the Philippines! So when you’re here, expect to witness a lot of amazing surfing stunts by professional surfers taming the tides of Siargao.

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Photo by Joel Vodell on Unsplash

The trademark of Cloud 9 Siargao is the wooden walkway and surf tower standing above the crystal clear waters of the island. This picturesque view is what the tourists and all of the people of Siargao treasure the most. Unfortunately, this very landmark was heavily damaged when Typhoon Odette hit the island in 2021. But don’t worry! Because a bigger and stronger Cloud 9 Siargao is being built right now and it will undoubtedly surpass the beauty brought by its predecessor.

So when you visit Siargao anytime soon, make sure to still drop by one of the famous landmarks of the surfing mecca itself, the all-new Cloud 9 Siargao!

2. Guyam Island

Another amazing island destination you shouldn’t miss in Siargao is the small but absolutely stunning Guyam Island. It is actually part of the group of islands consisting of other famous attractions, Naked Island and Daku Island. What separates Guyam from the rest is its tropical paradise feel that will make you love the shallow turquoise waters, stunning rock formations, and white sand beaches surrounding the island.

explore, travel, 15 best siargao tourist spots

Photo by Andreea Petruti on Unsplash

If you want to escape the noise and just appreciate the beauty of nature in peace and serenity, then having a simple picnic on Guyam Island is more than enough for you to fall in love with its picturesque natural features.

3. Sugba Blue Lagoon

Sugba Blue Lagoon is another amazing attraction in Siargao known for its clear, emerald waters surrounded by a beautiful lush forest called the Del Carmen Mangrove Reserve. It’s almost totally enclosed in a small island and when you view Sugba Blue Lagoon from the air, it looks like a complicated maze of blue-green water separated by small islets and stunning rock formations. Aside from the breathtaking beauty of Sugba Blue Lagoon, it also offers fun and exciting activities like cliff jumping, SUP or stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking!

Are there crocodiles here in Sugba Blue Lagoon? Well, yes there are! But these are called Philippine Crocodiles which are perfectly harmless to humans. So don’t be scared and just enjoy Sugba Blue Lagoon’s spectacular beauty!

4. Naked Island

Ah, and there it is! I’m sure the name of this natural landmark also tickled your curiosity, am I right? Well, Siargao’s Naked Island got its name from its mind-blowing features. The whole island is only filled with white sands and crystalline turquoise waters all over. It doesn’t have any type of shade or trees around! The Naked Island is like a huge body of white sand where tourists can enjoy swimming, diving, and beach bumming all they want!

explore, travel, 15 best siargao tourist spots

Photo by Michael Louie on Unsplash

Amazing, isn’t it? This huge white sand bar spans more than 200 meters long! So if you’re planning to visit and witness the awesome nakedness of this island, I suggest that you put a lot of sunblock on you because it’ll be extra hot and you won’t have any shade to hide on. Well, it’s worth it anyway so enjoy!

5. Magpupungko Rock Pools

The Magpupungko Rock Pools is definitely another must-visit destination in Siargao Island known for its breathtaking rock formations. Situated almost 40 minutes from General Luna, these stunning natural pools are a sight you shouldn’t miss. The main attraction in Magpupungko is the dramatic and huge boulder that appears to be squatting on another boulder. This is actually the origin of the name of the place! “Pungko” means “to squat” in the Visayan Dialect, so there you go!

explore, travel, 15 best siargao tourist spots

Photo by Dale de Vera on Unsplash

The huge squatting boulder is only a taste of what Magpupungko Rock Pools has to offer because what really stands out in this place are the clear, warm, and emerald waters where tourists can swim, dive, and just relax. Oh, and the waters are also deep enough for you to try jumping off from the huge rocks too!

6. Sohoton Cove National Park

The iconic Sohoton Cove National Park is actually about an hour away from the island of Siargao. It’s located in Bucas Grande Island in Surigao Del Norte. But we still included it in this list because the enchanting beauty of this natural wonder is indeed worth witnessing especially for first-time tourists! This hidden gem is known for clusters of green, sparkling islands surrounded by emerald waters and white sand coves. So instead of the usual island hopping tour, you’ll go on an amazing cove hopping tour when you visit the amazing Bucas Grande Island.

And definitely, the major highlight of that tour is no other than the breathtaking Sohoton Cove National Park. Beautiful limestone formations, stunning cave systems, and mesmerizing waters will surely make you fall in love and want to come back over and over again. You can also try swimming, kayaking, and going on boat tours during your visit!

7. Daku Island

Ah, yes. The hidden paradise of General Luna, the famous Daku Island itself! Just like what I’ve mentioned earlier, this island belongs to the major island hopping tour in Siargao together with Guyam Island and Naked Island. A lot of people say that out of the three islands, Daku will always be their favorite! The island got its name from the Visayas term “Daku” which means large or big. And indeed, this beautiful island is huge and full of stunning natural features.

Daku Island is best known as a world-class diving and snorkeling destination where tourists will have the chance to venture deeper into its crystalline waters and meet the abundant species of marine and aquatic animals of Siargao. And with the island’s huge beach, I’m sure it is the perfect place to watch the mesmerizing view of the setting sun.

8. Shaka Cafe’s Smoothie Bowls

Number 8 on the list is no other than the iconic café that originated from the island paradise of Siargao itself, Shaka Café’s Smoothie Bowls! This incredible café serves delicious food and memories made only with the freshest ingredients you can ever find.

Located in the famous Cloud 9 Siargao, expect to feel like you’re in heaven when you taste Shaka Café’s ultimate bestsellers! There are several options ranging from Loose Leaf Teas, Fresh Pressed Juices, Bliss Cups, Coffee Selections, and of course, the blockbuster Smoothie Bowls. These bowls are perfect for your health because only the freshest fruits and homemade granolas are used to create these fantastic delights. Some of the top-selling flavors include the Bakunawa, Cloud 9 Kook, and UBeautiful which is a combination of ube, banana, blueberry, and kiwi!

Shaka Café’s Smoothie Bowls also expanded its branches to different famous tourist attractions in the country such as Panglao Island in Bohol, Moalboal in Cebu, and also the concrete jungle of Bonifacio Global City in Metro Manila.

9. Corregidor Island

Another dreamy island destination in Siargao you shouldn’t miss is the beautiful Corregidor Island. Like the other enchanting islands of Siargao, this hidden gem is also only accessible by boat from General Luna. It usually takes about 45 minutes to reach this island but don’t worry because it’s undoubtedly worth it!

Corregidor Island or sometimes called Casolian Island is known for its stunning landscape featuring palm tree-covered hills, white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters. In fact, the water on this island is very clear that you’ll be able to see the landmass of the island all the way through! Incredible, right? Corregidor Island is actually part of several island hopping tours in Siargao and it’s something you definitely don’t want to miss. Feel free and enjoy exciting activities here like swimming, snorkeling, and diving!

10. Pacifico Beach

If you want a peaceful and quiet getaway from all the noise and hype, then I suggest that you book a room in the northern part of Siargao where you’ll be able to unwind and relax at the stunning Pacifico Beach! With a long stretch of powdery white sands, crystalline waters, and strong waves, Pacifico is indeed a haven for nature lovers and hardcore surfers! There’s also a famous surf break here called the Big Wish which is a sought-after diving destination in our country.

Oh, and you don’t have to worry even if you’re not a surfer because you will still enjoy your awesome stay here at Pacifico Beach! Just chilling in an afternoon nap on the traditional duyan while enjoying the cold sea breeze, smell of the ocean, and the rustling waves are more than enough to take your mind off the hustle and bustle of the city!

11. Alegria Beach

Claimed by many as the “Best Beach in Siargao” is no other than the famous Alegria Beach, also situated up north away from the dazzling nightlife of General Luna. This stunning white sand beach became the favorite of a lot of tourists because of the peace and serenity it brings to everyone. Just sitting back under the shade of coconut palm trees and enjoying the crystal clear waters rustling down your feet has got to be one of the most beautiful and addicting feelings in life, right?

12. Maasin’s Bent Coconut Tree Rope

Maasin’s Bent Coconut Tree Rope is that one thing that every tourist must do in order to claim that they’ve really been to Siargao! Situated right beside the beautiful Maasin River, one of the country’s most beautiful rivers filled with breathtaking blue waters, taking on this challenge will definitely be one of the highlights of your Siargao adventure! You’ll just have to climb up the coconut tree, get on the swing, take a deep breath, and dive for it!

Oh, and don’t forget to take some pictures because this awesome moment will be one of the most beautiful memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

13. Tayangban Cave Pool

Tucked secretly within the enchanting rock formations of Pilar, Surigao Del Norte is a hidden gem of nature called the Tayangban Cave Pools. Visiting this famous natural attraction in Siargao promises a lot of fun and exciting activities that will surely become the highlight of your trip! The beautiful rock formations with the cold, blue-green waters in the middle are the main attractions of the Tayangban Cave Pools where you can enjoy swimming, climbing, and cliff diving all you want!

These enchanting cave pools are about 35 minutes away from the main tourist hub of General Luna. It’s actually near Magpupungko Rock Pools so make sure to visit them both if you can!

14. Taktak Falls

The sparkling beauty of Taktak Falls is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Siargao and it is considered to be a fan favorite among tourists and locals! The cold and clear cascading waters running down the awesome rock formations are perfect for swimming and picture taking as well. Moreover, the place is already well-developed so you can easily spot several cottages where you can rest and eat during your tour.

15. Siargao’s Palm-Lined Roads

Ah, and there it is! Another iconic landmark in Siargao that you definitely have to visit and take pictures of is the beautiful Palm-Lined Roads of the island. The view is simply breathtaking and picturesque. Standing in the middle of the road to take some Instagrammable photos seems to be irresistible!

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Photo by Michael Louie on Unsplash

The best way to experience this is by riding a bike or a motorcycle so you can happily enjoy both the fresh air and the amazing view at the same time!