15 Best Things to Do in Coconut Creek

Located between Pompano Beach to the south and Deerfield Beach to the north, Coconut Creek lies along Florida’s Atlantic Coast in Broward County.

With nearly 50,000 residents and more than 1,000 businesses, it was named by combining the names of nearby Indian Creek and Coconut Grove when it was developed.

With easy access to Interstate 95, it’s within a short drive of many of the state’s most noted beaches and historical, cultural, and recreational attractions, so finding things to do won’t be a problem.

Below are 15 fun, exhilarating and educational things to do in and around Coconut Creek, Florida.

1. Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

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Source: Seminole Casino Coconut Creek / Facebook

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

Whether you’re a diehard gambler, buffet aficionado, or live entertainment junkie, you’ll likely find something to occupy your time at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek.

From slots and roulette to poker and keno, the casino is full of traditional and digitized gambling options, and their onsite hotel has smoking and non-smoking rooms to fit most budgets.

The casino is located on NW 40th Street in Coconut Creek and offers guests a full lineup of live entertainment options, from standup comedy to reggae and the blues – and even the occasional Elvis impersonator.

Check out their website for directions, amenities, and their calendar of events.

2. Butterfly World

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Butterfly World

In March of this year, Butterfly World on West Sample Road in Coconut Creek celebrated its 31st birthday.

Back in 1986, the Parks Department of Broward County invited Butterfly World to build their facility in Tradewinds Park, and the rest, as they say, is history.

One of the largest and most complete facilities of its kind, Butterfly World offers guests a unique insight into the habitat and lifecycles of these amazing insects. It’s a particularly popular destination for families traveling with children.

Don’t forget to check out their ‘Bring Back the Butterflies’ program, which encourages families all over the country to get involved in reintroducing diminishing populations of butterflies into the wild.

3. World of Beer

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Source: World of Beer (Coconut Creek) / Facebook

World of Beer, Coconut Creek

With a name like World of Beer, most potential visitors know pretty much right away that it’s a place they’ll be spending a few relaxing hours.

Featuring live music on the weekends, a fantastic variety of beers, and some of the best pretzels in the Western Hemisphere, there’s really not a whole lot more that beer aficionados and all-around pleasure-seekers could ask for.

Located on Lyons Road in Coconut Creek, World of Beer can be found in the ever-popular Promenade at Coconut Creek.

It’s the perfect place for a relaxing afternoon stroll with a little shopping, some tasty food, and a chilly brew or two.

4. Oriole Golf Club

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Source: Oriole Golf Club / Facebook

Oriole Golf Club

Since 1971, Oriole Golf Club has been drawing local and out of state golfers; it’s particularly well-known for its scenic and moderately challenging layout.

In a world of high-priced and semi-exclusive courses, it’s also pretty inexpensive, making it an excellent option for value-minded travelers.

Though most of the fairways are open, setting up your approach shots requires good ball placement, and the greens are on the small side, making them elusive targets.

That being said, the course is appropriate for beginner and intermediate level players. It offers a fully-stocked pro shop that has a variety of new and used clubs for sale.

5. Promenade at Coconut Creek

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Source: Promenade at Coconut Creek / Facebook

Promenade At Coconut Creek

With a dizzying array of shopping, dining, and live entertainment options, Promenade at Coconut Creek is one of Broward County’s most trendy destinations. It’s the perfect place to spend a few afternoon or evening hours relaxing after a day of visiting the state’s tourist sites.

It’s not the least expensive venue in town, but it’s got a fun and festive vibe that most visitors find alluring.

There’s a luxury movie theater with more than ten screens, over a dozen restaurants, and 30 shops, so plan on spending a few hours at least.

The Promenade is located near the intersection of Lyons and Wiles Roads in town.

6. Quiet Waters Park

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Source: Mike Kuhlman / shutterstock

Quiet Waters Park

For its amazing natural scenery and variety of recreation options, Quiet Waters Park is a Broward County hotspot that’s also known for the Renaissance Faire it hosts annually. It also happens to be the only cable and electricity powered wakeboard and waterskiing facility of its kind in the region.

Previous guests have called the wakeboard and ski park exhilarating, and the camping facilities are a definite step-up from others in the area.

For families looking to spend their time having fun instead of in the car traveling from site to site, Quiet Waters Park may be the perfect option.

7. Coral Square Mall

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Source: Chaplin62 / Wikimedia

Coral Square Mall

Compared to world-class beaches, exciting casinos, and gator farms, an indoor mall may seem a bit too ho-hum for most action minded travelers. But when the heat and humidity conspire to make the Florida weather less than pleasant, there are few better places to spend a few hours enjoying the air conditioning and engaging in a little retail therapy.

Featuring well-known brands like Champs, Hollister, and Express, Coral Square Mall includes more than 100 retail outlets. It’s conveniently located on West Atlantic Boulevard in nearby Coral Springs.

There’s a Starbucks and Victoria’s Secret as well, so consider inhaling a high-octane cup of caffeinated brew and doing a little skimpy underwear shopping.

8. Tradewinds Park Disc Golf Course

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Source: Felix Mizioznikov / shutterstock

Tradewinds Park And Stables

Located inside the sprawling grounds of the Tradewinds Park & Stables that are also home to the aforementioned Butterfly World, Tradewinds Park Disc Golf Course is one of dozens of activities available to visitors, and many of them are relatively inexpensive.

If you’ve never tried your hand at disc golf, it’s like traditional golf, but instead of using clubs and a ball, the object is to get a Frisbee-style disk into a basket in as few throws as possible.

Unlike traditional golf, you aren’t expected to wear ugly plaid pants, metal-spiked shoes, or invest in pricy clubs, so it’s perfect for those traveling on a budget.

9. Fern Forest Nature Center

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Fern Forest Nature Center

With its balmy year-round climate, ample humidity, and gobs of sunlight, Florida is the perfect growing environment for a variety of plants. The Fern Forest Nature Center on Lyons Road in Coconut Creek is a great place to immerse yourself in some of Mother Nature’s splendor.

The center’s elevated boardwalk is the perfect way to explore varied landscapes, including swamps, marshes, and prairies. Though you won’t find a variety of activities to choose from, you’ll likely realize that’s exactly what makes the center such a gem.

It’s a place of quiet appreciation of the natural world, and it’s often less crowded than more commercial attractions.

10. Mizner Park

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Source: Lacey Lin Photography / shutterstock

Mizner Park, Boca Raton

Unlike the aforementioned nature center, Mizner Park in Boca Raton is home to a staggering variety of entertainment options that have been known to keep travelers engaged and entertained for hours on end.

Featuring a multi-screened movie theater, trendy shops and eateries, a few exclusive department stores, and some relaxing watering holes, there should be a little something for everyone you’re traveling with.

During the summer months, there’s a free outdoor concert series that’s a big hit. Not surprisingly, the events can draw a crowd, so if you plan on taking in a show, consider getting there early as parking can get tricky.

11. The Boca Raton Children’s Museum

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Source: Boca Raton Children’s Museum / Facebook

Boca Raton Children’s Museum

The Boca Raton Children’s Museum is the perfect destination for savvy parents to keep in their back pockets for when the weather outside isn’t cooperating, or the kids just need a little child-centered entertainment to burn off that excess energy.

Featuring a variety of hands-on exhibits that touch on the natural world, money, science, and engineering, the museum’s staff and facilities encourage kids to interact, not just view passively.

Not surprisingly, the museum can get crowded during peak times, so if you’d rather avoid the masses, consider visiting during the week or in the off-season if it fits into your travel plans.

12. Boca Raton History Museum

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Source: facebook.com

Boca Raton Historical Society And Museum

Boca Raton is one of the oldest continually inhabited sites in the country; it was originally explored and settled by Spanish missionaries and treasure seekers many centuries ago.

The area also has a rich Native American history, and for visitors and residents alike, there’s no better place to get a historical overview than the Boca Raton History Museum.

Though it’s possible to show yourself around, many guests opt for guided tours. They last about 45-minutes, are pretty inexpensive and full of valuable insights that you may not get otherwise.

It’s also possible to book other local tours from the museum, so ask at the information desk before heading out.

13. The Boca Express Train Museum

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Boca Express Train Museum

Located on Dixie Highway in Boca Raton, the Boca Express Train Museum is a must-see for amateur train and railroad enthusiasts visiting the area.

The museum includes a depot and railcar from the ’40s that have been restored to near-original condition; they harken back to an era when railroads were king, though that was a distinction they’d soon lose to the burgeoning airline industry.

The ‘30s-era steam engine and caboose from the ’60s are favorites, and the museum is staffed by enthusiastic and knowledgeable locals passionate about trains and local history.

Guided facility tours are available twice a month, so check their website for schedules, prices, and directions.

14. Daggerwing Nature Center

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Source: Christopher A. Salerno / shutterstock

Daggerwing Nature Center

Part petting zoo, part classroom, and part scientific laboratory, Daggerwing Nature Center in Boca Raton is a unique, family-oriented destination that’s chockfull of natural beauty and a variety of activity options that have been known to keep guests busy for much longer than they expect.

Much of the land surrounding the center is swampy, dense, and home to a variety of unique plant and animal species; there’s no better way to take them all in than via the elevated boardwalk.

It’s not uncommon to see woodpeckers, wading and predatory birds, gators, snakes, and turtles, so don’t forget your camera if you’d like to capture some very special moments.

15. Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse

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Source: Richard Semik / shutterstock

Hillsboro Lighthouse And Museum

Though most visitors associate Maine’s rugged coastline more with beautiful and historic lighthouses than they do Florida’s warm and clear waters, a trip to Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse in nearby Pompano Beach might just change all that.

When its construction was completed in Michigan 1907, the lighthouse’s parts were shipped to its current location where it was erected.

The lighthouse’s all-important magnifying lens was built in France, giving the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse a truly unique history.

The museum isn’t open every day, so be sure to check their hours of operation online before making a special trip.

It’s located on North Ocean Boulevard in nearby Pompano Beach.

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