15 Best Things to Do in Lighthouse Point

Lighthouse Point is a city of slightly more than 10,000 residents that sits along the southern portion of Florida’s Atlantic coast in Broward County.

It’s conveniently located between Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach to the north and Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale to the south, giving visitors easy access to an incredible variety of natural, historical, recreational, and entertainment attractions.

The area is particularly known for its stunning beaches and abundant parks, and it’s close enough to Miami and Key Biscayne to make day-trips to those cities attractive options.

Below are 15 things to do in and around Lighthouse Point, Florida.

1. Exchange Club Park

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Source: Reed Kellough – Realtor / Facebook

Exchange Club Park

Located along the Intracoastal Waterway on the border between Lighthouse Point and Pompano Beach, Exchange Club Park is a popular, green, natural escape destination for those who’ve had their fill of the area’s more touristy attractions.

The park has recently undergone significant renovations that will make it even more of an unsung jewel. It sits on the west side of the waterway between NE 24th Street to the north and NE 23rd Place to the south.

It’s a popular area for kayakers, fishermen, and amateur photographers, and a great place to spend a relaxing afternoon reading a good book and catching some rays.

2. Frosty Point Ice Cream Parlor

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Source: Frosty Point Ice Cream Parlor / Facebook

Frosty Point Ice Cream Parlor

Located on East Sample Road in Lighthouse Point, Frosty Point Ice Cream Parlor is a small ice cream shop hidden amidst a row of unassuming businesses.

Frosty Point features both indoor and outdoor seating, and for those who feel like they’ve earned a tasty treat after a long day on their feet, there’s no better place to check out.

Previous guests have noted that their ice cream selection is a bit on the overwhelming side, and that they had all the traditional flavors like chocolate and vanilla – and a ton of unique and bizarre ones as well.

Small samples are available for those having trouble making a decision, and their coconut, almond, and strawberry varieties are perennial favorites.

3. Quiet Waters Park

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Source: Mike Kuhlman / shutterstock

Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield Beach

Quiet Waters Park is located on Powerline Road in nearby Deerfield Beach. Though it’s not a beach park, it features a few idyllic lakes stretched across more than 400 acres.

Few parks match Quiet Waters’ sheer abundance of activity options; one of the favorites is cable waterskiing that utilizes electricity-powered cables to propel skiers instead of noisy and polluting outboard motors.

There’s also a popular splash pad and waterpark, and for those who’d like to spend a night or two under the stars, there are dozens of campsites.

Don’t worry if you forgot your tent, because they’re available to rent on-site.

4. The Deerfield Beach Arboretum

explore, travel, fl, 15 best things to do in lighthouse point

Deerfield Beach Arboretum

With its balmy subtropical climate and abundant sun and rain, Florida provides perfect growing conditions for a variety of plant, tree, and flower species from all over the world.

The Deerfield Beach Arboretum has been described as a serenity-inducing oasis amid an otherwise bustling urban area. It’s one of those attractions that many visitors choose to experience when they’ve had it with urban sprawl and crowds.

The arboretum grounds include a variety of distinct cultivated areas that are connected by well-marked and easily walkable trails. There are plenty of covered seating areas and informative plaques along the way as well.

5. Charm City Burger Company

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Source: Charm City Burger Company / Facebook

Charm City Burger Company

Though seafood usually ranks highest on the dining lists of most area visitors, sometimes there’s just no beating an old-fashioned burger.

Located on Hillsboro Boulevard in Deerfield Beach, Charm City Burger Company is a casual and comfortable restaurant that may not win any awards for its building, but is known by savvy local burger aficionados as one of the best burger joints in town.

They serve a variety of tasty sides – like chicken wings and French fries – and there’s a big selection of beers as well, many of which are brewed locally.

Expect ample portions, quick service, and reasonable prices.

6. Boca Raton Museum of Art

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Boca Raton Museum of Art

The Boca Raton Museum of Art attracts hundreds of thousands of annual visitors and is conveniently located in the city’s ever-popular Mizner Park that offers guests a variety of activity options.

The museum’s permanent collection is comprised mostly of modern and contemporary works done in a variety of mediums and featuring countless international influences.

It’s one of the southern Atlantic coast’s art and culture epicenters and often hosts festivals, fairs, and educational programs and courses aimed at budding local artists and art lovers in general.

There is a scenic outdoor sculpture garden as well as a gift shop.

7. The Historic Butler House

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Butler House At Deerfield Beach Historical Society

The historic Butler House is located on East Hillsboro Boulevard and managed by the Deerfield Beach Historical Society.

Built in 1923, it features interesting Mediterranean-inspired architecture, including terracotta roofing and hollow tiles designed to insulate the home from the intense Florida sun.

The home is full of period furniture, housewares, and art that belonged to its original owners for decades. It wasn’t until their deaths in the ‘70s that their house and its contents were deeded to the historical society.

Free events and home tours are offered periodically, so check their website before making a special trip.

8. Deerfield Island Park

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Source: Felix Mizioznikov / shutterstock

Deerfield Island Park

Comprised of more than 400 acres, Deerfield Island Park is only accessible by boat or ferry. For those who choose the second option, there’s a free ferry that shuttles visitors from the mainland; it runs many times daily during the tourist season.

The park is comprised of a variety of pristine environments that include mangrove forests, marshlands, and forests. Each area is connected by walking trails and boardwalks.

There are observation platforms along the way, and it’s not uncommon to see a variety of animals, like turtles, snakes, birds, and even manatees.

Many guests pack a lunch and have a picnic instead of heading back to the mainland just to eat.

9. Hillsboro Antique Mall and Café

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Source: Hillsboro Antique Mall / Facebook

Hillsboro Antique Mall And Cafe

Though Pompano Beach is most known for its scenic ocean vistas and pristine stretches of white, sandy beach, it’s also home to one of the southern Atlantic coast’s most popular antique malls, and is the perfect place to spend an hour or two when the sun’s too hot, or there’s a storm blowing in.

The Hillsboro Antique Mall and Café feature more than 200 individual vendors selling everything from costume jewelry and used books to housewares and art; it’s a great place to pick up a few keepsakes to remind you of your Florida trip.

The on-site café offers hot and cold drinks and light fare like soups and sandwiches.

10. 26 Degree Brewing Company

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Source: 26 Degree Brewing Company / Facebook

26° Brewing Company

In the not too distant past, a microbrew revolution swept across the country, and South Florida saw a dramatic rise in the number of craft and microbreweries exploding onto the food and drink scene.

26 Degree Brewing Company officially opened for business in late 2015. Though it was a risky endeavor, in the few years they’ve been up-and-running, they’ve attracted a loyal following and have won some seriously respectable awards in major beer competitions.

Their Pompano Beach taproom is known for its wide variety of diverse beers and comfortable atmosphere, and it’s the perfect place to spend an hour or two with good friends.

11. The Boca Raton Children’s Museum

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Source: Boca Raton Children’s Museum / Facebook

Boca Raton Children’s Museum

Children’s museums are popular vacation destinations because they not only engage and entertain young minds, but educate them as well.

They’re also perfect places to spend a few hours when the weather isn’t conducive to being outside.

Located on Crawford Boulevard near downtown, the Boca Raton Children’s Museum’s interactive exhibits touch on a little bit of everything – from banking and money, to science, the natural world, and even physics.

Though it’s not the area’s cheapest attraction, most guests consider the cost of admission good value, and even though it’s all about the kids, most adult usually end-up having a blast too.

12. Butterfly World

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Source: Serenethos / shutterstock

Butterfly World

Since it was founded in 1984, Butterfly World has grown into one of the area’s most popular natural attractions.

Comprised of three acres along West Sample Road in Coconut Creek, in addition to its namesake butterflies, it includes an aviary, botanical garden, and research facility dedicated to promoting and preserving butterfly species around the world.

Butterflies are amazingly beautiful and have interesting life-cycles, and many species go on annual migrations that span thousands of miles.

The facility’s staff often host special events and programs for children, and admission is relatively inexpensive. There’s an on-site gift shop that’s worth checking out too.

13. Pompano Beach Amphitheater

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Source: Pompano Beach Amphitheater – The Amp / Facebook

Pompano Beach Amphitheater

For much of the year, the Florida weather is absolutely perfect for being outside, and community live entertainment venues are popular places to spend a few evening hours under the stars.

The Pompano Beach Amphitheater is an open-air live entertainment arena that hosts a variety of performances in a large array of musical genres.

The amphitheater can seat up to 3,000 visitors, and many guests choose to bring blankets and folding chairs and set up on the open grassy areas.

A number of nationally-known headliners have performed at the amphitheater over the years, and tickets to the most popular ones can go quickly, so purchasing yours in advance of your visit is always a good idea.

14. Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse

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Source: Kevin Ruck / shutterstock

Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse

The Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse is a regional historical treasure located near Lighthouse Point.

Though the lighthouse is historic, it was one of the later additions to the beacons built along Florida’s coast. It marks the northernmost point of the Florida Reef, which was a deadly submerged obstacle responsible for sinking countless vessels over the centuries.

The long stretch of beach between the Palm Beaches and metropolitan Miami that runs past the lighthouse have a fascinating history too, and were once trod by barefoot mailmen carrying the mail between the two cities.

Guided tours are an inexpensive option for those who’d like a unique local perspective to accompany their visit.

15. The Boca Express Train Museum

explore, travel, fl, 15 best things to do in lighthouse point

Boca Express Train Museum

The Boca Raton Express Train Museum is located on Dixie Highway just a short drive from Lighthouse Point. It’s a must-visit attraction for history and train aficionados who find themselves with a free hour or two.

The museum is housed inside the city’s old town hall and includes many fascinating exhibits, including equipment, photographs, first-hand accounts, and other railroad memorabilia.

There are also rail cars and a restored steam engine from the ‘30s, as well as a caboose from a now-defunct railway that operated in the area in the post-World War II years.

Docent-guided tours are offered a few times a month, so check online for their schedule before making a special trip.

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