15 Toyota Sequoia Model Years Made This List of the Best Used Vehicles

The Toyota Sequoia is known as one of the longest-lasting vehicles in the North American automotive market. It is an SUV that takes capability and luxury and brings it to the next level in a package and design that is hard for competitors to beat.

According to CarComplaints, the Toyota Sequoia is one of the most consistently well-ranked vehicles you can buy today, with 15 Toyota Sequoia models making the list in total. With all of this consistent success, there is a ton of engineering and design work that makes it all possible. Here are the main reasons why the Toyota Sequoia is one of the best-used vehicles on the market today.

First generation – 2001-2007

The Toyota Sequoia started as a solution for a full-size SUV for Toyota’s lineup based on the Toyota Tundra platform. Right away, consumers and automotive media outlets alike were impressed with the Sequoia’s size, which was around the same dimensions as the popular Ford Expedition and larger than the Chevy Tahoe.

According to CarComplaints, the Toyota Sequoia did not get on its best vehicles list until the 2003 model year. By that point, the Sequoia had been refined with new options and better features. From 2003 to 2007, the biggest and most costly issues found on the Toyota Sequoia dealt with trivial problems that mostly revolved around trim, electrical, and body issues that did not hinder the performance of the vehicle, including the traction control warning light remaining on, power window regulators failing, and hatch handles breaking.

Second generation – 2008-2022

Lasting nearly 15 complete years of production, the 2008 model year to 2022 model year Toyota Sequoia was one of the longest-produced vehicles in Toyota’s history, and it was a hot seller right from day one. The second-generation Sequoia brought luxury to this truck-based SUV with options including keyless entry, rear DVD entertainment system, heated and ventilated seats, Bluetooth audio integration, air-ride suspension, and dynamic cruise control, which was a huge technological advancement for the time.

According to CarComplaints, there are not many issues surrounding the second-generation Toyota Sequoia, but some common costly complaints include small issues like the Bluetooth entertainment system malfunctioning, warped rotors in the braking system, and some small issues with body rust as the vehicle ages. Despite these issues, the Toyota Sequoia is one of the most reliable and tough SUVs on the market; it received awards from CarComplaints for being one of the best SUVs available for the 2008 through 2017 model year.

The future of the Toyota Sequoia

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2023 Toyota Sequoia | Toyota

Production of the long-awaited 2023 Toyota Sequoia started in September 2022. One of the biggest quality-of-life issues that consumers have had with the Sequoia has been the fuel economy, which remained poor throughout the second generation due to the thirsty V8 engine. For 2023, the Sequoia is only offered with a hybrid V6 engine, which is bound to make the Sequoia more economical in the long run.

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