16 BEST Wineries in Kelowna, BC (that you need to check out!)

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

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Kelowna, British Columbia is a great all-around tourist destination to visit. Whether you visit in the summer for some beach days or winter for some ski days, there are tons of outdoor adventures to be had. It’s also a fun city with excellent shops, bars, and restaurants to explore.

One of our favorite things to do in any new city or town is hit up the local breweries and wineries. Kelowna is a city filled with amazing breweries and I love visiting them while holidaying in the area.

However, what I really come to Kelowna for is the wineries!

You can find wineries just about everywhere you look in Kelowna, from within the city limits, to the hillsides around Lake Okanagan. It’s safe to say wine lovers (like myself) are right at home in Kelowna.

But with so many different wineries in Kelowna, it can be hard to know where to go.

So, I’ve compiled this list of my 16 favorite Kelowna wineries located all over the region (even one within the downtown city limits.) The best part is I have listed them under West Kelowna and East Kelowna so you can easily plan your own wine tour.

Here are the best wineries and vineyards in Kelowna, BC that you just have to check out for yourself!

How to get to Kelowna’s Wineries

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

Things get a little crazy on our wine tours!

Since you’ll be drinking and trying wines, it’s essential to organize a safe ride when visiting wineries around Kelowna. While it is possible to arrange a taxi or other car service, either driving yourself or joining a tour are the best ways to go. Driving yourself means one person will need to remain sober, but it’s a cheap option.

However, if everyone with you wants to try some wine then a Kelowna wine tour is the best option. That way, everyone in your group can enjoy the experience and not worry about transportation. Plus, wine tours are easily one of the best things to do in Kelowna.

If you want to visit wineries in West Kelowna, this tour takes you to some of the wineries in the area. It’s an afternoon tour and lasts around four hours. The price is from $159 CAD and includes tastings, snacks, and tours at four different wineries. You get to choose from 9 wineries and 5 of them are on my list.

To take it up a notch and get a taste of both East and West Kelowna, try this tour. It’s up to six hours long and includes all of the best wineries in one tour. You’ll enjoy the amazing scenery and, of course, fantastic wine! The price is $216 and includes hotel pickup.

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7 BEST West Kelowna Wineries  

1. Mission Hill Winery

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

The gorgeous wine cellar at Mission Hill! Photo credit – Mission Hill

  • Location: West Kelowna (1730 Mission Hill Road)
  • Tasting fee: Starts at $25
  • Come here for: Award-winning wine at a beautiful, architecturally unique winery.

Mission Hill Winery sits in a beautiful location, overlooking vineyards and Okanagan Lake. The grounds of the winery, tasting room, and cellar are stunning. This is my favorite winery when it comes to a fancy day out.

The wines at Mission Hill are also award-winning and they are the only winery in Canada that has won “Winery of the Year” five times! I love their Merlot, however, during the summer you can’t beat sipping their Reisling overlooking the lake.

There is an on-site restaurant called the Terrace Restaurant, that serves local dishes to pair with the wine. In addition, the restaurant features open-air seating so you can enjoy the views of the vineyards.

The basic tasting is $25 CAD for 30 minutes. If you want something further in-depth, they offer tours of the vineyard with a sommelier guiding you through the experience and tastings. The “Behind Closed Doors” tour is $60, lunch and tasting $95, and the “A Lasting Legacy” tour where you’ll be guided by a sommelier is $175.

2. Quails’ Gate

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

Come for the wine stay for the view! Photo credit – Quails’ Gate

  • Location: West Kelowna (3303 Boucherie Road)
  • Tasting fee: $10 CAD, waived with the purchase of wine
  • Come here for: A family-run winery experience and farm-to-table restaurant with one of the best views

Quails’ Gate is a family-run winery in Kelowna since 1956. A unique fact about this winery is that they are situated on acres of fertile soil below the extinct volcano of Mount Boucherie. This fertile soil is the perfect place for a vineyard, and Quails’ Gate takes pride in their viticulture, or cultivation of grapes, on this land.

When you visit the winery, you can stop by for a tasting at $10 CAD per person, structured as a rebate with a purchase of wine. Because their wine is so good it’s likely you won’t leave empty-handed so you may as well consider this tasting free.

Or, you can stay longer and enjoy lunch or at Old Vines Restaurant, a farm-to-table restaurant serving delicious, locally-inspired foods. If you’re really hungry, get the beef striploin for two, or for something lighter the steamed mussels are delicious and pair perfectly with their white wines.

Quails’ Gate also has one of the best uninterrupted views of the lake with the vines stretching almost to the edge of the lake. So, even if you’re not a lover of wine, come for lunch with a view!

3. Off the Grid Organic Winery

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

Off the Grid Organic Winery!

  • Location: West Kelowna (3623 Glencoe Road)
  • Tasting fee: Start at $10 CAD
  • Come here for: Organic wines, farm animals, and the local artisan shopping

If you’re looking for a bit of a unique winery (think goats and other farm animals roaming around!), a visit to Off the Grid Organic Winery is for you. This winery is committed to high-quality organic wines that are sustainable and produced in small batches.

Off the Grid is located on a farm with sheep, goats, chickens, bunnies, and turkeys. You are welcome to explore and get to know the animals, including the “Friends” – goats by the names of Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Monica, Ross, and Phoebe!

Wine tastings are just $10/person and you get that back when you buy a bottle of wine. You can also level up and purchase a cheese and wine tasting for $25 or, enjoy their 1-hour winery and farm tour with tasting for $50.

If you’re hungry, Off the Grid has a Pizzeria Food Truck on-site that serves delicious pizza with local ingredients. The names of their pizza also follow the friend’s theme with “The Rachel” being my favorite!

The wine tasting room here is small and nothing fancy but the wine is really good. The Pinot Gris and Rose are my favorites and I love that they’re certified organic. That means they’re healthy right?!

4. The Hatch

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

The style of artwork you can see on the sign is also on the bottles!

  • Location: West Kelowna (3225 Boucherie Road)
  • Tasting fee: $10 CAD, waived with wine purchase.
  • Come here for: Unique and affordable wines (most bottles under $30)

The Hatch is a winery with character and a hipster feel! Just take a peek at their wines titled “Gobsmacked,” “Bury the Hatchet,” or “Lifecycle of a Hobo.” Their wines are very affordable, with most options under $30/bottle and the most expensive at just $70.

They offer a limited, small-batch selection of wines, so you can try something truly unique. To me, the best part is the cool artwork on each bottle. I fell in love with the “2020 Check Your Cote at The D’or” bottle – I actually have one on display at my house. They also make great gifts (although I’m not giving mine up!)

Wine tastings are available on a first-come-first-serve basis for $10, which is waived with wine purchase. The winery is also dog friendly and they’ll even serve your pup with a fresh bowl of water with notes of the Okanagan.

5. Little Straw Vineyards

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

That view though!

  • Location: West Kelowna (2815 Ourtoland Road)
  • Tasting fee: $7 CAD, waived with wine purchase
  • Come here for: Award-winning wines and beautiful views

If you enjoy small boutique wineries as opposed to the larger establishments then you’ll love Little Straw Vineyards.

Located higher on the hillside, Little Straw offers a sweeping view over the lake as well as the surrounding area. On top of that, the winery boasts a long list of award-winning wines – over 60 awards won since 2004! In fact, Little Straw was home to my overall favorite wine selection – there just wasn’t anything I didn’t like.

You can try some of these wines at a tasting, which is very affordable at only $7. After, grab one to go and have that tasting fee discounted off their already cheap bottles. I love the Rose and after the tasting fee is taken off, it’s only $11! Delicious wine doesn’t have to be expensive!

Unfortunately, Little Straw does not offer a restaurant on-site but, to be honest, I really don’t mind. I come for the wine and usually eat at the other wineries with larger restaurants.

6. Rollingdale Winery Inc

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

About the taste some delicious wines at Rollingdale Winery Inc!

  • Location: West Kelowna (2306 Hayman Road)
  • Tasting fee: $7 CAD for 5 pours, waived with purchase
  • Come here for: Small, family-run winery with organic wines

Rollingdale Winery is a small, 100% family-owned, and operated winery in West Kelowna. As one of the smaller wineries in the area, you are free to drop in for a tour and tasting. You may be shocked when you first arrive, but although not a fancy place, the wines are delicious.

Rollingdale Winery create a line of certified organic fine wines using premium grapes. I really enjoyed the tasting here and found our host very knowledgeable about the area and their wines. We actually got to taste 6 wines that day so be sure to ask for the extra tasting!

7. Ciao Bella Winery

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

Sit back in this gorgeous garden and enjoy some Rose!

  • Location: West Kelowna (3252 Glencoe Road)
  • Tasting fee: Unkown
  • Come here for: Traditional Italian wines and snacks!

Ciao Bella Winery is a unique winery in the area because of its Italian-style wines. This means that wines are dry, crisp, and refreshing. Adding to the Italian charm of this place are the snacks! Ciao Bella puts together delicious charcuterie boards (Sputini platters) to enjoy as you sip on some wine. You can enjoy this refreshing snack in the picnic area, overlooking the beauty of the vineyards.

When you visit Cia Bella you’ll almost certainly meet the owners. They and are lovely people and I actually finished one of my tours here and spent the afternoon talking to Roberto. Overall, it was my favorite winery in West Kelowna simply because I loved the story, the Rose, and the beautiful garden. Oh, and the charcuterie board is delicious!

Ciao Bella is open for tours and tastings, but as a small winery, it’s recommended to call ahead and book a time slot. I am not sure what the tasting costs are as I visited this winery on a tour and the fee was covered. Children are welcome here as well and will be given some Italian soda to enjoy!

8 BEST East Kelowna Wineries

8. The Vibrant Vine Winery

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

Even the truck is vibrant and it matched my outfit!

  • Location: East Kelowna (3240 Pooley Road)
  • Tasting fee: $10, waived with wine purchase
  • Come here for: Wine, yes, but also art and live music!

The Vibrant Vine is true to its name – vibrant in taste, colors, and surroundings. They are passionate about art, which is visible in the creative bottle designs and art gallery at the winery. They’ll provide a set of 3D glasses when you arrive and you can take a tour through the gallery before tasting some wines.

On top of that, they show appreciation for the arts by hosting live music and shows on Friday and Saturday nights. There are also art workshops and classes available on-site to express your creativity!

Tastings are available for $10, or an elevated tasting experience for $20 which includes wine and some small bites to eat. Vibrant Vine Winery also has a Snack Shack on-site with food and drink to enjoy outside on their lawn.

Need another reason to visit this winery? They won the award, “Best White Wine in the World” in 2013 in an international competition in Geneva. My favorite is the Whoops Riesling. I actually drink it regularly and you can find it in liquor stores across BC and Alberta.

9. The View Winery and Vineyard

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

We did our tasting with one of the owners! She is such a lovely lady!

  • Location: East Kelowna (2287 Ward Road)
  • Tasting fee: $4.35 CAD (donated for the staff’s choice charity)
  • Come here for: The views (as the name suggests) and a charming 1920s-era vintage building

The View Winery and Vineyard is an excellent spot for some award-winning wine, delicious snacks, and a breathtaking view in East Kelowna! The cellar door is actually located in a 1920s packing house and you’ll often find the family owners inside at the tastings. In addition, they have a picturesque picnic spot available to reserve to enjoy a date night out or gathering with some friends and family.

To enjoy this beautiful winery, you can stop by for a tasting for just $4.35. The View also produces ciders, so you can taste both options. I love the tea-infused ciders, they seem to be a rather new addition to cider making I have begun to notice more frequently. If you want to try more, just ask for a double tasting, but know the fee is not refundable with a purchase.

If you’re interested in going a little deeper, you can take a 30-minute walk with a guide through the orchards and vineyards, learning more about the winery for $30. They also offer a charcuterie and glass pour for $25.95.

10. Summerhill Pyramid Winery

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

My favorite part about the wineries is always the view!

  • Location: East Kelowna (4870 Chute Lake Road)
  • Tasting fee: Complimentary wine tastings
  • Come here for: Award-winning wines in a unique pyramid wine cellar

Summerhill Pyramid Winery is one of the larger wineries in East Kelowna. To me, it’s a place to engage your senses and spirituality, along with your taste buds! Their unique wine cellar is built like a pyramid, a replica of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Such a unique cellar aims to provide an atmosphere that better preserves wine and creates a sacred environment.

Join a tour at Summerhill and take a moment to be still and take in this incredible place. Or, make a special stop at the Pyramid for their sacred gatherings on the solstice, equinox, full moon, or new moon. There is also a large monument of a bottle of champagne complete with a glass you can take a photo with.

Summerhill Pyramid Winery also has an on-site restaurant that serves organic dishes with a fantastic view out over the vineyard. They have won many awards for their wines, including the “Canadian Wine Producer of the Year.”

On top of that, the tasting at Summerhill is completely free and very generous. There’s one catch, their wine is a little more expensive than most wineries in the area.

11. Tantalus Vineyards

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

A rare photo of both of us at Tantalus Vineyards!

  • Location: East Kelowna (1670 DeHart Road)
  • Tasting fee: $15, with $10 off a wine purchase
  • Come here for: Award-winning Rieslings, innovative LEED-certified winery, and the oldest grapes in BC

Tantalus Vineyards has a slogan, “Old Vines. Authentic Wines.” And as the oldest continuously producing vineyard in BC, it makes sense. This site was first planted with grapes back in 1927!

Despite the old vines, Tantalus is at the cutting edge in its facilities. They became the first LEED-certified winery in BC, which demonstrates their commitment to sustainability.

You can stop by for a wine tasting for $15 and try out their award-winning Reisling, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. The fee is not fully refundable with a purchase making this one of the more expensive tastings. Personally, adore the view and come for a wine on the deck. I love the Chardonnay, which I know is an acquired taste, but give it a go!

12. Frequency Winery

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

Getting musical at Frequency Winery

  • Location: East Kelowna (3210 Gulley Road)
  • Tasting fee: Unkown
  • Come here for: A unique wine experience

Frequency Winery is all about the “Wine and Sound Experience,” combining wine-making with music! They welcome recording artists from all over the world to use their studio and believe that the positive attitudes and vibrations from the music make the wine even better.

What’s even more unique is they use music in the wine-making process. In fact, the vibration from the music is used to filter the wine by settling sediment at the bottom. I was very surprised to find this out and I must say it’s the most unique winery in Kelowna.

To see if that’s true for yourself, go and check them out! You’ll love the fun, vibrant atmosphere. They are open for tastings but call ahead to make sure there is space. I am unsure of the tasting fee as I also visited this winery on a tour. I will mention that although unique, I didn’t overly enjoy their wines but they made the list purely for the unique musical touch.

13. Kitsch Winery

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

The building is stunning!

  • Location: East Kelowna (3330 Neid Road)
  • Tasting fee: $10 CAD
  • Come here for: A fun, social environment with music and events while sipping wine

Kitsch Winery is a family-owned but extravagant winery in East Kelowna. They offer a variety of events to engage the community, including a charcuterie board workshop that I’ve always wanted to do.

The winery itself produces amazing wines and even the hardest to please will find something they love here. They are known for producing top notch whites including barrel-aged Chardonnay and Blanc de Blancs bubbles. If you love reds they do have a few including two Pinot Noirs – both are delightful. Another cool addition is their Rose which you can buy in a can.

You can check them out at the Estate Garage, where you can tour and learn more about the winery. Tastings are included in the experience and they always have great music! Tastings are $10 or $20 to have your own tasting guide and storyteller. One thing to mention is that the wines are more expensive here than most other wineries in Kelowna.

14. St Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

Talk about a lakefront winery!

  • Location: East Kelowna (5205 Lakeshore Road)
  • Tasting fee: $10, waived with wine purchase
  • Come here for: Award-winning wines with epic views

St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery is the place to go if you enjoy scenic views while sipping some wine. They are situated as lakeside as you can get, a perfectly picturesque setting to enjoy some high-quality fine wines.

The winery is small and remains off the typical tourist trail so it’s a great place to try something unique. Brag to your friends back home that you explored an off-the-beaten-path winery and grab some bottles as proof. To be honest, this is why I love the Kelowna wine region – there are so many small boutique wineries!

St. Hubertus has won several awards, including Gold for their Oak Bay Gebert Fam Reserve Pinot Noir 2016 and Silver for the St. Hubertus Vineyard Riesling 2018. You can try them for yourself at a wine tasting for just $10. They are also pet-friendly so bring your fur babies with you!

15. Priest Creek Family Estate Winery

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

This cute cellar door isn’t big but their wine packs a punch!

  • Location: East Kelowna (2555 Saucier Road)
  • Tasting fee: Complimentary
  • Come here for: Free wine tastings in a beautiful setting

Last on this list of East Kelowna wineries is Priest Creek – a family-owned and operated winery. The winery is small but elegant and the wine is worth traveling the extra mile for.

The name is a nod to its history, as the land was once a parcel owned by the Mission in the mid-1800s. It is said that one of the priests planted grapes behind the Mission during this time.

The winery has beautiful mountain views surrounding the property. In addition, you can enjoy tasting some of their wines for free, giving even more incentive to take something home with you for later.

Hungry? Then enjoy a bite to eat from the Culinary Creations food truck (the Nashville chicken sliders are my favorite!) As for the wines, I love the Gwertz!

Best Kelowna Downtown Winery 

16. Sandhill Wines

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

To get the Rose or not get the Rose? Of course, I got the Rose!

  • Location: Downtown Kelowna (1125 Richter Street)
  • Tasting fee: $10
  • Come here for: Downtown tasting room with an industrial-chic environment

Sandhill Wines is one of the only wineries with a cellar door in downtown Kelowna. In fact, you can easily walk there from your hotel depending on where you are staying. Because of its location, it’s easily accessible and easy to secure a safe ride home.

Sandhill’s wines are single-vineyard and have won a few awards, including the Sandhill Rose 2017 and Sandhill Pino Blanc 2016. Both wines have fruity notes as a nod to the plentiful orchards in and around Kelowna. Sandhill used to be one of my favorite wineries, however, recently I have stayed away simply because of the choices elsewhere.

With that said, if you haven’t tried their wine before you are in for a treat. It may just be your favorite and the best part is, you can get their wines all over Canada!

Hot Tip: There are some other really amazing wineries in Lake Country, on the road between Kelowna and Vernon.

Where to Stay in Kelowna

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

Can you imagine staying here?! Photo Credit: Delta Hotels by Marriott Grand Okanagan Resort

When it comes to choosing the best place to stay in Kelowna there are plenty of options. The trick is, to pick the experience you want.

Downtown Kelowna

We’ve stayed at our fair share of hotels in Downtown Kelowna, but last time we stayed at the Coast Capri Hotel and loved it! Our pool-view room was perfect with a huge balcony, two large queen beds, and even a desk area so that we could get some work done (when we weren’t busy down by the pool, of course!)

For budget travelers, the Samesun Kelowna is a decent hotel around the $100 mark. The reviews are really good and the property is quite modern. The location is perfect if you want to be close to downtown and they include a free breakfast.

Luxury travelers should stay at Delta Hotels by Marriott Grand Okanagan Resort. Although the hotel does come at a hefty price of around $420 a night, it’s superbly located. It has both an indoor and outdoor pool as well as an onsite casino! If you can afford it, treat yourself!

West Kelowna

If you Moving to West Kelowna (a great place to stay for amazing views only a short drive from multiple wineries) my first choice every time I visit is A View of the Lake B & B. This small Bed and Breakfast offers stunning lake views and an incredible breakfast included in the already cheap winter rate. On top of that, you are within walking distance (or short cab) of a few wineries.

For luxury travelers, the Stunning Lakeview Villa is outstanding and perfect for larger groups. This 3-bedroom villa, just 7 km from downtown Kelowna, has a private pool and spectacular lake views. There’s a large garden as well as a terrace to enjoy the views (perhaps with a glass of wine from one of the wineries nearby).

For budget travelers, the Rodee Homestay is really one of the only options. The rooms are really cozy and stylishly furnished, and the views from the grounds surrounding the property are seriously gorgeous.

East Kelowna

In East Kelowna, there aren’t many opinions – especially for budget travelers. However, if you can don’t mind spending around $200 per night, the Lakeshore B&B is a highly rated option on the shores of Lake Okanagan. The B&B includes an exceptional breakfast and is only 500 meters from the lake.

Luxury travelers should stay at the Manteo at Eldorado Resort and enjoy their indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, hot tub, steam room, and fitness center. The rooms and villas are luxurious and the resort is meters from the lake.

Accommodation in Kelowna can be tricky. For starters, you need to book well in advance (especially during the summer months) if you want to enjoy a large selection of hotels. For this reason, I suggest booking a place ASAP! Using Booking.com is great because lots of hotels offer free cancelation. So, just lock in a place (or two) for now and make the final decision later (we always do this!)

For a more detailed guide, check out our where to stay in Kelowna blog!

Thinking about going on a road trip? Learn about the fun drive from Kelowna to Banff including all of the best stops along the way!

Thanks for reading!

kelowna, 16 best wineries in kelowna, bc (that you need to check out!)

Thanks for reading!

There you have it, 16 of the best wineries in Kelowna! There are so many to choose from, however, with this list separating east and west you can easily pick your top 5 on one side of the city to visit. Or, book this West Kelowna wine tour/ East and West Kelowna wine tour and let someone else do the driving for you!

Whether you like traditional vineyards, urban wineries, or drinks with a live show – there’s a winery for you!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this blog has helped plan your fabulous Kelowna getaway and you now feel less stressed about which wineries to visit. If you loved it, then be sure to check out more of our blogs from the Okanagan and Canada such as:

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