19 Hill Stations Near Nashik That Offer A Rejuvenating Retreat In 2022

The definition of hill station according to Google is ‘a town in the low mountains of the Indian subcontinent, popular as a holiday resort during the hot season’. But is the meaning complete here? If you ask your heart, the definition changes completely. A soothing and quiet town that relaxes you and makes you contemplate about self and life, letting you emerge out of it a different, wiser and calmer person. So which hill station are you headed to next? We recommend these hill stations nestled around the ancient holy land of Nashik in Maharashtra. Here is a list of 10 hill stations near Nashik, some lesser known, some offbeat and some very popular for you. Get packing, already!

19 Hill Stations Near Nashik

Hill stations are synonymous relaxing and calming environment. The pleasant weather, majestic mountains, and mesmerising views are something that attracts everyone. Check out these mesmerising hill stations near Nashik for those who can’t stop falling in love with mountains:

  • Malshej Ghat – Beautiful Paradise
  • Suryamal – Nature’s Lap
  • Koroli – Magnificent Views
  • Saputara – Marvellous Surroundings
  • Toranmal- Exotic Location
  • Matheran – Amazing Sight
  • Lonavala And Khandala – Picturesque Views
  • Amboli – Majestic Mountains
  • Mahabaleshwar – Breathtaking Sights
  • Bhandardara –Mystic Waterfalls
  • Jawahar – Ancient Ruins
  • Igatpuri – Lush Greenery
  • Ratanwadi – Relaxing Environment
  • Durshet – Calming Atmosphere
  • Lavasa – Modern City
  • Dapoli – Beach Holidays
  • Rajmachi – Old World Charm
  • Chikhaldara – Trekker’s Paradise
  • Mount Abu – Lovely Views

1. Malshej Ghat – Beautiful Paradise

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The cool air, welcoming lakes, soothing waterfalls and pleasing green mountains of the Malshej Ghat will melt your heart and mind. Head to this hill station near Nashik during the monsoon and revel in its many waterfalls, romantic dark skies, and vibrant lush greenery. Nature lovers will literally go mad here with its abundance of stunning flowers, wild animals like tigers, leopards, rabbits, peacocks, and foreign birds like pink flamingo, alpine swift, whistling thrush and many more.
Malshej Ghat also has elegant forts and ancient temples to win over your inner history and religious seeker too.

Distance from Nashik: 166 km
Must see attractions:

  • Malshej Falls
  • Kedareshwar Cave
  • Harishchandragad fort
  • Ajoba Hill Fort
  • Pimpalgaon Joga Dam

Places To Stay: Jandyal Farm House, Saj, Hotel Girija, Hotel Swad Nisarg, Jandyal farm

2. Suryamal – Nature’s Lap

explore, travel, romantic travel, 19 hill stations near nashik that offer a rejuvenating retreat in 2022

The highest hill station in Maharashtra, Suryamal leaves you speechless for most parts of the trip. From the height of 1800 feet, this hilltop offers views that will literally take away your breath. It is one of the most unexplored hill stations in Maharashtra, which grants it its mystifying and untouched aura. Here you can get a close-up view of the tribal life without any ounce of the city or modern world. The hill station is just 86 kms away from Nashik and 143 km from Mumbai.

Distance from Nashik: 86 km.
Must see attractions:

  • Suryamal peak
  • Amala Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Deoband temple

Places To Stay: Ananta Ecostays, Wild Camp, Stay in a Deluxe Room, 4 BHK Bungalow

3. Koroli – Magnificent Views

explore, travel, romantic travel, 19 hill stations near nashik that offer a rejuvenating retreat in 2022

Another beautiful hill station which has largely missed being noticed by nature lovers is Koroli. It is home to stunning valleys, dense green fields and innumerable amounts of trees. The virgin natural beauty is uplifted by a blissful environment and enjoyable weather. Since it is an unknown gem, you won’t find many visitors here, a fact which will ultimately add to your peaceful trip.

Distance from Nashik: 150 km

Places To Stay: Koroli Hill Station, Kamfotel Hotel Nashik, Savana Agro Resort, Holiday Inn Express, Hotel Seven Sky

4. Saputara – Marvellous Surroundings

explore, travel, romantic travel, 19 hill stations near nashik that offer a rejuvenating retreat in 2022

Saputara is a favourite name for many tourists when talking about hill stations. This hill town is situated in Dang district of Gujarat and is 288 km away from Nashik. The entire place is brimming with lush forests, charming mountains, foamy, shining waterfalls, winding roads and much more. Perched at a height of 875 m, this hill station is a haven for nature lovers, wildlife and adventure enthusiasts.

Distance from Nashik: 288 km
Must see attractions:

  • Sunrise Point
  • Saputara Lake
  • Artist village
  • Saputara museum
  • Townview point
  • Gira falls

Places To Stay: Hotel Lake View, Artist Village, VILLAS DE RESORET, Manas Homestay
Things To Do: Boating, Visit Hatgadh Fort

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