1st free service of my Jazz: Resolving two issues & adding accessories

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The team and the mechanic at the service centre were experienced and knowledgeable.

BHPian jaysheth recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi Everyone,

Our September 2022 Honda Jazz VX CVT (Pearl White) underwent its first free service yesterday (30-day / 1000 km). Odo 587 kms, completed 1 month.

The only two complaints I had were:

  • While driving at low speeds, there was a lot of “keech keech” sound in the cabin, somewhere from the rear. The sound would disappear while driving at high speeds, but at low speeds, it was irritating. It was most prominent on potholes/speed breakers.
  • The brakes had become slightly jerky.

The supervisor sent someone with me for a short drive to verify these issues. The rattling was quite prominent.

The team and the mechanic were experienced and knowledgeable. They said several customers are reporting this, and the most prominent reason is the inside-plastic cover of the boot door. They opened the plastic cover, applied 2-way sticking tape on the edges + almost all plastic locks and fixed it again. Then they pulled the levers locking the rear seats, folded the rear seats, and padded the metal rod with 1-way sticking tape. This removed all “play” leading to the noise and the cabin was silent again (they demonstrated this with another short drive before taking the car to the washing bay).

For the second issue, they cleaned the brake disc (front) and brake pads (rear) and the brakes are smooth once again.

Other useful accessories for any car:

TPMS and Dashcam!

TPMS: I have been very satisfied with this Skyshop External Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). For details, please see this thread.

Dashcam: After going through an overwhelming amount of information on Team-BHP threads, I decided that it would be too difficult for me to decide for myself, therefore, I visited and contacted the seller, requesting him to suggest. My requirements were simple:

  • Best possible video clarity. Sony lens and a respectable processor are two must-haves for this.
  • Dual-channel setup – Did not want to regret later that rear is missing.
  • An additional CPL filter for the front cam. It reduces the glare drastically and thereby improves the recording quality dramatically.
  • Capacitor-based instead of a battery-based camera (to minimize chances of the battery exploding under the hot sun)

The Nexdigitron expert was quick in recommending 70mai Pro Plus+ A500S Dual Channel Car Dash Cam (links below).

This is still battery-based and not capacitor-based, but he assured me that the battery is very very safe and it is a Lithium Polymer battery (which is a Li-Ion battery in a metal canister) and even if you put it in a fire it won’t explode! While we can take this with a pinch of salt, that made me relaxed that it should at least survive occasional heat (also my car is usually parked in its covered parking).

Therefore, finally with his help, purchased the following:

  • 70mai dash cam. We can purchase through Amazon or through their website. I chose Amazon to avail 10% discount offer.
  • CPL Filter compatible with this dash cam.
  • 128 GB Memory Card: Beware, there are lots of fake memory cards being sold. If you order from Amazon, make sure the seller is Appario Retail Private Ltd, and even after receiving the card, do your due diligence.

The Nexdigitron person also suggested (when requested) getting it installed from (which was not too far for me) and they did a quick and decent job.

Hope this write-up helps. Happy to answer any questions that I could!

auto, autos, car, cars, amazon, 1st free service of my jazz: resolving two issues & adding accessories
auto, autos, car, cars, amazon, 1st free service of my jazz: resolving two issues & adding accessories

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