20 Best Hotels in Tagaytay

There are a lot of beautiful destinations here in the Philippines, the list even seems to get longer every year. But despite the list keeps getting longer, one of the places that never seems to get outdated is Tagaytay City.

Tagaytay city is the destination that many chose to go if they want a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the main city. It is close by plus the weather is perfect for relaxing and chilling.

It also doesn’t take much to get there; whether by car or by commute. Either way is cheap. But what is in Tagaytay that makes people come back to it? Well, first, of course the very stunning Taal lake and volcano. It is a beautiful and serene view. There are a lot of resorts and hotels which offer stunning view of it. Secondly, with its really cool climate, a lot of good restaurants and attractions have been built here to make it more tourist friendly. You can try out Bag of Beans, Sonya’s Garden, Pamana Tagaytay, the Purple Owl, and a lot more restaurants that will surely tickle your taste buds. Third, there are also a lot of activities that can be done in Tagaytay more than just sightseeing. You can go to Sky Ranch. Sky Ranch has quite a number of rides you can enjoy that don’t cost that much. Ride the Sky eye (Ferris wheel), drop tower, super Viking, zipline, etc.

There are also other rides that are kid-friendly. So, it is a well-rounded park that offers rides for all people and ages. Getting tempted to go to Tagaytay and spending a couple of nights to maximize the trip, here are 20 of the best hotels in Tagaytay where you should book your stay.

Domicillo Design Hotel

With only eight rooms up for grabs for guests, the Domicillo Design hotel only has this few number of rooms because it tries to preserve the uniqueness and exclusivity. The interiors of the hotel is nothing short of remarkable. Its uncommon concept is what has gotten guests to continue talking about it.

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The architecture of the house is created in a way that it has a tropical style to it, making the experience feel closer to nature. More than this, the food they offer is one you won’t forget. You have a lot of cuisines to choose from. And of course, the rooms are also great. It has a Zen charm to it; unique furniture pieces, materials and theme. Basically, it mixes in minimalism with a bit of industrial. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Anya Resort

Looking for a place to rejuvenate and relax? Anya Resort can be described as the hotel where peace and tranquility can be felt. The way the resort has been designed and branded is it provides the unique experience of making use of the natural environment of Tagaytay while pairing it up with the very warm and friendly service of the staff.

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They have such an elegant design and structure to the hotel that it exudes a relaxing and romantic vibe. If you want to destress, the amenities and facilities they have are great for that. The food they have is exquisite, tastes expensive but the price isn’t. Plus, they even offer personalized service—for example, you want a specific scent in your room, they comply. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Discovery Country Suites
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Charming and endearing, two words best to describe Discovery Country Suites. This refurbished manor home is another hotel on the list which offers limited number of rooms but a very grand stay. The 7 rooms of the hotel is always getting booked because it is almost impossible to find something to negatively critique about it. Just look at how beautiful that room! Aside from the amenities, you have to know about Verbena, the hotel’s restaurant. Through its culinary expertise, the food of the hotel can’t be quite compared to any other. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Taal Vista Hotel

A mixture of past and present designs, these are the immediately noticeable features of Taal Vista Hotel. With their timeless aesthetic, upon entering the hotel, guests would always have a sense of warmth and relief.

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They offer many types of rooms with varying prices, one of which is sure to fit your budget. All the rooms have been constructed in such a way that you can maximize space by fitting everything you need in it, but still making it a point that it stays spacious. The facilities in the hotel will really make you want to book a night here. Kids can enjoy the kids’ corner and game room. There are toys, art stuff, and even a mini ball pit inside! They have a spa, cake shop, souvenir shop, pool, and fitness center. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

8 Suites By Fat Jimmy’s

Combining modern design with homey and welcoming vibe, 8 suites has never left the limelight since its establishment in 2008. Offering such a complete package, it comes to no surprise that guests always leave positive reviews about it.

The owners kept it in mind that they want to make this like a hideaway or a sanctuary for those who are tired of the city’s chaos. Many have commended the tranquility of the hotel. Plus guests are treated with this amazing feeling of being close to nature.

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Despite receiving such great feedbacks, the hotel continues to be a humble hotel that stays true to its want to serve their guests the best they can. They put value into their work and service which is clearly seen in every aspect of the hotel: room, amenities, restaurant, staff, and service. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

The Carmelence View Villa

This is a hotel that will leave you breathless. With only 6 1/2 rooms, yes you read that right 6 and 1/2 rooms, it is hard to get booked BUT all the calls and continuous questions for available dates will all be worth it the moment you step foot in the lobby. Right off the bat, you are greeted with grand lighting, design and furniture.

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It is the overall experience of the hotel, not just the room, you are paying for. Any room you end up choosing has a fantastic view of the lake, even better on days that the sky is clearer; you get to see the magnificent mountains of Makiling and Banahaw. Aside from their opulent rooms, you will love the 200 hectare forest of abundant and green vegetation that makes the view picturesque. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites

The modern aesthetic of the hotel is very soothing to the eyes. It has quite a Scandinavian feel to it. The rooms have a beautiful view of the lake. The cushions will probably be the comfiest you’ll feel. Sink into the sheets and fall asleep peacefully.

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Accommodation offered by the hotel does have a very opulent look to it, but the price isn’t. This is what the hotel is most proud of, they offer very high-end service but still making it affordable. The scope of all the amenities they provide can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. Boys night out? Try going to the tower sports bar. Want to break a sweat? They have a fully equipped fitness center. Craving for good, you will love Amacena Restaurant. Want to be awed? Go to the viewing deck. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay

A mixture of contemporary and simplicity, Hotel Kimberly is a good choice for a hotel in Tagaytay because of its affordability and style. This hotel is a prime example of how some things don’t need to be expensive to look good. The whole hotel is airy which is a good substitute to what we are usually used to in Metro Manila.

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All rooms are equipped with a comfy bed, WiFi, TV with cable and DVD player, air-conditioning and a mini bar. How often do you  find a regular room with a mini bar that doesn’t cost a fortune? Another great thing about Hotel Kimberly is it is secluded. It isn’t too far off from the main attractions but it is far enough that you get that much needed isolation from crowded areas. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay

If you are looking for a hotel where to book your wedding, debut, conference, company retreat or family reunions in, the Lake Hotel Tagaytay is the place to choose. They have great function rooms, venues and also a beautiful garden that can definitely be utilized for grand events.

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Their beautiful garden and one of their function rooms is overlooking the gorgeous Taal lake and volcano. But more than just being a great venue to host an event, staying here also provides a deluxe experience. Their rooms have beddings that are plush, bathrooms are very modern, and they are fully equipped. Staying here with friends would also be fun because one of their facilities is a KTV, imagine belting it out with your friends like there’s no tomorrow. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Summit Ridge Hotel

Now this is a very luxurious and quality hotel. One that can make one even feel like royalty. They have a very modern designed hotel that offers convenience and style in the best way possible. From the rooms, lobby, corridors and even in the bathroom, everything is spacious.

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Each room has its own air-conditioning, cable TVs, refrigerator, a safe, and a WiFi. Plus, their facilities will definitely be something you enjoy. They have a spa, infinity pool, in-door playing courts and also in-house gym. Additionally, this coming valentine, you may want to check their Valentine’s package deal. It is a very romantic package that provides an all-around experience which involves a great dinner and movie outdoors. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Lee Boutique Hotel

Found right at the heart of the city is the quaint and dainty Lee Boutique Hotel. It isn’t your typical grand or big hotel, but its size does create a very calm and snug atmosphere to it. This hotel is more recommended for friends looking for a cheap room that’s very comfortable to stay in or couples who want to just cuddle and cozy it up.

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Right from the lobby you will be welcomed with a very delightful and homey vibe because of their simple design. If you’re looking for an inexpensive hotel that has clean rooms, comfy beds, good looking bathrooms, and welcoming staff, you can choose this one. There are some attractions accessible here as well. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

The Serviced Residences at Kasa Luntian

Looking  to go out with your family and have a trip to Tagaytay, a family-perfect hotel would be this. The Serviced Residences at Kasa Luntian may not be a grand hotel like the ones in Metro Manila but their accommodation and service sure is.

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They have very spacious rooms that are good for large families, especially those with little kids. Kids would also enjoy their playground here. This can keep them busy if the pool isn’t enough for them. Yes, there is a pool. It is only a couple of steps away from the playground. And if you can’t really decide where to eat for lunch or dinner, you’re in luck because there are many restaurants and shops found at the lanai of the hotel– so, you have quite a number of options. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Villa Marinelli Bed and Breakfast

Wake up to the sweet scent of dew from trees and cold breeze, and with a sight of the jaw dropping beauty of the lake in Villa Marinelli Bedf and Breakfast. Quite the simple architecture but that’s what makes it so homey, it’s simplicity feels like you’re home.

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The accommodation is a thumbs up; very cozy and intimate. Aside from this, the staff serve their guest with utmost attentiveness and willingness to go the extra mile.They don’t fall short of amenities too. You have a lot of things to do here, aside of course from going to the tourist attractions nearby. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Casa De Miguelitos

Take a break and stay somewhere where you feel like you’re first class without having to spend first class. Casa De Miguelitos  is the vacation home perfect for groups of friends and family. Enjoy the air-conditioned rooms and lay on the king-sized bed and feel like a king.

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There’s also a huge living room that has an LCD TV; perfect for moments when you just feel like chilling and watching a movie. They also have a fully-equipped kitchen, so you can whip out those cooking skills; serve the best food you can think of and set it up at their grand long table in the dining area. It a big vacation home so you can even have your reunion here; definitely worth the price. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Tagaytay Wingate Manor

The Tagaytay Wingate Manor offers quite a great experience. This is a good place to book for events, most especially like debuts, wedding or conferences. They offer good promos and also provide great service that aids guests in preparing the details.

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But of course, staying here for just a vacation trip is good too. You can take a dip in the swimming pool, (cool fact: they just installed new pumps and filter system). They’ve also added some ornamental spouts that give more energy and life to the pool. Beside the pool, is a vast garden where you can either relax or play. If you’re holding an event, the garden is definitely the best place to hold it. You won’t need to think too hard on how to design it or set it because the garden itself is beautiful enough. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Hotel Nao

Want to know how a modern Japanese hotel looks like? No need to go to Japan to see one. Hotel Nao aesthetic is inspired by Japanese culture and design. It uses the usual Japanese color trends and ornaments but putting a modern twist to it.

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It gives a different aspect to the typical contemporary home design of most hotels, plus it actually adds up more comfort to the ambiance says most of their guests. Given that it is Japanese inspired, the whole vibe of the hotel is to give peace and convenience. Tranquility and calmness are what the staff what the guest to experience.  A definite must-try facility for relaxation here is there massage. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

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Nurture Wellness Village

Another hotel on our list that is constructed and branded to be a place for those who wish to get away from the city and be a place to nurture and loosen up. The hotel has a very earthy and nature architecture to it. Their vast rooms have earthy tones to them with large beds and clean bathrooms. And if you want to feel closer to the earth, they also allow glamping. Whatever room you choose, you will still feel like you’re getting a great adventure.

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You have to check out their Filipino spa; experience getting pampered like royalty, they bring pampering to a whole different level. They even have holistic health services you might want to check out if there are certain diseases or problems you have been feeling. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Quest Hotel Tagaytay

Another modern Scandinavian hotel themed on our list is Quest Hotel Tagaytay. This hotel is best for group of friends looking for a cheap but great place to stay in Tagaytay. Their rooms are spacious and indeed comfortable.

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They also have a pool that is huge! They also take pride of their food. The cafe brews coffee that can actually give you the right energy in the morning. Location wise, the hotel is a good choice. They’re surrounded by the best spas, and flower farms in Tagaytay. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Hotel Monticello
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Looking to spend some quality time with your partner? Hotel Monticello is really great for staycations! Rooms here have beds that is just so inviting. The cushions are soft and the sheets are smooth, kind of feels like being hugged by clouds. You also have to check out their bathrooms’ spacious and industrial design. Additionally, many guests commend their quality room service. The hotel provides complete comfort and strive to better each experience. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Basilisk Hotel

Basilisk Hotel is a world class hotel located in Tagaytay City. It comprises 10 beautifully designed suites designed by Andy Galutera, renowned color connoisseur. By his work, each suite with its own unique design, crafted with utmost creativity and customer experience in mind that are sure to both thrill and rejuvenate.

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Aside from the beautiful rooms. the hotel also features 3 levels, including a secure yet accessible basement parking, a tranquil miniature garden, and event rooms complete with amenities that can cater events from intimate gatherings to grandiose parties. Located in the scenic heart of Tagaytay, you are sure to have a wonderful view of the famous Taal Lake along with all the glorious ridges that Tagaytay is known for. Also, there is no worry of getting lost as it is very easily found and accessed from the main road of Tagaytay. If you’re looking for a place luxury meets hospitality, Basilisk Hotel is the place to be. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE