2025 Renault 4 Exclusive Rendering Tries To Predict The Affordable EV

The diminutive hatchback will serve as the entry point into the brand's electric lineup

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A commercial success for Renault, the Zoe is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022 but its days are numbered. The company with the diamond logo has already announced it will discontinue the small EV in the years to come to make room for a new wave of zero-emission cars. The R4 and R5 revivals have both been previewed with official concepts ahead of their confirmed market launches set to take place in 2025.

Earlier this month at the Paris Motor Show, the Renault 4ever Trophy Concept took center stage as a sign of things to come regarding an entry-level EV. We’ve now attempted to tone down the showcar’s design in an attempt to imagine how the road-going vehicle will look in three years’ time. It’s expected to be much larger than the classic Renault 4 since the concept is touted as being 4,160 millimeters (163.7 inches) long and 1,950 mm (76.7 in) wide.

2025 Renault 4 rendering by

The funky 19-inch wheels of the concept have made way for a smaller set with a more conventional design. Our attempt to see into the future of the B-segment electric hatchback includes pop-our door handles both front and rear, along with conventional glass mirrors and a narrower body without the bulging arches and beefy side skirts. We also removed the carbon fiber roof rack holding the spare tires and we got rid of the concept’s tie-down anchors on the sides of the hood à la Ford Bronco.

Much like the Renault 5, the new 4 will ride on the CMF-BEV platform and should be around 1,900 mm (74.8 in) tall to echo the 4ever Trophy. We’ll remind you the concept has been engineered to accommodate a 42-kWh battery providing enough juice for 402 kilometers (250 miles). If the subsequent production version will be anything like the concept, a front-mounted electric motor should provide around 130 horsepower, good for a 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in less than nine seconds.

Logic tells us the 5 will be out before the 4 since Renault teased the electric supermini in early 2021.

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