3 Excellent Museums In Orchard Road To Make Your Singapore Tour More Enjoyable

Orchard Road is packed to the brim with way more adventures and attractions than you can imagine, which is why this lovable place should definitely be a part of your travel plan. With so much to explore and indulge in like dining at the finest restaurants, shopping at the various retail outlets, wandering in lush gardens, trying exciting activities, to exploring the many museums in Orchard Road, there’s no dearth to the fun you can have here with your friends and family. While the lush green parks, iconic monuments, and pocket-friendly eating joints are definitely something to talk about, these intriguing museums are no less. A treasure chest of the historical artifacts and legends of Singapore, these museums have taken up modern ways of imparting knowledge to young and keen minds.

One cannot simply explore all of these amazing and enormous museums with a day’s tour of Orchard Road. So, we have compiled a list of the best few to help you take your pick. Learn about Singapore’s deep and complicated relationship with its past and how it evolved into the modern-day Singapore while also retaining the spirit of its glorious culture. You’ll be surprised with all that you discover about this beautiful island nation.

3 Best Museums In Orchard Road

Here is a list of the best museums and insightful centers you need to visit in Orchard Road to better understand its past and how it has shaped the present-day Singapore. Don’t forget to make a note of these once you’re done reading about them here.

1. Asian Civilizations Museum

explore, travel, singapore, 3 excellent museums in orchard road to make your singapore tour more enjoyable

Experience and see all about the Asian heritage at large and especially everything which Singaporean heritage has to offer. The museum offers a stunning blend of unique customs of various countries like India, China, and other South East Asian places. The architecture of this place is in a neoclassical style which was seen during the colonial period in Singapore. The museum aims to show the various art forms in existence along with the language and other creative ideas which are stable of various religions. Guided tours are available for an hour each. If you get hungry or feel tired over traversing this huge place there is an in-house eatery which serves perfect Singaporean cuisine and you can enjoy your breakfast and lunch in here.

Location: The Historic Empress Place Building. Hours Open: 10:00 to 19:00 from Saturday to Thursday; Fridays- 10 am to 9 pm
Admission: Depends upon the tour taken.

2. Peranakan Museum

explore, travel, singapore, 3 excellent museums in orchard road to make your singapore tour more enjoyable

Peranakan Culture is actually one of the major South Asian hybrid communities. It consists of three cultures; namely Malay, Chinese and Indian. This museum houses some of the largest collection of this bygone hybrid of heritage and culture. Built in the year 1913 by some Chinese traders, this venue contains three stories which each house very distinctive artifacts which are related to Peranakans. Here you will get to experience museum tours which will take through the traditional Peranakan’s huge 12-day wedding complete with furniture, textiles and ancient jewelry. The tour is available in Japanese, Mandarin, English, and French languages. You can also book a private tour for your group of it contains 20 people or more.

Location: Armenian street.
Hours Open: 10 to 19:00 and 10 to 9 pm on Fridays.

3. The Battle Box

explore, travel, singapore, 3 excellent museums in orchard road to make your singapore tour more enjoyable

The Battle Box is a famous historical place in Singapore with a very interesting history. Its purpose, originally, was to serve as a bomb-proof bunker of Britains Headquarters Malaya Command, during World War II. Nine meters beneath Fort Canning Hill, it is said to be the site where General Percival reached the doomful decision of handing over Singapore to Japan on February 15, 1942.

Now, an interesting museum and tourist attraction, the Battle Boxs 26 underground rooms are used to depict various stages of battle and prominent warriors of the battle. There are wax statues, moving figures which use the concept if animatronic, war collections and such.

Opening hours: 9 am to 4:30 pm
Entry Fee: $12

Best Time To Visit Orchard Road In Singapore

explore, travel, singapore, 3 excellent museums in orchard road to make your singapore tour more enjoyable

Although Singapore happens to be a year-round destination, it is always recommended that travelers avoid the peak months so that they do not have to encounter all the touristy crowds and sky-high prices of accommodations in Singapore. On another note, Orchard Road can be visited during the summer and winter months, which happens to be quite a pleasant time for exploring this beautiful region. Visiting Orchard during this period will allow you to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. Another time period that should be avoided is the months between November to January. These are the wettest months when Orchard along with other parts of Singapore receive frequent showers that can last for really long durations. On the other hand, the hottest months are May and June. All in all, one is sure to find plenty to see and do in this charming area no matter which season or weather they choose to visit Singapore.

With so much to discover about Singapore’s history, heritage, and culture, just visiting one of these museums in Orchard Road won’t be enough! Make sure you plan your itinerary in a way that you are able to visit all of these to best understand Singapore as well as to explore it more like a local and less like a tourist. Take a holiday in Singapore via TravelTriangle for the best deals and an exciting trip experience. So, which of these engaging museums are you going to check out first? Take your pick!

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