3 Exciting Things To Do In Katong In Singapore

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Singapore is one of the most vibrant countries of Asia with a vast and unique culture. It is famous for the various cultural events that happen here. Visit Singapore to explore the culture of Singapore and also taste the authentic and traditional food that Singapore has in store for you. There are various iconic sights in this Lion City which should be visited such as The Singapore Flyer, Sentosa Island, Marina Bay Sands, China Town, Universal Studios, etc. You can also explore the heritage of Singapore, and for that you can visit Katong in Singapore. Also, add these things to do in Katong to your list, and explore the culture of Singapore.

Best Time To Visit Singapore

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Singapore is open to travelers throughout the year. Pleasant weather of Singapore welcomes the tourists to visit the place. The best months to visit Singapore are June-August. But mind you, these are the most crowded months there. So, if you run away from crowd, then don’t visit during these months.
Various events in Singapore are worth attending. If you are visiting Singapore with your kids, then don’t forget to attend the Singapore Festival of Fun that happens in the month of March. If you love parties, then don’t forget to book yourself the tickets of ZoukOut i.e. one of the biggest beach party events of Asia. And if you are a music lover, then add the Music Festivals In Singapore to your plan. Add Baybeats and Ultra Singapore to the list.

3 Things To Do In Katong

Singapore is the top favourite destination of travelers. Various people visit Singapore every year. Add these things to do in Katang in Singapore to your list and enjoy with your family. Even a solo trip to Singapore can be a wonderful one.

1. Visit The Changi Chapel And The Museum

explore, travel, singapore, 3 exciting things to do in katong in singapore

Changi museum and the chapel was originally located at the Changi Prison later in 2001 it was relocated at Changi Village. It graphically outlines the dark time of the Japanese control of Singapore between 1942 and 1945. Including ladies and kids, common people and detainees of war were detained at the scandalous Changi Prison region amid this period. The gallery offers a look at the wartime encounters of the detained through the numerous unique photos, illustrations, and letters in plain view. something like two hours for this historical center, since you may very much need a passionate break between shows. It’s amazing stuff.

2. Visit The Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple

explore, travel, singapore, 3 exciting things to do in katong in singapore

It is the temple of Hindu God Lord Ganesha. It is a very beautiful temple. And you will definitely feel calmness and peace inside the temple. Kamlapaatham i.e. a granite foot stone at the entrance of the temple is the major attraction. The temple also has facilities such as library and classrooms. Do visit this beautiful temple and experience the religious magic of the place.

3. Eat The Best Of Food

explore, travel, singapore, 3 exciting things to do in katong in singapore

Singapore is very famous for its food. Eat the best of Singapore food in Katong. Eat at the Local Hawkers Stall to try the best of local dishes of Singapore. You can find different types of cuisine in Katong ranging from Eurasian Food to the authentic Peranakan dishes. Do try these mouth-watering dishes in Singapore.

How To Reach Singapore

explore, travel, singapore, 3 exciting things to do in katong in singapore

Get yourself a valid visa of Singapore and stay comfortably in Singapore for a maximum of 30 days. This visa is valid for 2 years. You can go for an exciting road trip to Singapore. But this option is a bit time consuming as it would take around 96 hours to reach Singapore. So, you can also go for bird fly option. Fly to Singapore in just 4 hours as it is very well connected to Changi Airport. Make a choice as per your convenience.

Planning a trip to the Lion City, don’t forget to do these things to do in Katong. Singapore is best for sightseeing, adventure sports and not to forget the tasty food. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Singapore vacay and enjoy on the island with your loved ones.

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