36 Gifts For The Wine Lover In Your Life

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

Here’s the bad part about shopping for a wine lover: They can actually tell when the wine you’re giving them was picked up from the supermarket on the way to their place. Luckily for you, there is so much more you can buy for your favorite oenophile.

If you have a friend that recently turned 21 or a relative that is obsessed with wine, you’ll want to gift them something worthwhile that they don’t already have laying around their kitchen or bar cart. That’s where this list comes in. The gifts we’ve rounded up are unique, sure, but also very useful. Think items like adorable glass tags, DIY cork decorations, and a totally customizable wine club membership to make sure they always have a bottle they like on hand. There’s something to please everyone—your wife, your mom, your bestie, wine newbies, and snobs alike.

If you need more wine-related advice, check our our favorite sparkling wines, sweet wines, celebrity wines, and wine decanters. Looking to incorporate some wine into your cooking? We’re also big fans of this red sangria, apple cider sangria, and red wine chocolate truffles.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

State-Shaped Wine Cork Holder


This can be purchased in the shape of any of the 50 states—maybe your home state or the one with your favorite wine region. Suddenly memories from your favorite nights spent over a bottle of wine become artwork.

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8) Winc Subscription


If you don’t know what your gift recipient likes to drink, let them choose a few bottles on their own with wine subscription. Winc offers gift cards in amounts that translate to one, two, or three months worth of wine deliveries. Members can fill out their own wine profile to get bottles they’ll love.

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19) Host Freeze Cooling Cups


There are few things better than a glass of white wine at a perfectly chilled temperature. These cups ensure you’ll never have to drink a room temperature Chardonnay again.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

20) Stuff Every Wine Snob Should Know


The title says it all. “Stuff Every Wine Snob Should Know” is also pocket-sized, making it a great coffee table book.

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27) Rewined Candles


This all-natural candle has a subtle, wine-inspired look and scent. They also burn for up to 80 hours.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

3) Marble Wine Chiller


This bestselling wine chiller is beautifully hand-carved. Add a bottle of wine and you have the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

4) Classic Stemless


An insulated wine tumbler is great for taking your favorite wine on the go. With triple insulation, it’ll keep your drink cool for nine hours, or hot for three hours.

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California Getaway Wine Gift Basket


Give the gift of California with a gift basket that includes Aunar California Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

13) Wine Neon Sign


Batman has the bat signal… you have this. This neon sign comes in three different colors and shows all your guests exactly what you’re about.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

9) Harry & David Meat, Cheese, and Wine Gift Box


Pull out all the stops with a gift box that includes everything needed for a wine party.


1) Drink Tops Tap and Seal Outdoor Drinking Glass Cover


Once the warm weather hits, you’ll definitely want to be drinking on your porch. Keep the bugs away from your precious wine with these genius toppers.

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3) Wine Glass Caddy Personalized


Worry more about filling your glasses with wine than about having full hands with this bottle and glass holder. This caddy has a spot for your wine bottle and two convenient areas that your wine glass stems will fit right into.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

13) Estelle Colored Glass Stemmed Wine Glass (Set of 6)


When you’re in need of a wedding present or a meaningful housewarming gift, these glasses will do the trick. The company’s founder Stephanie chose the name Estelle for her grandmother, who was a “jewel of a person” and always set the Sunday dinner table with jewel-colored glassware. Now a special someone in your life can, too.

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Merlot Infused Coffee


Have a friend that loves wine and coffee? This coffee was aged in Merlot wine barrels.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

6) Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve


Stick a chilled bottle of wine in this sleeve and gift the whole thing to your wine-loving friend.

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17) Unique Bamboo Cheese Board


This cheese board has spots for meats and cheese, crackers, and nuts. Bonus points if you have a DIY wine pairing.

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1) Bottle Stopper Garden Kit


As if you needed another reason to finish that bottle of wine, this kit puts your empty wine bottles to use. Once the bottle is empty and washed, you’ll fill it up with water and plug the top of it with a soil capsule. Next, just add in some seeds and put it on the window sill. Soon enough, you’ll have full-sized leaves of edible flowers or go-to herbs like dill and basil.

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Trevia Folding 5-Bottle Floor Wine Rack


This wine rack holds five bottles (corks down, as they should be) and a dozen glasses with space on top for more. Bonus: It requires no assembly, so it’s the least stressful furniture gift ever.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

18) BAGGU Wine Bags (Set of 3)


Pair these bags with a bottle of wine for an easy gift. They’re made out of recycled ripstop nylon and fold down for easy storage.

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Sangria Red Wine Infusion Cocktail Kit


Reviewers rave about the InBooze Red Wine Infusion Cocktail Kit, and the appeal is obvious. All you need to do to create a delicious batch of sangria is dump the contents into a bowl with your favorite wine (and a little brandy, if you’re feeling extra). You can get a white wine version, too.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

4) Wind Chimes Made From Glass Wine Bottles with Copper Trim Outdoor Garden Patio Decor Unique Wine Gift Home Decor [colour : Cobalt Blue; add gift wrapping : Yes]


For the outdoorsy wine lover, nothing will be more comforting than listening to the sound of wind chimes while enjoying a glass of wine on the porch.

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6) McBride Sisters Collection Sauvignon Blanc


The McBride Sisters Collection is the largest Black-owned wine company in the United States, and fans of the label’s Sauvignon Blanc call it lively, crisp, and incredibly refreshing. Plus, there’s a great story to tell when you gift the bottle: Sisters Robin and Andréa grew up separately in Monterey, CA, and Marlborough, New Zealand—with no clue the other existed for half their lives. When they finally met up, they discovered a shared passion for wine… and the rest is history.

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26) RBT Wine Decanter


More air = better flavor. This sleek decanter filters and aerates at once thanks to the gold stainless steel funnel up top. And on the bottom, a matching wood and gold coaster catches drips.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

Rosé All Day Bento Box, 3-Piece


When you don’t actually want to open a bottle, these non-alcoholic rosé-inspired gummies (one box of roses and two of bears) will do the trick.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

26) Flauno Electric Wine Opener Gift Set


This gift set has everything a wine aficionado needs including a rechargeable wine opener, foil cutter, aerator, and vacuum stopper.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

7) Customizable Wine Charms


These charms can be customized—maybe with your crew’s names or your favorite ways to say cheers! Girls nights just got 10 times better.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

25) Uashmama Wine Bag & Cooler


Lightweight and stylish, the Uashmama Wine Bag & Cooler keeps your wine nice and chilled. Just pop the cooler pack into the fridge and through it in the wine bag before heading out.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

13) Recycled Wine Bottle Platter


Nothing goes better with wine than cheese. This wine bottle platter by Val Huegerich is great for displaying fine cheeses.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

16) Women’s Wine Crew Socks


Warm your feet and your heart. These socks are available in turquoise, lavender, and black.

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Wine Life: A Snarky Adult Colouring Book


The perfect way to unwined? Wine Life: A Snarky Adult Colouring Book and a glass of vino, of course. The single-sided pages have illustrations for you to color along with cheeky phrases like “technically you’re not drinking alone if your dog is home” and “my blood type is Merlot but I ‘m a universal recipient.”

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

25) Bring Me Wine Socks


Need we say more? Okay, fine, a few extra details: You can order Bring Me Wine Socks in seven different colorways. The women’s version fits feet sizes five to ten and the mens’s fits sizes eight to 11.

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Wine Purse


What looks like your everyday handbag actually secretly holds two full bottles of wine that pour out of a hidden spigot. Bring the PortoVino Wine Purse to a girlfriend’s house, sneak it into the movies, or carry it to a picnic. You’ll be the life of the party. The tote comes in a dozen different colors and shapes.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

32) The Essential Wine Book


For the wine nerd, you can’t go wrong with The Essential Wine Book by Zachary Sussman.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

33) Jill Henrietta Davis Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper


These Birthstone Wine Bottle Stoppers by Jill Henrietta Davis are highly-rated and stunning to look at. Made from handblown glass, each one is unique.

food, 36 gifts for the wine lover in your life

Rosé Bath Bombs


The glittery Gift Republic Rosé Bath Bombs turn a relaxing evening tradition into a solo party.

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35) Red Wine Stain Remover Spray


True love is saying “I know you spill all the time, and I accept that.” But you can also fix it with this powerful spray.

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