4 Things To Do In Maxwell At Night Which Are Totally A Worth Try

Maxwell is one of the well-known subzones of Downtown Core planning area. There are numerous planning areas in the island city-state of Singapore that are frequented by locals and tourists. The planning areas are home to various tourist attractions like Downtown Core is mostly visited for the popular resort, Marina Bay Sands. This resort is famous for its architecture, making it one of the world’s most expensive buildings. The subzone of Maxwell is amongst the most visited regions in the country of Singapore. The nightlife of this area is worth experiencing. On your visit to Downtown Core, you can engage yourself in some of the most happening things to do in Maxwell at night. The nightlife in and around this subzone of Downtown Core will give you a platform to break the ice with locals and have a memorable time.

The nightlife in Singapore is worth witnessing. You can visit the numerous clubs, go for theatrical shows, explore the happening spots around the different planning areas of the island city-state. If you are traveling solo, with your family or friends, or have visited the Southeast Asian country for your honeymoon, you’ll be surprised by the number of experiences you’ll come across here. From recreational activities to the insightful ones, the options will never exhaust.

4 Things To Do In Maxwell At Night

The happening planning area of Downtown Core will leave you all excited and interested, as there are various attractions here that are worth witnessing – some are known for their history while others are architecturally brilliant. The planning area is one of the most visited places in the country of Singapore also because of the fact that it is the commercial hub. One of the many subzones of this planning area is Maxwell where you’ll get to explore a lot, especially after the sunset.

Nightlife of Singapore around any area is something one must witness for an unforgettable experience. There are various places in and around the region of Maxwell that you should consider visiting when you’re out during the night hours. A number of experiences you can have in this subzone of Downtown Core have been listed below!

1. Nightlife

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While you are in Singapore, you can enjoy the nightlife to some great extent. And if you are having a trip with your friends, go to the Terra Rooftop Bar in Suntec City and booze out with your favorite drink. If you are tired of having a day-long tour around the city, enjoy your night with your favorite drink here.

2. Enjoy Live Performances At Theater Shows

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do in maxwell at night which are totally a worth try

Yet another specialty of Kallang is the splendid theater performances by artists who are internationally acclaimed like Charice and Sam Tsui. Witness the best theater show of your life that feature awe-striking lightings, phenomenal 3D effects, mind-blowing plays, and an electrifying ambience.

Here, you can also enjoy the local art scene which has a staged home ground production. Some of these famous shows are Singapura: a Lion City and Bendahara: A Betrayal. You can always buy ticket for these and we bet you won’t regret it! So, treat yourself by going to a world class theater to and do keep it amongst things to do in Kallang, Singapore!

3. Katong Food Walk

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do in maxwell at night which are totally a worth try

Every Thursday, a 4 hour walking tour is conducted by the Betel Box hostel owners which you can join to taste over 30 dishes of traditional cuisines like fish head curry, chilli crab, dimsum etc. The tour also offers all the aspects about the lifestyle and culture of the history of the local population belonging to the area. The guide imparts interesting trivias about Singapore and especially about the Geylang area. You will have the time of your life traveling through the colourful loronges and satisfying the food buff in you which makes this tour an absolute necessary thing to do in Geylang at night.

Location: Starts from Betel Box Hostel Timings: 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Average Cost: INR 5000 per person

4. Marina Bay

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do in maxwell at night which are totally a worth try

Once a quiet body of water, the Marina Bay has undergone a big transformation and has become a most luxurious travel destination of the country. Besides that, this bay is also home to some of Singapore’s most iconic hotels, skyscrapers, restaurants and other attractions. You can also find hotels and restaurants to eat and visit the shopping malls nearby. This area is also popular among the disco lovers for great nightlife activities.

Singapore never fails to surprise you when it comes to keeping its tourists entertained as well as interested. The island city-state is full of happening spots visiting which you can ensure a great travel experience that you’ll cherish about your Singapore vacation. Make the most of your trip to this island city-state by indulging yourself in the different things to do in Maxwell at night when you happen to be in the planning area of Downtown Core after the sun goes down!

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