4 Things To Do In Somerset With Friends On A Leisure Trip To Singapore

Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is a highly progressive nation that proves to be an amazing island holiday destination too. Located just a few miles away from the equator, Singapore enjoys a similar kind of weather condition all round the year. Apart from this reason, there is another reason for which Singapore has become one of the most sought after places. Singapore has prioritized the development of its tourism industry which has lead to the trickling of the experiences to the ground level – like subzones. One such place in Somerset. Here are the things to do in Somerset with friends.

About Singapore

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The Republic of Singapore is a collection of several islands, the main one being Pulau Ujong Long. This is also known as mainland Singapore. Some other popular islands of Singapore include Lazarus Island, Kusu Island, Sisters’ Island, Pulau Hantu, Pulau Semakau, and Jurong Island. Sentosa is a man-made island and a very popular place in Singapore. Singapore has built some big islands by merging its smaller ones artificially. This was done as a developmental step in the country.

Singapore’s culture is very unique and this is what most of the travelers love about the country. The culture has been touched by many different cultures and you would see the contribution of them mainly in their food and festivals. The country has been colonized by many powers in the past who have impacted the country’s culture to a great extent. Also, the refugees from the neighboring countries who had migrated to here shared their culture with the people, creating a mixed-culture environment. The cultural influences of China, India, Malaysia and Europe would be noticed the most. Another interesting aspect of its culture is language. There are 4 official languages in Singapore that are English, Malay, Mandarin Chinese, and Tamil.

Singapore is referred to by several interesting names. Known as Singapura in Malay, Simha means Lion and Pura means city, Singapore is also called the ‘Lion City’. You must have heard this country being addressed as the ‘Garden City’ too. Singapore had put in some serious efforts in protecting and improving its green cover. There are many lush gardens and parks located in different parts of the city. Trees were planted along the streets and lanes and already existing tropical forest was open preserved. For example the Singapore Botanical Garden, which is one of the most popular places to visit. It houses a tropical forest that dates back 150 years. Another example is the Garden By The Bay, which has beautiful real gardens along with stunning artificial Super Trees.

4 Things To Do In Somerset With Friends

Here are the things to do in Somerset with friends on your Singapore holiday:

1. Nightlife

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do in somerset with friends on a leisure trip to singapore

While you are in Singapore, you can enjoy the nightlife to some great extent. And if you are having a trip with your friends, go to the Terra Rooftop Bar in Suntec City and booze out with your favorite drink. If you are tired of having a day-long tour around the city, enjoy your night with your favorite drink here.

2. Indoor Sky Diving

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do in somerset with friends on a leisure trip to singapore

Wanna skydive but afraid of heights- Here’s how you can experience this thrilling activity staying in a safe environment. Simulate the thrill of a 10,000ft freefall in the safety of this five-storey indoor wind tunnel. Go body-flying in the worlds largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving for a rush like no other. It is one of the most exciting adventurous things to do in Singapore.

Location: iFlySingapore, Sentosa island; 9 am-10 pm (All Days), 10.30 am-10 pm (Wed) Cost: $119 ($109 for pre-booking) Recommended for: Sports, Family

3. Chinatown Street Market

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do in somerset with friends on a leisure trip to singapore

While you are in Chinatown, Singapore, shopping is one of the things you would love to do. Chinatown Street Market is a great place to indulge in some street shopping. The street market is bustling with visitors and tourists. From silk robes to lucky cats, there is nothing you wont find in here. You can even make use of your haggling skills to get a good bargain for the stuff. And, between you and me, you can shop gifts for friends and relatives from here. While you are at it, try some delectable street food from the roadside hawkers and kiosks. Chinatown Point, a Chinatown mall in Singapore, is another great place for shopping.

Address: Trengganu St, Singapore 050005
Timings: 9:30 AM – 8 PM

4. Haji Lane

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do in somerset with friends on a leisure trip to singapore

From quaint cafes to amazing murals, this lane provides everything for a leisure time. Even the crowd is quite diversified here as there might be young photographers, middle age women spending their afternoons in comfortable undresses and hipster crowd shopping for quirky accessories. Colorful background and wall graffiti attracts photographers for great photography sessions. Among the famous historical places in Singapore, Haji Lane is a place you shouldn’t miss. The Kampong Glam District is the present day home of the Native Malay and Muslim Community that is centered with the picturesque Masjid Sultan. This place also has vintage record shops and cozy cafes for tourists to have a peaceful break in this busy lane. This lane is every fashionistas paradise as it has beautiful dress shirts and an impressive retail stretch.

Location: Kampong Glam, Haji Ln

Plan a trip to Singapore for a time-out from your daily routine. Build some memories with your loved ones and refresh your senses before you return home. Singapore is a great place to forget your stress and just be. So come and enjoy the vibe of this vibrant city called Singapore.

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