4 Things To Do Near Sennett In Singapore For A Fun And Frolic Trip In 2022

Soon after gaining independence from the rules of the British Empire and the Imperial Japanese Army, the country of Singapore began to observe various developments in all the sectors. This resulted in a huge growth of its economy. One of the industries that have been contributing majorly in the country’s economy is tourism. The Southeast Asian country millions of tourists round the year from all over the world. The tourists love to engage themselves in various activities to make their vacation exciting and productive. You’ll also get to indulge in many amazing things to do near Sennett – a subdivision of the residential town of Toa Payoh. There are numerous residential towns or planning areas in the Southeast Asian country and these towns have a number of subdivisions under them. Sennett is one such subdivision!

Culturally and socially, the country is quite welcoming and people from different parts of the world feel at home in this island city state because of that. The eclecticity of the culture is visible through the all-encompassing cuisine. You can explore various restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and more in order to enlighten yourself with the cultural setting of the country. This is one of the reasons why people love to visit and revisit the country of Singapore.

Best Time To Visit Singapore

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This Southeast Asian country has a tropical rainforest climate that stays consistent throughout the year and due to this the country welcomes tourists from different regions of the world all round the year. The months of February, March, and April are considered to be the best because Singapore has the perfect weather and people prefer trying out various outdoor activities during this time. If you want to celebrate the Chinese New Year with Singaporeans, then make your plans for either January or February.

November to January is the time period when the country receives the wettest monsoons. Since the climate of the country does not change throughout the year, the temperature here doesn’t fluctuate much either and stays between the range of 25-35 degree celsius. If you want to experience the festive vibes here, you can also consider visiting the country in the month of October when mid-autumn festivals are held.

4 Things To Do Near Sennett

Being a part of the residential town of Toa Payoh, Sennett will allow you to have some delightful interactive sessions with the locals living here. The residential towns of Singapore are essentially its microcosms. These planning areas depict the modernity of the nation that took its time and is now spreading speedily.

The subzone, Sennett is located at a close distance from various tourist attractions that are flocked by tourists as well as locals. Therefore, there are various interesting things that you can try out around this location! A handful of them have been mentioned below to provide you with a better idea!

1. Going For Water Sports

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do near sennett in singapore for a fun and frolic trip in 2022

Kallang has got a plenty of options for you when it comes to playing water sports. If you are an adult, head over to the water venture and indulge yourselves into various water sports activities like kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, and dragon-boating or sea rafting. You can even take a one-day course on kayaking for just $25.
Or if you are someone who wants their kids to enjoy the same, then take them to Kallang mall where the children aged between 3 to 12 can enjoy splashing and surfing in the water at a special area provided. Coming to the land of sports activities, water sports is something you should definitely not miss adding in your list of things to do in Kallang.

2. Katong Food Walk

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do near sennett in singapore for a fun and frolic trip in 2022

Every Thursday, a 4 hour walking tour is conducted by the Betel Box hostel owners which you can join to taste over 30 dishes of traditional cuisines like fish head curry, chilli crab, dimsum etc. The tour also offers all the aspects about the lifestyle and culture of the history of the local population belonging to the area. The guide imparts interesting trivias about Singapore and especially about the Geylang area. You will have the time of your life traveling through the colourful loronges and satisfying the food buff in you which makes this tour an absolute necessary thing to do in Geylang at night.

Location: Starts from Betel Box Hostel Timings: 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Average Cost: INR 5000 per person

3. Bedok Mall

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do near sennett in singapore for a fun and frolic trip in 2022

It is perhaps one of the most happening places in Bedok. It is located in a prime position in the town. The mall consists of numbers of shops that sell various types of fantastic items. If you wish then you can also have some tasty dishes in this mall. There are ample things to do in this mall. Thus, under one roof you will get ample things. You can taste the tasty soup that is served in some renowned restaurants in this mall. Besides this, there are ample seating places where you can sit and relax for some time. There are ample fun things to do in Bedok and many times it takes place in various malls.

Location: 311 New Upper Changi Road Bedok Mall, Singapore 467360, Singapore

4. Take A Cycle Tour And Boardwalk

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do near sennett in singapore for a fun and frolic trip in 2022

Cycles are an extraordinary method to explore ‘Changi Beach’ Park and it encompasses. They can be hired from a bicycle stand at the park. The Changi Boardwalk offers magnificent waterfront sees. Beginning from the Changi Ferry Point Terminal, you can appreciate the 2.2 km boardwalk, joined by the sound of lapping waves, at your recreation. One of the main advantages of going on a cycling tour in Changi is that you are able to cover more than just beach on your tour. Changi Road boasts a number of attractions and the best way to explore is on a bike. Witness this interesting place from a local’s perspective. Who knows what stumble upon? There are a number of bike tour operators who offer day tours.

Your Singapore trip will be one memorable experience if you’ll do justice to it. That is to say, exploring various attractions and points of interest is undoubtedly a must but if you haven’t tried out the amazing recreational activities in this island city state, then your travel experience might not feel fulfilling. To make sure you don’t regret it later, involve yourself in the above-listed things to do near Sennett.

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