4 Things To Do Near West Coast For A Surprising Singapore Trip In 2022

Singapore is one of the countries in the world that is amongst the favorites of all the dedicated tourists out there. The country is known for its history as well as technological advancements. The modern-day Singapore is reflective of the numerous struggles that it had undergone in the past under the British Empire as well as the Imperial Japanese Army. After getting independence from their rules, this country became technologically advanced and the tourism industry was enhanced over the years. The country receives millions of tourists every year who are fascinated by the cultural structure here. There are several activities one can get engaged in. There are many things to do near West Coast as well that keep the tourists intrigued as well as satiated.

Since the country is frequently visited round the year by people from different regions of the world, the eclectic cultural setup here works wonders. It is because the people from all over the world feel welcomed by locals and this brings them to the country in huge numbers. The country is also historically rich and that is manifested through the various monuments, memorials, and museums. Being home to various skyscrapers as well as ancient monuments makes this country one of the most interesting destinations to explore.

Best Time To Visit Singapore

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If you want to make the most of your trip in the country of Singapore, then plan your visit in the months of February, March, or April – during this time of the month, the island city state has the best weather. The atmosphere during these months remains festive. Planning a trip for the months of January or February is also recommended, as the amazing Chinese New Year is celebrated during that time. If you are one of those who’d love to explore the country in the monsoons, then plan a visit during the months of November, December, and January.

In the month of October, you can even enjoy your time in the island city state by being a part of the mid-autumn festival celebrations. When planning a budget trip or traveling solo, it is suggested that you consider the months of July and August – this is known to be the off-season time period when you can get a great deal hotel as well as flight booking. Moreover, the tourist attractions aren’t crowded either – you can easily spend quality time on your visit.

4 Things To Do In West Coast

Being one of the subzones to the residential town of Clementi, West Coast is a place known for the various commercial facilities and even has some prominent history. Since your trip to Singapore will be amazingly fruitful if you engage yourself in the various activities that are reflective of the Singaporean culture. There are many things you can try out around the subzone of West Coast and some of them have been mentioned below!

1. Mega Adventure Park

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do near west coast for a surprising singapore trip in 2022

In the city of Choa Chu Kang, you get plenty of options to expose yourself to some maddening adventures. This city is the dream destination for all the thrill seekers and adventure lovers. They have so many adventure parks that you simply can’t decide which one to choose from. Mega Adventure Park is one of those places which are very famous among the visitors. They have crazy rides, electrifying ambiance and a crowd full of young and friendly people.

2. River Safari

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do near west coast for a surprising singapore trip in 2022

River Safari is worth paying a visit to because they have the cutest red panda. Its rust-colored fur and fox fur will make you fall in love with it. But there are more animals to see besides just pandas at this river-themed safari. This park is home to more than 6000 animals, out of which 40 are endangered. When here do make a point to see the freshwater aquarium here which is the largest in the world. Bring family and kids with you and fill their eyes with pure wonder.

Location: The River Safari is located right next to the famous Singapore Zoo at 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore, 729826 Price: Adults- $27; Children from 3 to 12 years- $18; for Senior Citizens- $14
Opening Hours: It is Open Daily from 10am-7pm

3. Boat Tour

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do near west coast for a surprising singapore trip in 2022

How about a romantic boat tour with your loves one- You can either hop on a river cruise at night seeing the remarkable laser light show by the bay, or take a daytime ride to explore the citys skyline and historic building right from the water. Sail with your love on the sparkling waters! Its going to be breezy and romantic out there; you can spend some quality time together and snap some cute pictures.

According to me, its one of the most romantic things to do in Singapore for couples at night and you cant miss this.

Where to find the best Singapore river cruises- You can easily find good cruises at Esplanade Theater or Clarke Quay, or you can take your hotel front desk help.
Average charges: $25 per person

4. Shootout At Night

explore, travel, things to do, 4 things to do near west coast for a surprising singapore trip in 2022

Shoot out for a day of amazing fun at the largest paintball arena in Singapore. Featuring a 20-metre shooting gallery, two scenario based fields, a speedball field and also night time sessions, a game at Red Dynasty Paintball Park is nothing short of fantabulous. This is a great to be with your friends, kids or partner. This is one of the best outdoor activities in Singapore.

Location: Red Dynasty Paintball Park, 9 am – 9 pm (Mon – Fri); 9 am – 7 pm (Weekend) Cost: Adult – $10 – $84.9 Recommended for: Sports, Family

Your vacation in Singapore will be a great experience if you plan it right. Adding the above-mentioned things to do near West Coast to your itinerary will make your travel experience worthwhile, bringing you closer to the locals and the culture of this island city state.

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