5 Best Tips to Book Cheap Flights

Most of the time, airfare is the most expensive part of our trip. There are moments when even though we love to travel to a certain destination if we can’t afford the flight ticket, plans are usually postponed or worse, get canceled.

Yes, airline companies are now offering seat sales and discounts, but the question is, how can we find them? How can we avail of the elusive promos? How can we get the most affordable price?

In this blog post, we will give some of the best tips on how you can find the cheapest flights and maximize the promos of airline companies because honestly, it takes knowledge and practice to do this. Let’s start!

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1. Be Flexible and open with your travel dates

There are a lot of myths in the world of travel. Like some people are saying that the best day to book a ticket is every Tuesday, and we must book it in the middle of the wee hours.

Well, this might have worked in the past but based on my experience, not all the time. Actually, this doesn’t work nowadays.

Airline companies are not playing with luck when it comes to pricing. They are not dumb. They use a highly advanced algorithm to determine the right pricing for their flights. In this world of technology, we need a much better strategy to score the best flights. The best suggestion is to be open and flexible with your travel dates.

Here’s what you have to do, check out the prices for the entire month and look for the cheapest rates before you even plan your itinerary. Say, if you’re planning to go to Africa and you’re checking some Ethiopian airlines, go through the most reliable airline booking sites and check the prices for the entire month and choose the cheapest dates.

2. Book your flights in advance

It’s true that the airfare becomes more expensive the closer you get to the date of your flight. Most people who do this are usually business travelers who don’t care that much about the price.

But hey, we’re just usual travelers. So, if you want to get affordable tickets, better to book early. Most of the time, airlines give a lower rate to early bookers. Sometimes they even give promos and discounts! According to research, when it comes to the normal price, the best time to book is about 2 to months in advance. But if the airline is giving away promos, you can book earlier than that, you just have to plan your travel ahead.

3. Use a budget and local airlines

Most flight search sites don’t show all the airlines in its listing. It’s not complete because not all the carriers are willing to pay the fees charged by these sites, and most of these are local and budget airlines.

explore, travel, 5 best tips to book cheap flights

Photo by Olivia Anne Snyder on Unsplash

So, this is what you have to do, use Google to search for flights to your destinations. Google will probably show the complete information. Thus, giving you the best chance of showing all the local airlines operating in that destination.
Another great tip is to visit your departure airport’s website. It will show you the list of airlines that are operating there. And then, you can proceed with your research.

4. Compare tickets and prices

Armed with some research skills, you just have to list all airlines that have services in your destination and compare everything. Be thorough and also include the local airlines.

We shouldn’t rely on flight search websites alone. Remember, they don’t include all the budget and local airlines, so we have to do our research.

A recommended process is to start using your trusted flight search engines, those that consistently give the best results. Then, corroborate it with your own research to make sure all the local airlines and carriers with non-English sites are covered.

5. Keep an eye on seat sales

Airlines usually offer promos, seat sales, and discounts months in advance. So, take advantage of that.

The best way to keep updated is by signing up for your favorite airlines’ newsletters or setting the fare alerts. This will give you an update through email whenever they have promos and special offers.

Another effective way is by visiting the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the airline companies for more updates. You can also turn on the notifications of their social media sites, especially the budget airlines.

So, what are you waiting for? Just start implementing these tips and it will surely give you the best results in finding the cheapest flights. Start planning your trips now and book your flight early, because those who usually lose these opportunities are those who waited for that perfect time. Research your flights now and act fast, because the perfect time is now.

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