5 Camping Sites that are Heaven for Photographers

Awesome Camping Destinations for Photographers

Capturing moments and breathtaking views is a passion for many. Our mother earth is generous enough to provide numerous options for all adventurous photographers looking to combine their passions. There are many camping sites that one could visit, but few present with opportunities to give an ideal situation for photographers. Here are a few places that photographers should definitely include in their bucket list for camping:

camping sites, photography, 5 camping sites that are heaven for photographers

Camping Sites that are Heaven for Photographers

La Ribière Sud, France

Open fields, luscious green grass wherever you look at, and a beautiful blue sky with white clouds is the perfect combination for a photography enthusiast. This camping site is a brilliant opportunity to explore nature’s beauty and capture it. The contrast of the green grass, brown tree trunks, and the blue sky are more than enough to say that it is heaven on earth. For photographers, this place will present them with the opportunity to enjoy the serenity the view has to offer and take brilliant pictures of the woodland and the overall unhindered natural beauty. There are many other beautiful campsites in Europe.

Priest Lake, Idaho Panhandle National Forests, USA

camping sites, photography, 5 camping sites that are heaven for photographers

Priest Lake, Idaho photo By Peckycox at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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Natural beauty is not just limited to green landscapes that are perfect to be captured. Another spectacular camping site for photographers would be Priest Lake, located in Idaho. At almost 30 miles south of the border of Canada, the location includes beautiful calm water, which is surrounded by mountains. The scenery is dramatic, but it becomes ten times more picturesque when the Northern Lights, known as aurora borealis, reflect over the lake. At the right time, which usually spans September to March, the different colors falling from the sky genuinely look like something out of a dream. For photographers who are passionate about nature, this location should be an absolute priority to visit.

Berber Desert, Morocco

camping sites, photography, 5 camping sites that are heaven for photographers

Berber Desert

A desert can seem to be an unwelcoming environment with its heat and scant water sources. However, deserts are yet another form of natural beauty that begs to be captured. Berber Desert provides excellent opportunities for photographers to do that as multiple campsites are organized for this purpose only. Surrounded by sand dunes, the place is ideal for capturing the ruthless side of natural beauty. The night sky in deserts is incredible and has attracted many photographers towards it. A place where there is no pollution and nothing obstructs the view of the sky, the starry night sky is the perfection that photographers just have to capture. Not only this, but deserts provide excellent opportunities for pictures to be captured at sunset and sunrise. A location such as a desert should not be looked over as it is indeed ideal for photographers.

Jedediah Smith Campground, USA 

If the rustic landscape is something that piques your interest, then this location is downright ideal for you. The campground comprises giant redwoods, which is characteristic of California, and it exudes a calmness that one could only get in a place of such sheer natural beauty. It also presents incredible opportunities to capture the wildlife. If your interests lie in taking pictures of animals out there in the wild, the redwoods are the place to be where every direction you look at is just another beauty waiting to be captured. You can set up a tent there and start clicking your camera!

Gojal Valley, Pakistan

camping sites, photography, 5 camping sites that are heaven for photographers

Gojal Valley By Mohib Baig – {S.M Bukhari}, CC BY-SA 4.0

Here is an option that is unfortunately not commonly known, but it is home to exceptional beauty. The valley is characterized by a deep blue lake known as Attabad Lake. There is awe-inspiring beauty surrounding the lake in the mountains with icy peaks, massive glaciers, and green pastures. The location presents ideal circumstances to take pictures, but the different cultures there and friendly inhabitants of the area prove to be a massive attraction to the place. The beauty of the valley is not just restricted to the unruffled waters, huge mountains, and great green pastures; instead, there is beauty in the culture of the people there with their unique dresses and foods. Also, their hospitality is humbling and adds to the overall beauty of the place. Visiting this location should be of great importance for any photographer because the valley hosts heavenly beauty, which one cannot resist capturing.

It may sound easy to just pick up a camera and start capturing pictures, but it is a tough job since traveling involves expenses. However, photographers manage to deal with everything. Undoubtedly, it is on the expertise level of the photographer to capture moments and views that are unforceful. Still, their work is made much easier by the wonders of mother nature. There is immense beauty worldwide, and it is mind-boggling to think that there are plenty more that have yet to be discovered with their beauty, yet to be captured by the lens of a camera.

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