5 Costco Items That May Never Rise in Price

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Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping at Costco

There are so many reasons shoppers love Costco. The warehouse store works hard to add continual variety, offer the best deals possible, and provide other products and services that you can’t get elsewhere.

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The retailer also prides itself in being familiar and reliable. To that end, there are some Costco products that have such consistent pricing they almost never change.

While many retailers have had to increase prices lately, some quite steeply, Costco — which saw a 20% sales hike in sales in June — has tried hard not to raise too many prices. This includes its fan favorites, most food court items, and the cost of an annual memberships.

CEO Craig Jelinek understands that Costco’s base is largely people with discretionary income, but he also doesn’t want to penalize the middle and lower class workers who have been hardest hit by inflation. Therefore, he wants to keep prices low and all customers coming back.

While never is a long time, these shopper favorites certainly seem like the five Costco items that will never rise in price.

food, 5 costco items that may never rise in price

Stock Up (If You Have Room)

Consistent, low prices is really something to toast to, and Costco agrees. They have kept the price of their Kirkland Signature Champagne Brut at the same price for years, according to Eat This, Not That.

You can rejoice that you won’t be paying more than $20 (actually, $19.99) for your Brut at Costco.

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Bottled Water

A 40-pack of bottled water might seem like a lot of water to have on hand, but if you’re an active person, have kids, or spend a lot of time on the go, having those waters can be a lifesaver in so many kinds of scenarios. Not to mention it’s incredibly affordable for parties, events and sports.

While this item has risen in price not too long ago from $2.99, it seems unlikely that its current price point of $3.19 is going anywhere anytime soon.

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2. Rotisserie Chicken

What is it about a rotisserie chicken that’s just so comforting? Your cooking is already done, for starters, and it’s a versatile form of protein — toss it in a salad, add some pasta on the side, shred it for tacos and more.

Costco keeps their tasty chickens at the comfortable price of $4.99, in spite of inflation, and it plans to keep it that way.

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Chicken Bake

Though Costco has raised a few prices in their food court, on items such as the chicken bake and a 20-ounce soda, another item that is safe from inflation is a slice of their food court pizza. It remains at the beyond-reasonable rate of $1.50 per slice. At that price you could afford an entire pizza for less than some major chains.

food, 5 costco items that may never rise in price

Food Court Hot Dog and Soda

There are probably few places anywhere where you can purchase a hot dog and a soda for under $2, but Costco remains committed to keeping this combo at the low price of $1.50, and has for years.

According to a Mental Floss article from 2018, the Jelinek had implored owner Jim Sinegal to raise the price, saying, “We are losing our rear ends.” Sinegal’s response, according to Jelinek was, “If you raise (the price of) the effing hot dog, I will kill you. Figure it out.”

So the combo remains at a historic low in order to keep customers — and Jim — happy.

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