5 Fool-Proof Ways To Hang Your Wreath Without Making Holes In Your Door

food, 5 fool-proof ways to hang your wreath without making holes in your door

woman hanging wreath on door

Whether prepping your home for the holidays or simply wanting to add something extra to your home décor, consider hanging a luscious wreath on your front door. According to Sussex Florals, this practice started as a tradition during the winter season as a way to remind people that the warmth and new growth of spring were just around the corner. After Christians adopted it, however, the symbol changed into an ornament that observed the advent season and was thought to bring good luck and the spirit of Christmas into households.

Despite the ongoing use of this popular decoration, hanging a wreath on your front door most commonly means hammering or screwing a hole into it. Although this process ensures the security of your ornament in its chosen position, it, unfortunately, leaves a rather unattractive hole once the season of celebration is over, per KHON2 News (via YouTube). Luckily, there are several clever ways to hang this popular holiday décor without causing any permanent alterations. Here are five fool-proof tips to hang your wreath.

Wreath Hanger

food, 5 fool-proof ways to hang your wreath without making holes in your door

wreath hung with hanger

One of the easiest and most common ways to hang this decorative piece on your front door without leaving a mark is by using a simple wreath hanger. According to Real Homes, double-sided hooks are a great option, allowing one side to hook around the top of your door while the other latches onto your ornament. They are reliable and sturdy and can be purchased for around $5 at nearly any craft or home goods store.

The best part about this technique? You don’t need to be a DIY expert to pull it off and instead can simply purchase the device and apply it to your door. Before adding the wreath, however, ensure your door closes with the hanger attached. Depending on the type of front door you have and how your particular device was manufactured, you may not be able to close the door with the ornament still hanging. If this is the case, either search for a different hanger made from a thinner material or try one of the other methods in this article.

Magnet Or Suction Hook

food, 5 fool-proof ways to hang your wreath without making holes in your door

wreath on glass door

If your front door happens to consist of metal or glass, a unique way to effortlessly hang a wreath is by using either a magnetic or suction hook. Before using either of these tools, it’s imperative to check and test the door’s weight limit before investing in and trusting it with your holiday ornament. WCMA Net states that an average refrigerator magnet can only hold up to 5 pounds. Suction cups also aren’t known for holding a significant amount of weight either; therefore, it’s important to keep the weight of your wreath in mind before relying on these hanging methods.

For extra support, use command strips to help further support the wreath, along with the hook that works best for your door, per WCMA Net. By adding four strips of this adhesive to your wreath, this hanging method will be able to hold nearly 10 pounds more than the magnetic or suction hanger alone and will ensure that a trace isn’t left behind once the holiday season wraps up.

Ribbon And Adhesive Hook

food, 5 fool-proof ways to hang your wreath without making holes in your door

decorative ribbon

For a more technical way to hang a wreath, The Rachael Ray Show (via YouTube) tested a sturdy method involving a ribbon and an adhesive hook. To start, find an average hanger, which will be placed upside down toward the top of the back of your front door. Ideally, the hook should have a sticky side that will temporarily hold it to your door during the holiday season. A command strip will also work similarly if an adhesive part doesn’t already exist on the holder.

Once the hanger is secure, calculate the length of your ribbon. When doing so, ensure you’re measuring from the hook on the back side of the door over the top of the door and down to where you want the wreath to hang. Once everything is properly laid out, tie the string around the ornament, feed the other end of the string over the top of your door, and attach it to the peg on the other side. This will leave you with a beautifully hung wreath for the season of winter celebrations.

Ribbon And Staples

food, 5 fool-proof ways to hang your wreath without making holes in your door

wreath hung with ribbon

Worried about the way the back of your door will look while using the hook and ribbon method? If so, you can also discretely use staples instead to hang your wreath. Although the staples will create small holes within your door, they will be strategically placed on the top edge, where they will never be seen.

To create this aesthetic, West Coast Gardens (via YouTube) suggests first measuring your ribbon. Starting at the top of the door, add a little extra space to the end, then measure it to where you’d like the wreath to hang. After determining the length, go ahead and attach your wreath to one of the ends. From there, grab a stool or step ladder to staple the other end onto the top edge of the door. Be prepared to use more than one staple to firmly secure the ribbon with your wreath. Finally, step back to admire your flawless holiday decoration.

Fishing Line And A Screw

food, 5 fool-proof ways to hang your wreath without making holes in your door

fishing line

Need more than just staples to hold a heavier wreath on your door? Well, you can also discretely use a screw. Although this particular technique involves screwing a hole into your front door, KHON2 News (via YouTube) claims that it will be in a position that will never be seen, even after you remove your decorations after the holiday season.

After choosing this method, start by measuring a fishing line or string of yarn from the top of the door to the exact position you want the wreath to hang. Once the length of the string has been determined, tie one side to the wreath and set it aside while you prepare your screw. Using a step ladder or stool, examine the top edge of your door, find the halfway point, and drive a screw partially into the point.

From there, tie the line with the attached ornament to the exposed metal and finish by screwing it the rest of the way into your door. Along with this method, KHON2 News says you can also use double-sided tape directly on the back of your wreath to prevent it from swinging around every time the door opens or from blowing away if harsh weather comes your way.

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