5 Important Life Lessons From ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

Following its premiere last 29 Jun 2022, Extraordinary Attorney Woo has since received a massive amount of support from both South Koreans and viewers across the globe; thus, launching the ongoing K-drama to the top most watched releases on Netflix as of recent. Thanks to its beautifully written storyline, surprising plot twists, and easily lovable characters — there’s no doubt that it’ll be the next big hit after Squid Game.

Five important lessons from Netflix’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo

1. Stepping out of your comfort zone opens up great opportunities

explore, travel, 5 important life lessons from ‘extraordinary attorney woo’

As a person living with Asperger’s Syndrome, Attorney Young Woo struggles to comprehend societal norms and conventions. Even so, her job as a lawyer requires her to communicate and interact with clients so she can present inside the courtroom and eventually win cases. She chooses to overcome her fears and step out of her comfort zones, pushing her to achieve greater heights.

2. True friends will stick with you through thick and thin

explore, travel, 5 important life lessons from ‘extraordinary attorney woo’

We all have an idea of what true friendship means. In the series, we see this transpire through Attorney Young Woo and Dong Geu Rami’s relationship. Geu Rami stands by her through the good times and bad, acting as a spiritual pillar that keeps her going. She’s honest, kind, and understanding. More importantly, she always wants what’s best for Young Woo and pushes her to be her best and most authentic self. Now, that’s what real best friends are for!

3. Not everyone will be happy with your accomplishments and success

explore, travel, 5 important life lessons from ‘extraordinary attorney woo’

In the series, Attorney Young Woo’s intelligence, talent, and hard work pay off in the courtroom leading her to win difficult civil and criminal cases. While her colleagues celebrate her success, Kwon Min Woo sees this as a threat to his career. Much like the real world, not everyone will be happy to see you accomplish great things — and that’s totally okay. This is a reminder that we can’t please everyone no matter how hard we try. What’s important is to focus on yourself and your journey!

4. Parents will do everything to support their child

explore, travel, 5 important life lessons from ‘extraordinary attorney woo’

Attorney Young Woo’s father, Woo Gang Ho, is her biggest motivator and support system! He never fails to protect her from the harsh and cruel world she has to face on the daily. He does all of this while encouraging her to pursue her passion for the law. If there’s anything to take away from this father-daughter tandem, it’s that there’s nothing a parent wouldn’t do to provide and support their child.

5. Differently abled persons also deserve to be seen, heard, and loved

explore, travel, 5 important life lessons from ‘extraordinary attorney woo’

At its core, Extraordinary Attorney Woo gives us a glimpse of what it’s like for a person to go through the motions of life while being on the autism spectrum. The drama shows how people like Attorney Young Woo can be bright, bold, and just as worthy of love as everyone else. Here, we also see the harsh reality and prejudices people like her face on a regular basis. Ultimately, this calls us to be kinder and more accepting of each other despite our differences. Persons with disabilities deserve to be treated with love and respect, too!

That about sums it up for this roundup of lessons we’ve learned so far on Netflix’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo! And if you haven’t joined the bandwagon yet, we hope this list piques your curiosity. Alternatively, if you’re updated with the latest episodes, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our official Facebook page!

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