5 Magnificent Waterfalls In Darjeeling Which Will Leave You Mesmerized By Their Beauty!

Often referred to as the “Queen of the Himalayas”, Darjeeling is adorned with emerald green tea plantations, snow- covered peaks of Kanchenjunga and the friendly locales. Its undaunted beauty makes it one of the beautiful hill stations in Northeastern part of India. There is no doubt that this state is blessed with the finest views of nature which not only ends to the lush-green tea plantations. There is also a magnificent waterfall in Darjeeling which makes a great place to visit if you want to relax amidst the serene surrounding of the gushing water. Apart from that there are some famous waterfalls in the vicinity of the state which are a must visit.

5 Magnificent Waterfalls In Darjeeling

Go beyond the lush-green tea estates in Darjeeling and enjoy a beautiful view of these exotic waterfalls while touring at these serene part of India.

1. Paglajhora Waterfalls

explore, travel, north east, darjeeling, 5 magnificent waterfalls in darjeeling which will leave you mesmerized by their beauty!

Paglajhora waterfalls is one of the major attractions of Darjeeling and indeed a haven for nature lovers. Located at Kurseong which is situated enroute from Siliguri, this waterfall in Darjeeling is worth a visit. This part of the state treats the eye with its finest beauty and rare sights of the waterfall gushing out of the mountain cracks. Standing here one can also take a glimpse of the local river which flows through this part of West Bengal. People can experience a scenic road trip from Siliguri to Darjeeling and enjoy the pristine views. Apart from the undaunted beauty of the region, there is a temple and lake which travelers can take a look.

Location: South Shibkhola Tea Garden, West Bengal 734223

2. Chunnu Summer Falls

explore, travel, north east, darjeeling, 5 magnificent waterfalls in darjeeling which will leave you mesmerized by their beauty!

Situated 6kms away from the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, lies the Barbotey Rock Garden. One of the major attractions of Darjeeling, the main highlight of this garden is the Chunnu summer falls. Built by the Gorkha Hill Council Tourism Department, this place was named the rock garden because the entire place is made out of cutting rocks from different levels. Featuring the beautifully constructed terraced seating arrangements and the natural waterfalls, this garden is quite popular attraction for locals and tourists.

Location: Rock Garden Road Bloomfield Tea Garden, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734102Timings: 10AM – 4PM
Entry Fee: Rs.10 for Indians and Rs. 50 for Foreigners

3. Bakthang Waterfalls

explore, travel, north east, darjeeling, 5 magnificent waterfalls in darjeeling which will leave you mesmerized by their beauty!

Bakthang waterfalls is a magnificent natural waterfall near Darjeeling located at the North-Sikkim highway which can be witnessed while driving towards Tashi View Point. Around 3kms from Gangtok town, this place is quite a favorite place for travelers to halt and take a glance of the surreal beauty of the waterfalls. The waterfall doesn’t have an enormous height, but the width of the fall adds up all the beauty. Emerging from the Ratey Chu river, this place is perfect for nature lovers to stand and enjoy the view of Kanchenjunga and this magnificent waterfall.

Location: Gangtok, Sikkim 737103
Timings: 7AM – 6PM

4. Seven Sisters Waterfall

explore, travel, north east, darjeeling, 5 magnificent waterfalls in darjeeling which will leave you mesmerized by their beauty!

As the name suggests, the seven sisters waterfall is formed by seven waterfall which are mystically aligned sideways over a rugged surface. A 4 hours drive from Darjeeling, this waterfall is a must visit attraction which is close to Gangtok. Surrounded by lush-greenery, rugged mountain cliffs, and the limestones over which the water falls with all the force. Enclosed with the finest views of nature, this waterfall makes a great location for photographers to capture the scenic landscapes.The best time to visit and take a glimpse of this waterfall is between the months of May to July when the seven waterfalls are clearly visible.

Location: Gangtok, Sikkim

5. Kanchenjunga Waterfalls

explore, travel, north east, darjeeling, 5 magnificent waterfalls in darjeeling which will leave you mesmerized by their beauty!

Another magnificent waterfall near Darjeeling is the Kanchenjunga waterfalls located the Pelling region. Considered as one of the largest waterfalls of Sikkim, this is located at a distance of 90kms which is approximately 3 hours drive from the mainland. This is a perennial waterfall where the water emerges from the glaciers of Mount Kanchenjunga. Falling down from a height of 100 feet, the water merges in the pool. Enclosed with all the nature’s glory, this waterfall be seen at the sharp turn of the road, but to take a glimpse closely visitors have to climb at least 50 stairs. There is also an option of rope climbing which can be an escape for the adventure junkies.

Location: Sikkim
Timings: 8am-5pm

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Frequently Asked Questions About Waterfalls in Darjeeling

Is Darjeeling worth visiting?

Well, it’s a North-eastern hill station and very beautiful. There is a hill which is just famous for the captivating views of sunrise it offers. The toy train that plies between Darjeeling and NJP is another experience that you must have. Add to that the cascading waterfalls in Darjeeling and you have all the reasons to visit Darjeeling.

How many days should I spend in Darjeeling?

Ideally you should spend 5 to 7 days in Darjeeling. There are many exciting activities that you can try and many amazing places to visit in Darjeeling which makes it worth a visit.

What should I buy in Darjeeling?

There are many things that you can shop for in Darjeeling. Carpets, hand knitted items, tea, handicrafts, woollens and books are some of the best things to buy in Darjeeling.

What is the best time to visit Darjeeling?

Summer season is the best time to visit Darjeeling. This season is the aptest as most tourist attractions stay open, weather is pleasant, natural beauty is at its best and adventure activities are all accessible. Apart from April to June, January is also a good time to experience snow and enjoy the festive season.

Where can snow be found in Darjeeling?

Places at higher altitude in Darjeeling provides you with the opportunity to watch the snowfall. Sandakphu in the state of West Bengal is at the highest point (12,000ft) where one can get lucky to watch the snow. However, it is not every year that you can experience snow in Darjeeling as all altitude of here is only about 6,700ft.

Which are the most famous waterfalls in Darjeeling?

The most magnificent waterfalls in Darjeeling where one can enjoy a beautiful view are Chunnu Summer Falls, Seven Sisters Waterfall, Kanchenjunga Waterfalls and Paglajhora Waterfalls.

What is Darjeeling famous for?

Darjeeling is well-known for its tea industry, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its views of Kangchenjunga, the world’s third-highest mountain. It is also famous for its other major tourist attractions called the Tiger Hill. These are some not to be missed attractions while travelling to Darjeeling.

What should I wear in Darjeeling?

Normal T-shirts and jeanswear is okay to wear during the daytime in Darjeeling. In the evening one requires a sweater, shawl or a jacket. Also, it is good to wear shoes or sneakers considering the weather condition.

Is Darjeeling safe to travel?

Darjeeling is absolutely safe to travel in all the seasons. No place on Earth would be safe if you push your limits but rest it is all fine.

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