5 Outstanding Things To Do Near HarbourFront In 2 Days For A Fun Packed Vacay In Singapore!

Located in the pristine island nation of Singapore, is a paradise, named Harbourfront. It is an awe-inspiring, multicultural waterfront district having all the amenities and the aesthetics, that a traveler asks for. Being an island nation, Singapore is blessed with vast blue seas and beaches, which have a heavenly demeanor and provide an unforgettable vacay to all its guests. Since HarbourFront is a waterfront district it has exclusive watersports facilities and tremendously plush cruises. The beauty of the district is proliferated by the immensely astonishing buildings like the Maritime Square. Check out the list to have an insight into the best things to do near HarbourFront in 2 days.
The Merlion City, as called by its admirers all over the world, provides a unique experience to the travelers, and has something in store for everyone! and the HarbourFront is an example of the laurels this nation has to show. With its beaches, plush malls, and breathtaking water sports culture, HarbourFront has attracted tourists all over the globe. Enjoy your vacations while embracing the nature, on the beaches of the HarbourFront and the nature trails the waterfront district has to offer. So do not miss out on this astonishing place whenever you pay a visit to The Lion City.

5 Things To Do Near HarbourFront In 2 Days

Getting a chance to get out of your dull and work rode life, and spend some quality time with your family and friends at a place where you all can enjoy together are the paramount necessities. HarbourFront is exactly that place. Having an exhaustive list of things which you can enjoy along with your family and close ones. So, while traveling, one needs a brief list of activities, which he/she can do to explore Singapore in a brief period of time. Keep scrolling down and have a look at the things to do near HarbourFront in two days.

1. Duck Tours

explore, travel, things to do, 5 outstanding things to do near harbourfront in 2 days for a fun packed vacay in singapore!

If you are around the Suntec City, you can hop on and off water buses, known as Duck Tours. This tour is the combination of land and sea tour that includes famous places in Singapore, like the historical places and other landmarks. During the water trip, you will be guided by an educational radio guide.

2. Going For Water Sports

explore, travel, things to do, 5 outstanding things to do near harbourfront in 2 days for a fun packed vacay in singapore!

Kallang has got a plenty of options for you when it comes to playing water sports. If you are an adult, head over to the water venture and indulge yourselves into various water sports activities like kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, and dragon-boating or sea rafting. You can even take a one-day course on kayaking for just $25.
Or if you are someone who wants their kids to enjoy the same, then take them to Kallang mall where the children aged between 3 to 12 can enjoy splashing and surfing in the water at a special area provided. Coming to the land of sports activities, water sports is something you should definitely not miss adding in your list of things to do in Kallang.

3. Siloso Beach

explore, travel, things to do, 5 outstanding things to do near harbourfront in 2 days for a fun packed vacay in singapore!

For all the beach lovers, the most bewitching beaches are close to this town. Visit to simply chill and relax with your friends and family. Dive into the pure and serene atmosphere of this place and take in all the positive vibes. Beaches like Siloso beach and Lido beach are popular among the tourists. Being a coastal area, the weather here is always pleasant, and it is at night when this place comes really alive! Spend your night here witnessing the mesmerizing view of the night sky by stargazing and take some wonderful memories with you on your way back home!

4. Natural Trail

explore, travel, things to do, 5 outstanding things to do near harbourfront in 2 days for a fun packed vacay in singapore!

Amongst the things To Do At Labrador Nature Reserve, going hiking is a must. This trail was actually brought as part of the Labrador nature reserve. While many wouldn’t consider it to be actually hiking since the whole thing is fully paved, but barring one other reserve, this is about as close as one can get to hiking over in Singapore. The trail here is just breathtaking and it is also completely forested as well. Bring your binoculars to spot some small animals apart from monkeys. But along this trail lies hidden some historical artifacts as well so be on the lookout for those. But be prepared, there is a bug problem there. So if bugs make you feel icky then it’s better to just avoid the path altogether.

5. Gardens By The Bay

explore, travel, things to do, 5 outstanding things to do near harbourfront in 2 days for a fun packed vacay in singapore!

Gardens have always been a romantic spot to hangout for couples to bask some gentle sun and enjoy some flowery breeze. Plan your romantic evening together in the serene environment of Singapores Gardens By The Bay. Its absolutely one of the best things to do in Singapore for couples. Just lay out your picnic mat, indulge in sweet talks, and savor the delicious food at one of the restaurants in the garden.

You can also see some native and exotic flowering plants in the garden, and your day is made absolutely special by the wonderful sunset. You should not only explore the outdoor gardens, but the conservatories too for a complete experience.

Conservatories entry time: 9 am to 9 pm Entry charges: $28 per person
Suggested restaurants for a romantic dinner: SuperTree by IndoChine, Sky On 57, and Flight Bar & Lounge

From Water sports to Duck Tours, to Gardens at Bay, HarbourFront offers you an indelible experience, which is indeed tremendously enthralling. The beauty of HarbourFront lies in the fact that here you can experience happiness with your whole family and be a part of your children’s lives in a completely different way. Imagine the enticing evenings you are going to have with your loved ones, with the sea on your side, and the stars decorating your life from above. So, what’s there to wait for now? Pack your bags, carry this things to do near HarbourFront in 2 Days list and plan your vacation in Singapore with TravelTriangle. Do tell us about your Singapore vacation experience in the comment section below.

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