5 Reasons to work at Bizmates as an English Trainer

I’ve been working as an English Trainer at Bizmates for more than a year now, and it has been an awesome experience. Honestly, I’ve never expected that one day, I will be an online English teacher but here I am, enjoying what I do.

I cherish all the time I spend teaching and conversing with my students. I can say that this job is certainly something that I can do long-term since it has given me the flexibility to do this part-time (or full-time) and still be able to pursue my other hobbies and passions in life.

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After working in the corporate world for many years, I decided to quit my job in 2019 to have freedom with my time and pursue freelance work. I just realized that working 9 to 5 and having an employer that controls my time isn’t for me. I don’t intend to follow what society has told us for many years, that the normal path is to work your ass off for a company until reaching 60 to finally retire.

Having a travel blog which I started in 2014 also helped me in deciding to quit. At that time, it was earning enough for me to have the courage to quit my office job. It gave me added income as I ventured into the world of freelance work.

Then, the pandemic hit in 2020.

The world has turned upside down. Many businesses stopped. Travel also stopped which greatly affected the blog’s traffic. There were few clients too. I got lesser and lesser writing and marketing gigs that I realized that I have to do something. I needed to look for another job.

Though it was painful, I’ve thought of going back to the corporate world. I was almost got hired by an Oil company until I discovered the world of online English teaching. I applied at Bizmates and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

I am having a blast. I enjoy teaching and talking to my students, and if you’re thinking of venturing into the world of teaching, why don’t you try Bizmates? Here are some of the reasons why you should be an English trainer at Bizmates.

1. Time Freedom

This is the main reason why I applied at Bizmates. As an English Trainer, I have the freedom to work whenever I want. I decide which time I work, be it in the morning, afternoon or at night. I also have the freedom as to how long is my working hours, and If I want to rest for the day, I can also do that. I don’t have a boss and no one controls my time but me. The work is also location independent, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

I choose how I spend my time.

After a while, I decided that working at night is much suitable for me. Then, in the morning, I can work on my blog, personal projects, and some freelance work. The pay is also good which I’ll explain further on the next item.

explore, travel, 5 reasons to work at bizmates as an english trainer

After class pic

2. One of the best Pay among ESL companies

Working in an ESL company will not make you rich. At the end of the day, having your own business that you can scale is the best way to do it. But this is a good additional income especially during this time of the pandemic.

If you love teaching, working as an English teacher with freedom with your time and location independence, is a much better option than working in a usual office job. And of all the ESL companies that operate in the Philippines. Bizmates has one of the best pay or salary.

You can earn up to 230 pesos per hour of course depending on your KPI and metrics. The range is within 140 to 230 pesos per hour. Again, if you love teaching, continuous learning, and personal growth, this is much better than working in an office with a meager salary and a boss who controls your time.

After working at Bizmates for a few months, I was able to gain more regular students and increase my KPI, so I can say that I am earning well right now with Bizmates. All in all, Bizmates has the most competitive salary in the industry.

Do you want to be an Online English Teacher at Bizmates?If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at jontotheworld@gmail. I’ll answer all your questions and even send you a referral. 🙂 

3. The students are Japanese professionals.

A lot of people think that an online English teacher usually teaches kids. Well, that is true but not all. Some companies focus on teaching adult professionals like Bizmates.

Bizmates is primarily a business English school that teaches Japanese professionals not only language proficiency but also communication in business. In my experience, most of my students are Managers, IT professionals, Executives, and a lot more. It is also beside the fact that Japanese are very polite and so nice. They are a joy to talk to.

Having smart students also allow Trainers to indulge in intelligent conversations. I also learn from my students. I love listening to their perspectives as well as to their stories about Japan’s unique culture.

4. It’s a continuous learning process

Remember that as a Bizmates Trainer, you are talking to highly skilled and smart people, so you always have to be at the top of your game. You’re not just teaching grammar or ABCs for kids, you’re having intelligent conversations, which makes the job challenging and exciting at the same time.

I became more particular about grammar points, business terms, idioms, and confidence in expressing ideas. With all these, I am excited to teach because I know that I’m not just helping my students but I’m also learning a lot from the entire experience.

In my few months of teaching at Bizmates, I have already received some offers to apply for regular and office positions at Bizmates. But you know, I love teaching more than working in an office so I did not pursue it.

What I’m saying is that if working in the corporate world is your thing, well there are opportunities at Bizmates. Many trainers have transitioned into more stable corporate jobs at the company. But unfortunately, that’s not what I want. I love the flexibility and freedom from teaching than working in an office.

Also, since being a trainer can be a part-time job, you have all the time in the world to venture into business and your passions in life. This is one of the best things that I like about working at Bizmates. I am able to earn a good income from teaching, at the same time, I am also able to explore other hobbies and passions in life like blogging, marketing, travel, and more.

So there you have it, These are just some of the reasons why you should try working as an English Trainer at Bizmates. So if you want to apply at Bizmates, just send an email at jontotheworld@gmail.com, so I can help you and give you a referral.

If you’re unhappy with your numbingly unsatisfying corporate job and you like teaching, try this opportunity.