5 Surreal Places To Visit Near Tamarind Falls Mauritius

Situated in the western part of the city, the Tamarind Falls in Mauritius is one of the top-rated tourist places on the island that absolutely rejuvenates people. This waterfall is utterly gorgeous and attracts travelers throughout the year. Known for its excellent seaside as well as perfect forest area where you can go hiking, The tamarind Falls will never disappoint the nature lover and adventure seeker within you. The Tamarind Waterfalls are also called Seven Cascades owing to the seven steps here. This waterfall is an immutable place for nature fanatics as it offers a lot of serenity, natural beauty, and mesmerizing surroundings straight out of a fairytale!

The sight of the Tamarind Waterfalls will surely force you to fall in love with this surreal place a lot more than ever. You will get to discover the virgin and untrodden side of Mauritius that not many know about. This place also happens to be a paradise for animal lovers because of the enormous national park located here. The Tamarind Falls are among the most beautiful canyons of Mauritius. The best way to thoroughly explore the vibrant tangible habitat of Mauritius is to take a Tamarind Falls hike. But other than this excellent collection of eleven waterfalls, rivers, forests, mountains, and lush green vegetation that you’ll encounter at this wonderful waterfall, there are also various other places to visit near Tamarind Falls Mauritius that you can explore on your trip.

5 Excellent Places To Visit Near Tamarind Falls Mauritius

Move beyond beaches. Mauritius has some of the most riveting and exotic natural attractions in the world. And while Tamarind Falls is one of them, we urge you to go ahead and explore more places near this beautiful attraction. Here is a list of the best places you can visit near these famous waterfalls in Mauritius that will surely take your breath away.

1. Trou Aux Biches

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For those who love snorkeling and swimming, Trou Aux Biches should be the first place to visit in Mauritius. With gentle sands shelving calm, shallow and clear water, this is an ideal place for a beach picnic with family and friends. If you love street food, hog at the numerous stalls and cafes along the coast. A variety of cuisines can be tried here.

Famous for: Trou Aux Biches is best known for swimming and snorkeling.

2. Ile Aux Cerfs

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Travelers from across the world come to Ile Aux Cerfs beach in Mauritius to spend time with folks and friends. Mostly jam packed during the weekend, it can be fun if sand and sun make a good combo for you. A cool and relaxing one among the coolest places to visit in Mauritius, it has some wonderful lagoons too.

Famous for: Water Sports lovers must come to Ile Aux Cerfs. Its a good place for snorkeling as well.

3. Black River Gorges National Park

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If wild adventure is your style, visit Black River Gorges National Park which is one of the famous places to visit in south west Mauritius. Spread in an area of approximately 68 km, it is best for the photographers looking for flower and fauna. If you are a researcher, then the park field stations can come in handy to know more about the national park. While trekking, one can find numerous wild pigs, rusa deer, privets, and Chinese guava. Some of the endangered species of birds and animals can even be seen in this national park.

Famous for: Hiking and camping

4. Chamarel Coloured Earth

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If you have been to Mauritius and have not been to this place, have you even been to Mauritius- Chamaral colored earth will put you in a trance because of the seven colours which paint the earth here. You have got to visit this stupefying attraction on your trip to the island. The colors are not very prominent because of the tropical climate of Mauritius but if you mix the colored earth, you will be able to see a remarkable difference.

Best time: Sunrise as you can see all the colors better.

5. Rochester Falls

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If you love waterfalls, you are going to love this one. Rochester Falls near Port Louis are worth a visit owing to their picturesque beauty and surrounding flora. Soak in the lush greenery and spend some moments of introspection by the falls. The main attraction is the flank rocks that stand out in the whole scenery. You can also take a dive in the cool-cool waters and enjoy eating fresh tropical fruits.

Love visiting museums and art galleries- These tourists attractions are perfect for all the history buffs who are on a holiday in Mauritius.

Best Time To Visit The Tamarind Falls And The Places Around It

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The best time to visit the Tamarind Falls, as well as all the awesome places nearby, is from the month of May to December. The weather in Mauritius at this time is cool, dry, sunny, and rather pleasant for indulging in sightseeing and trying the various adventure activities. It’s the perfect time for you to explore the forests, beaches, find fresh seafood, and take long and leisurely walks on the sun-drenched shores of Mauritius. During this time, the island is enveloped in a soothing tropical climate with a cool breeze and warm weather throughout the year. It’s a brilliant time for adventure seekers, honeymoon couples, families with kids, solo trippers, hikers and trekkers, as well as nature lovers to take a trip to Mauritius.

So, what are you waiting for? Throw your hats, sunglasses, and some SPF in a bag and get ready to explore this exotic corner of the world! Rope in your BFFs or whisk away your partner to this mind-blowing country that will surely give you an experience of a lifetime! Plan your Mauritius vacation via TravelTriangle right away.

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