5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Must-Haves From Pottery Barn

food, 5 thanksgiving table decor must-haves from pottery barn

Family enjoying Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is next month — and if you’re hosting — boy, you’ve got your work cut out for you. It’s time to pull out and review traditional recipes, find new cuisines to spice up the menu, put together the perfect outfit, and figure out how you will decorate the dining table. There are so many ways to create a splendid centerpiece; you can assemble a stunning floral arrangement, incorporate vintage décor, or add a few faux pumpkins and acorns, according to The Pioneer Woman.

Whatever route you choose, you’ll need a few key pieces to create an impactful design. So we at House Digest have hand-picked some essential Thanksgiving décor from Pottery Barn we believe will elevate the design of your dining table. There are many items to peruse, from dinnerware to candles and serving boards. Who knows? These décor pieces might become your go-to items for future Thanksgiving celebrations.

Pre-Made Flower Arrangement

food, 5 thanksgiving table decor must-haves from pottery barn

Pink floral arrangement

The holiday season is a hectic time for many of us, so the thought of creating a flower arrangement is sure to be a room spinner. Let us tell you; it’s not a task to take lightly: color, texture, volume, and more must be considered to create a stylish arrangement for your dining table. This is why we recommend purchasing something pre-made, such as the Faux Mixed Harvest Composed Arrangement from Pottery Barn, which costs $129.

Neutral items are typically chosen for Thanksgiving décor, so the deep fuchsia color of the dahlias mixed with the blush hydrangeas creates a vibrant contrast. A few green flower buds also help break up the different shades of pink. Additionally, the diameter of this luscious arrangement is almost 1-foot, which is large enough to create visual impact. This is important because an arrangement that is too small will be lost when placed in an open area, according to FloralPeutics.

Amp Up Your Dinnerware

food, 5 thanksgiving table decor must-haves from pottery barn

Rattan plate charger

Many of us who host Thanksgiving dinners tend to have traditional dinnerware we use yearly. So, we won’t tell you to buy a brand new set, but we advise giving your current collection of plates a fresh look. Trust us when we say the Monique Lhuillier Antibes Handwoven Rattan Charger Plate, priced at $29.50, will do just that. RestaurantWare says charger plates are used as a stylish base that each course should be placed on top of. The neutral color of the rattan material is perfect for amplifying bright white dinnerware and can complement colorful hues of red, green, or yellow plates.

The rattan of this lovely plate charger is formed into a floral design, which adds a touch of femininity to the dinner table. This item will also introduce much-needed texture to a table full of elegant, smooth décor, creating a sense of balance.

Safety First

food, 5 thanksgiving table decor must-haves from pottery barn

Faux pumpkin candles

Candles on a Thanksgiving dining table are like a moth to a flame — beautiful but dangerous. It’s a stylish necessity, but when there’s a lot of reaching over and passing plates, accidents can happen, and fires can start. So the Premium Flickering Flameless Wax Pumpkin Candle can put your mind at ease and keep the fire extinguisher away. These adorable little pumpkin candles come in different shapes and colors, which you can combine to create an attractive design on your dinner table. They’re sold at Pottery Barn for $79 to $89.

Thanks to the timer, the faux flame can stay on for as long as you’d like, so you can ensure there are candlelights throughout dinner. The candle also works to copy the effects of a real flame by imitating the flickering motion, which will maintain the candlelight ambiance we want every dinner. To that end, having candles lit across the dinner table is not only aesthetically pleasing but will create the warm and inviting atmosphere desired during Thanksgiving.

It’s The Little Details That Matter

food, 5 thanksgiving table decor must-haves from pottery barn

Gold napkin rings

Dress your cloth napkins with these Etched Bangle Napkin Rings, sold at $59, in a gold or silver finish. If you’re crazy about design like us, you know that presentation matters — even down to how your napkins are folded and placed. This is a simple décor option for someone who needs to quickly elevate their dining table because all you need to do is slip your napkin through the ring and call it a day.

Homeowners should ensure the napkin ring stands out, so we advise establishing a set of complementary colors. A burgundy cloth napkin would create a beautiful background for the gold option, or a forest green alternative can be beautifully paired with either option. Not only are the colors stunning and eye-catching, but so is the intricate detailing. The ripples and small patterns are perfect for someone who needs to add a touch of bling to their empty dinnerware. Of course, you can still pair this option with other patterns, but ensuring they do not clash is critical.

Serving Charcuterie In Style

food, 5 thanksgiving table decor must-haves from pottery barn

Wooden charcuterie board

Nowadays, it seems like charcuterie boards are a must for all types of gatherings, let alone Thanksgiving! These food arrangements take time and effort as you dictate which kind of cheese will be complemented by a particular jam, so you’ll want to ensure the presentation is visually delicious. The Organic Teak Wood Pedestal has an obscure shape and vivid, natural wood grain exposure — it also has a 16.5-inch diameter to fit plenty of goodies. If charcuterie boards aren’t your thing, you can use them as a centerpiece and place candles and flowers on top.

The shape itself can add plenty of interest to your dining table, so if your décor seems a bit simple and bland, adding this piece will surely spice things up. If things tend to get heated over Thanksgiving dinner, décor with organic shapes can also be used to create a relaxing environment. The Organic Teak Wood Pedestal is priced at $99.

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