5 Tours You Have to Take in Bangkok

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is a legendary city that features a rich heritage, amazing nightlife and a culture that calls tourists back year after year. Whether it’s your first trip to Bangkok or your hundredth, you can truly make the most of any visit by getting off the beaten path and taking advantage of one of many unforgettable tours.

In addition to seeing more sites in a limited amount of time, booking a tour as a part of your trip can relieve you of many travel-related hassles. You’ll also have a chance to experience some of the city’s best hidden gems. These five tours are some of the best of the best for experiencing iconic Bangkok sites and taking in the local culture.

explore, travel, 5 tours you have to take in bangkok

Photo Credit:  Pexels via Pixabay

1. Street Food Tour

When it comes to street food, Bangkok is a mecca. Withlocals tours in Bangkok offers a variety of touring options and their street food option is a great one. It’s a private tour that takes you on a tasting tour through Bangkok, as if you were a local. If you want to delve deep into local cuisine, you’ll get to enjoy the best Thai street food dishes, like mouthwater Thai red curry and a classic Pad Thai like you’ve never tasted before. The benefit of this tour is that you’ll eat like the locals do, and you’ll get to enjoy seeing the city with a local host who is an expert on the subject of dining on the streets of Bankok.

2. Thonburi Klongs and the Grand Palace

This tour of Thonburi Klongs and the Grand Palace takes place in the old city and lasts about five hours, so you can spend most of the day exploring these iconic sites. When you arrive in Bangkok, you may notice the many canals. These aren’t just remnants of their historical past but many still function as transport in and out of the city. This is a morning tour that focuses on the scenic waterways in the area. You’ll enjoy sitting on a speedboat that will take you past some of the city’s most historic temple, while gazing at the riverfront homes, passing vessels and more. The boat docks finally docks at the Grand Palace, the former seat of the king. Here, you’ll get to view the palace and get an indepth look at how Thai royalty lived.

3. Shopping at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

explore, travel, 5 tours you have to take in bangkok

Photo Credit: terimakashi  / Pixabay

This unforgettable market tour lasts about six hours and will take on you a guided journey of everyday life for Thai people. You’ll start the day at either your hotel or a central location and head out of the town, passing by the Rachaburi Province, where you’ll get a look at the daily lives of the local people. The tour then takes you to a coconut farm where you’ll learn how sugar is made from the fruit. Finally, you’ll end up at the Damnoen Saduak, a popular floating market. The locals buy and sell handicrafts and fresh produce here. You can browse to your heart’s delight or even pick up a few local handmade items to take home. Once you’ve gotten in your tour, you’ll be returned to the heart of the city for the rest of your evening activities.

4. Visit a World Heritage Site

If you want to visit one of the city’s UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, then a tour to the Ayutthaya Temples is the right one for you. You’ll leave early in the day and travel outside the city to admire temples and palaces. They’ve been built at various times throughout history, so you’ll begin to understand how Thai architecture has morphed over the centuries. With the tour knowledgeable tour guide, you’ll see the history of each landmark brought back to life. As one of the city’s most popular tours, this one is a must for anyone interested in history or architecture.

5. Tour the Bridge on the River Kwai

explore, travel, 5 tours you have to take in bangkok

Photo Credit: foursummers / Pixabay

The movie by the same name is one of the reasons why this tour is popular, but this full-day tour starting in Bangkok is also one of the most exciting. The guide will take you on a speedboat to the landmark bridge where you’ll board a trail and learn the gripping story of the Death Railway on this historic line. During lunch, you’ll enjoy local cuisine and even view allied graves at a cemetery that dates back to World War II.

If you enjoy food, history, architecture, and culture, then Bangkok is the right destination for you. There’s simply so much to do in this Southeast Asian metropolis, that tours are often the best ways to experience the city to its fullest. Try out at least one of these top tours to make the most of your next trip.