6 Best Things To Do In Ladakh In June For A Soul-Satisfying Vacation

Ladakh is a mystical place. You have treasures at every spot you visit. Most of the year this place is not completely open for visitors and June is the appropriate time when you get clean and open roads to traverse through it while crossing the pristine views of snow-capped Himalayas. The place not only provides you a lot in terms of beautiful landscapes, but it is culturally diverse as well. There are many things to do in Ladakh in June that will help you witness the true essence of this hill station. If you are planning a trip to this gem next year, then read further for some of the best experiences you can have in the charming destination.

Best Things To Do In Ladakh In June

Here is a list of the best things to do in Ladakh in June that will give you a winsome experience and make you fall in love with the destination. Take a look!

1. Trek In Zanskar Valley

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Zanskar Valley is one of the most enchanting places to visit in Ladakh. The place is located on the eastern corner of Jammu and Kashmir and is separated from it by Ladakh. Being part of Tethys Himalayas, it is home to the serene beauty and iconic sceneries. Most of the parts of the Zanskar valley need to trek. You can also experience river water rafting while you are here. This place is covered in snow most of the year and opens only during peak summers. Due to its difficult terrain only people who seek adventure and love to walk and trek visit this place. The valley is spread in an area of around 5000 sq. km and is located around 13,154 meters above sea level. Due to its height, you may feel breathless at certain points and would require oxygen masks to survive. The place has a backdrop of the most beautiful snow capped glaciers and is home to crystal clear water that flows down the valley. To visit this place, you can take a drive from Leh airport through taxis and cabs. There are various treks available which differ in length and difficulty to choose from.

Where: Zanskar ValleyEntry Fees: Differs based on activity
Timings: Peak summers

2. Visit Mesmerizing Pangong Lake

explore, travel, things to do, 6 best things to do in ladakh in june for a soul-satisfying vacation

Pangong Lake is the most famous lake in the Leh region and is located at a height of around 4350 meters above sea level. The lake itself is around 12 km long and extends from India to Tibet. India has just one-third part of the lake and rest lies in Tibet. The lake temperature is always around freezing point and it opens only during summers for common visitors. One must have a permit to visit this lake and it comes under army scrutiny. The peculiar behavior of the lake tends to change its color at different times of the day. It goes from azure to light blue to green to grey as the day passes. It has been the best tourist attraction for very long and is one of the hot spots for filming many major Bollywood films. The crystal water and gentle hills provide the sublime beauty to this place and is a paradise for any photographer.

Where: Pangong LakeEntry Fees: NA
Timings: June until September

3. Visit Tso Morari lake

explore, travel, things to do, 6 best things to do in ladakh in june for a soul-satisfying vacation

This is one of the lesser-known and yet unexplored lakes in the Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a twin lake to Pangong Lake, however, people often miss watching this lake while their visit to Pangong Lake. The lake offers tranquil sceneries and extends around 28 km in length. The average depth of this lake is around 100 feet and is surrounded by barren hills, however, the backdrop of this lake is made from beautiful snow-covered mountains. This is one of the least known lakes, but is a perfect place for stargazing. It’s out of this world experience to watch star here at night from the camps or sitting beside the bonfire. The place is also a home for many seasonal birds and is an appropriate place for bird watching. The place is declared as a wetland reserve ad is also called the ‘mountain lake’ owing to the various peaks that surround this place and it is located at a height of 2000 meters. The place is thus completely isolated from the outside world once you are here.

Where: Tso Moriri lakeEntry Fees: NA
Timings: May, June, July

4. Drive The Highest Motor Road At Khardung La Pass

explore, travel, things to do, 6 best things to do in ladakh in june for a soul-satisfying vacation

Khardung La is the highest mountain pass in Ladakh at an elevation of 5602 meters and is a gateway of adventure for peace seekers and mountain biking lovers. Khardungla was built in the year 1976 and was meant to support the supplies to be transported to Siachen glacier. As you make your way to the top of the valley you get to witness the stunning views of snow-capped mountains and curved roads passing through them. The pristine air covers the snow-clad mountains and opens only from April until June and then September until October. One must avoid consuming alcohol or smoking while you at the top of the Khardung La as oxygen levels are low. You must consult a doctor before you head towards this trip and carry enough food and warm clothes to survive well at Khardung La. Your permits must always stay with you during the entire journey and you must accompany an experienced driver while you drive through Khardung La on a four-wheeler as sometimes the turns are too deep and only a person who has experience could drive you through those roads.

Where: Khardung La PassEntry Fees: NA
Timings: April to June

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