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6 Best Trails For Hiking In Costa Rica For A Thrilling Getaway Into The Wild

Nature has got a lot of adventure on the plate for us, it depends on how much hunger do we have to take it all. From diving into the sea and cenotes to surfing on the beach or hiking and biking It puts a broad smile on our face whenever we talk about exploring. Long, walks are something we all need so fellas, grab a pen and make a note of all these beautiful places for hiking in Costa Rica. No matter how much expensive cars we sit in, the true beauty of nature can only be observed while we take a walk, keenly observing the spell-binding creation of the creator.

Best Time For Hiking In Costa Rica

The best time to visit Costa Rica is from the months of Mid December to April, this is considered as the best season for tourists to explore the place and experience a lot of sunshine, low humidity therefore cool winds blowing. You can have the best hike in Costa Rica during this time so mark your calendars before booking your tickets. Scroll through and read about the places where you can do the best hikes in Costa Rica.

Best Trails For Hiking In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country in Central America known for its adventure, this place is nothing less than heaven on earth for adventure thrillers and nature lovers. Sky diving, cliff diving, hiking, kayaking there’s nothing that would make you regret the place. The Country has everything to make its visitor fall completely in love with itself. From the serene beaches to the quaint museums or the mouth drooling food with world-class fame and the rainforests it will make you visit the country over and over.

1. Arenal Volcano National Park Hike

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The national park is sprawled over 7114 acres and is blessed with the best scenic beauty. You can have one of the best hikes of your life in the park. Walk-through the primary rainforest. You can have the opportunity to explore wildlife and see beautiful flowers that are unique and can not be found anywhere else. A professional guide will help you with hiking and observing the gifts of nature. The park is open from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon inviting all the hikers for a splendid hike. You can have a group hike if you want to observe the beauty of the forest, you can also have a solo hike if you are a solo backpacker.

2. Rio Celeste Waterfall and Tenorio Volcano Hike

explore, travel, costa rica, 6 best trails for hiking in costa rica for a thrilling getaway into the wild

Situated in Guanacaste, the water of the river is so blue that people often misinterpret it as being photoshopped in the pictures. You can relax your body in the hot springs of Tenorio Volcano after the long hike of 5 miles which is quite challenging and tiring. You can also seek out the volcano furnace vents. The Rio Celeste waterfall is a must sightseeing for every visitor, it is so heavenly that it can most definitely sway you with its spellbinding beauty. This place might prove itself challenging for new hikers while the experienced hikers can make their way to find the marvelous nature’s gift hidden in the heart of this place.

3. Manuel Antonio National Park Hike

explore, travel, costa rica, 6 best trails for hiking in costa rica for a thrilling getaway into the wild

Although the area seems small, this is regarded as one of the best parks not only in the country but in the world. Trust us there is nothing more beautiful than hiking through the rainforests, passing through the greenery and inhaling nothing but fresh air to revive your soul. You may be completely surprised by the beauty of the waves rising and falling at 3 of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The hike in Manuel Antonio is not difficult. The trail is flat with sands and people of all ages can have the pleasure to explore this amazing place. There are guides who will help you with hiking, they will also tell you about the highlights. Having a friend does no harm, does it? So hire a guide for a better and more pleasant experience.

4. Bajos del Toro Waterfall Hike

explore, travel, costa rica, 6 best trails for hiking in costa rica for a thrilling getaway into the wild

While hiking through this place you can reward your eyes with the ineffable vision of Catarata Del Toro, the waterfall, which is approximately 400 meter deep and falls with a melodious sound, the more you think you have taken the pleasure to watch this ultimate magic of nature, the more you will crave for standing still and just watching the waterfall down. The giant shower is worth watching after the 15-minutes short hike. Summing up, this is nothing less than a replica of heaven on the earth.

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