6 (plus one!) Things that should make us #TravelMore

7 Reasons Why you Should #TravelMore

It’s summer once again and we are all left to enjoy the rest of the vacation idling around, or doing it is whatever we plan to do.

Just the typical waking up-eating-sleeping routine this summer might suffice, but don’t you think it would be better if you did something else, something new, for once?

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Reasons to #TravelMore

So, what else can you possibly do, when you’re looking for a way to spend your vacation? When you’re getting bored inside your home doing the same thing every day? When you’re craving to see something else aside from the ceiling of your room each time you wake up in the morning? When you’re looking for a way to stretch your body somehow?

Consider traveling. I’m a travel blogger and I enjoy traveling for specific reasons. And, although we all have our own preferences, here are some 7 good things that would give you a reason why you should travel this summer break:

#1. Solitude

Unless you’re traveling with a group, when you go out to explore the world around you, you’re alone. It may seem lonely at first, but being alone for a while actually has its benefits. Why do you think the main characters in movies run away to a quieter place when they are being confronted with the main conflict of the story? It’s because in solitude, and in peace, you get to chill out for a short while and understand things in a wider perspective. You get to reflect on yourself.

reasons to travel, travel benefits, why we travel, 6 (plus one!) things that should make us #travelmore

Do things that you love doing

And this summer, if you do travel alone, you realize in a wider perspective that there’s more to yourself, to your life goals, to your loved ones… and to your vacation, which is more than just waking up at 11AM in your bedroom.

#2. Exploration of the Earth’s wonders

Of course one of the most obvious reasons for traveling is so that you could explore. Plan ahead—make a to-do list of the things you want to see. Your plans need not be too big if it’s your first time traveling this summer. Why not try visiting the neighboring province’s beach, for instance? It might be small, but it’s still part of exploring the world. And when you explore, make sure you get enough photos to look back on in the future. “Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second”, says the veteran French photographer Marc Riboud.

reasons to travel, travel benefits, why we travel, 6 (plus one!) things that should make us #travelmore

Discover Places

Take pictures of your surroundings, or, better yet, of yourself! You need not be a professional photographer to capture that perfect image that will store all those precious memories for keeping.

#3. Achieving

There is virtually an unlimited number of things to do while you’re traveling—and of those things include achieving a goal you’ve set for a long time now, or even something you haven’t even planned to do. Sometimes when you travel and when you’re out and exposed in nature, there are things that you do for the first time unexpectedly—be it overcoming certain fears, engaging in extreme sports, experiencing life-changing events, and so on.

reasons to travel, travel benefits, why we travel, 6 (plus one!) things that should make us #travelmore

Achieve new things

Of course, you should know that all achievements are achievements, whether they are big, or small. So keep track of the things you’ve achieved during your travel.

First time to ride a bus for 8 hours? First time to ride a chartered plane? It doesn’t matter what your achievements are—what matters is how you achieved those goals yourself. And nothing can be more rewarding than the feeling of success.

#4. Meeting new friends

When traveling there is at least two ways you can make friends: firstly, when you’re traveling in groups, you get to strengthen the bonds you have with the friends you already have. Be it getting lost together, taking pictures together, or discovering some potential hangouts in the future, these little moments in life will matter in time. When you spend time with someone, it’s more or less likely that your relationship would be enhanced.

reasons to travel, travel benefits, why we travel, 6 (plus one!) things that should make us #travelmore

Meet new friends

The second way of making new friends during your travel is when you meet people along the way. What’s better than having local friends to return to every year?

#5. Discovering new things

What else should you do when you’re out your home? You’re outside your comfort zone, so you might as well make the most out of it!

reasons to travel, travel benefits, why we travel, 6 (plus one!) things that should make us #travelmore

Discover new things

While in a foreign place, you might as well try doing the following: searching for a place you can call your heaven—so that next time you’ll know where to get back, food trip—looking for the best restaurant ever, discovering local cuisine, learning the culture of the place, learning the dialect or language of the locals, or, looking for a good place to stay in… and the list goes on, really. You might even discover some hidden skills you’ve always had (haggling? Getting along with the locals?)

#6. Self-improvement

Traveling, whether in groups or by yourself, can lead to major changes in your self-perception. For one, you get to meet a lot of new people, new cultures, and such, and you’ll thus be able to compare yourself to them. Unwinding can take lots of time and effort, but hey, once you’re there, you’ll realize it’s all worth it.

#7. Persuade others

What should you do after all of the things you’ve been able to do above? Share your story, of course! Tell your loved ones about your experiences. Share your photos. Spread the word. Brag (yes it’s okay to do this for the time being) about your achievements. And make them jealous so that next time they won’t hesitate to come with you!

reasons to travel, travel benefits, why we travel, 6 (plus one!) things that should make us #travelmore

Inspire others

At least you’ll be guaranteed that each summer will be extra fun.

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