6 Theme Parks In Istanbul For Letting Out The Kid In You!

Taking a trip to an amusement park with your family and friends creates one-of-a-kind adventure experiences and memories. Besides the shared experience that it offers, it provides you with a unique opportunity to have a laugh or two with entirely new people and interact with each other in an environment dedicated to fun. Right from roller coasters to twisted colossus and other fast rides, it has something fascinating for everyone! Right from kids to their parents to the elderly, everyone can let their hearts out. Besides the thrilling rides, the other attractions that can be experienced at an amusement park are the aquariums, gardens, festivals and much more. Take a group trip to these amazing theme parks in Istanbul for some safe thrills and adrenaline rush.

6 Best Theme Parks In Istanbul

Istanbul offers many theme parks that are full of fun-activities which would make your day. Take a look at the best ones!

1. Vialand

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If you are looking for a stress free experience in Turkey, we highly recommend you to visit Vialand, one of the best theme parks in Istanbul located in Eyup, at the Golden Horn region of Istanbul. With a variety of amazing attractions such as theme parks bustling with attractions, a huge shopping mall, lovely streets, great boutiques, festival and event areas, food chains, and more, the theme park will immerse you in an almost second Universe. Don’t forget to take your kids along to this place and they’ll be left amazed with the variety of games to play.

2. Istanbul Aquarium

explore, travel, turkey, 6 theme parks in istanbul for letting out the kid in you!

Istanbul Aquarium is a spectacular tourist attraction and a public aquarium in Istanbul which covers an area of 6,000 square meters. It hosts a special-themed 1,2 km long travel route originating in the Black Sea towards the Pacific. If you wish to explore and submerge into sea life, the theme park is home to a variety of fish species. After traversing the aquarium to your heart’s content, there is a lot more to experience. You may stop by the restaurant inside and surround yourself with the Panama Canal view on one side and the sea view on the other. You may like to watch out the insanely adorable gifts at the gift shop which is located on your way out. Explore the thousand square meter rainforest and witness other great attractions which make it a worthy destination. It is one of the best aquariums and theme parks in Europe.

3. Miniaturk

explore, travel, turkey, 6 theme parks in istanbul for letting out the kid in you!

Get prepared to relive your childhood days as Miniaturk, the miniature museum in Turkey can literally bring out the kid in you. If you plan to travel through Istanbul you should not miss this miniature museum at any cost. It is one of the best things to do in Istanbul with your kids and family. The park hosts 114 miniature models of famous buildings. Located at the Golden Horn region of Istanbul, this park is the largest miniature park in the world where all models are designed on a 1/25th scale. Those who seek out some food and shopping can visit the restaurants on site and the souvenir shop which is located inside this miniature park.

4. Istanbul Dolphinarium

explore, travel, turkey, 6 theme parks in istanbul for letting out the kid in you!

Are you one of those who love to explore the exciting world of marine mammals? If yes, then, Istanbul Dolphinarium must be on the top of your travel itinerary while you are in Turkey. It is the biggest Dolphinarium in Europe that invites you to meet in person with merry dolphins and fur seals, and massive walruses and whales. Visitors of all ages can have a fascinating experience watching the dolphin shows and discovering the world of the sea mammals.

5. Jurassic Land

explore, travel, turkey, 6 theme parks in istanbul for letting out the kid in you!

Do you want to live and experience the era of Dinosaurs? If yes, then, you must visit the Jurassic Land in Istanbul. A combination of theme park and museum, it provides a wholesome entertainment for both adults and children. From watching a 4D movie to visiting a dinosaur dedicated museum the park is both informative and entertaining. This park has 70 animatronics dinosaurs and the biggest 4D simulator of Turkey. The Juracopter ride brings you face to face with the extinct predators. Kids can earn their own paleontologist certificate by discovering dino eggs in the digging cave.

6. Forestanbul

explore, travel, turkey, 6 theme parks in istanbul for letting out the kid in you!

Forestanbul provides various nature side activities for children and adults in the middle of the city. With an area of 65000 sqms, it is Turkey’s biggest adventure park providing an open area experience to all ages. Slide on the rope like Tarzan, walk on the rope like Indiana Jones or play paintball. Hone your skills in archery and cart biking under the watchful eyes of professionals. Spice up your workout routine with different kinds of physical actives in Forestanbul. If you and your family want to get away from city life and fall in the lap of nature then Forestanbul is calling you.

Istanbul has a plethora of theme parks for all age groups. Relive your childhood and try out new things and activities with your friends and family. After all, trips are way more than just shopping and sightseeing. So do visit these theme parks in Istanbul and make your trip to Turkey with TravelTriangle a memorable one.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Theme Parks In Istanbul

Which is the best theme park in Istanbul?

Vialand is the best theme park in Istanbul. It has many festivals, shopping malls, food chains, and many entertainment zones.

Where can you get the best view of marine creatures?

Istanbul Aquarium is the best theme park to view marine life and sea creatures..

Which is the biggest Dolphinarium in Europe?

The biggest Dolphinarium in Europe is in Istanbul. One can enjoy the sight of dolphins and many marine animals. You can also get the sight of seals, whales, and other marine creatures at this amusement park.

Which amusement park is ideal for children’s outdoor activities?

The Forestanbul is a large amusement park that provides many outdoor and adventure activities for kids. There are slide ropes, paintball, and all kinds of adventure activities that kids can enjoy under the supervision of professionals.

Which are the best adventure parks in Istanbul?

Forestanbul, High Dose Park, and Incekum Adventure Park are the best adventure parks in Istanbul. These parks are full of adventure and games under professional supervision.

Which is the best water park in Istanbul?

Aqua club dolphin is the best water park in Istanbul. It has several pools, water slides, and game zones for people of all age groups to enjoy water and adventure activities.

Which is the best beach park in Istanbul?

Maltepe beach park is the best in Istanbul. You can get the best view of the ocean from this beach park and is open 24 hours.

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