6 Venice Restaurants Where You Can Have Finger Lickin’ Good Food In 2022

Whether you are a travel enthusiast or not you must have heard of Venice through some of the most popular literary work. Venice was a much-favored place for Shakespeare’s plays such as Othello and Merchant of Venice. Even till the recent times, the beautiful Italian city serves as a muse for many authors, playwrights, and artists. Being one of the ancient cities known to mankind, it has also inspired food enthusiasts and recipes that have attracted people from around the world to Italy.Venice beach restaurants are also very popular here.

The best part is that unlike many ancient civilizations that have got lost in the sands of time, Venice has blossomed with time just like a matured wine all the more enchanting and beautiful extending its arms to welcome travelers from all over the world.

The food story of Venice

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There must be something magical about the salt of this city that has nourished the civilization through centuries only to evolve better than before. In fact, when we talk about salt, one of the very interesting aspects of this city is the way its cuisine has developed. Italian cuisine is one of the most sought after cuisines in the world. However, what makes Venetian cuisine all the more interesting are the myriads of layers it adds to the platter and the story of evolution each platter as to tell about the distinct blend of tradition with influences from the faraway land which has given Venetian cuisine its unique identity.

The Venice restaurants are a special attraction for travelers. Venetian cuisine predominantly features seafood, rice, polenta, and garden products as well. Without exploring the food and the cuisine your travel will be incomplete, to say the least. So let us delve a little deeper into the Venetian platter and find out what the restaurants in Venice have to offer. Our list world comprises of restaurants that will offer a holistic experience of Venetian cuisine as well as value for money.

6 Best Restaurants In Venice

Venice restaurants are many in number and have a lot to offer to your plate – literally! When exploring the Italian city, don’t forget to stop by at some of these amazing restaurants mentioned below!

  • Hostaria Da Franz
  • Trattoria Dalla Zanze
  • Osteria Do Farai
  • F30
  • Gran Caffe Lavena
  • Trattoria Alle Bruchielle

1. Hostaria Da Franz

explore, travel, restaurants, 6 venice restaurants where you can have finger lickin’ good food in 2022

The restaurant earns its name from an Austro-Hungarian soldier who settled in Venice and served people with locally sourced fish and wine and is best family restaurants in Venice. Visit this restaurant for some of the most delectable traditional seafood platters, homemade cheese and best-curated wines found in the whole of Italy. Located at a walking distance of from St. Mark Square, a dinner at this restaurant will give you an opportunity to dunk deep into traditional Venetian cuisine. When searching for Venice restaurants with a view, then consider stopping by at this one!

2. Trattoria Dalla Zanze

explore, travel, restaurants, 6 venice restaurants where you can have finger lickin’ good food in 2022

A fish lover’s paradise, Trattoria Dalla Zanze is a small 50 seat restaurant that offers some of the most authentic Venetian fish recipes such as grilled shellfish, Venetian style cuttlefish, Spaghetti grilled cuttlefish and a fine selection of wine. The small and cozy restaurant is done up with impeccably to exude an antique charm and ideal for a peaceful meal with friends and loved ones for places to eat in Venice .

3. Osteria Do Farai

explore, travel, restaurants, 6 venice restaurants where you can have finger lickin’ good food in 2022

One of the oldest, best restaurants in Venice and loved by the local crowd for its authentic taste, local flavor and impeccable service by the restaurant staff. It has a very simple and rustic ambiance with staff creating a happy ambiance while slicing the fish in front of the visitors. Their signature carpaccio is something that you can’t afford to miss. It is prepared right at the table by the chef and the art of filleting the fish is something that is sure to take you by awe. They have a selection of wine that suits the taste and budget of every visitor. Even the owner comes and serves a special sorbet named ‘Sgropin’ to his guests at the end of the meal. A must-visit restaurant to collate some more Venetian vibes, flavor, and hospitality.

4. F30

explore, travel, restaurants, 6 venice restaurants where you can have finger lickin’ good food in 2022

A potent blend of a very contemporary ambiance, best quality Mediterranean food, and hospitable staff, F30 is a pizzeria, cafeteria, and restaurant all under the same roof. The holistic offerings of this restaurant make each and every meal you have in this restaurant worth every penny you spend. The widest variety of meat, fish or vegetarian dishes, excellent assortment of bread, pizzas, and wine coupled with the impeccable services by the restaurant staff make it a much sought after food joint for the locals as well as the visitors.

5. Gran Caffe Lavena

explore, travel, restaurants, 6 venice restaurants where you can have finger lickin’ good food in 2022

The oldest coffee boutique in the city, Gran Caffe Lavena changed its name a multiple time from its inception in 1750 till 1860 when it was taken over by Carlo Lavena. It changed many hands, experienced the rise and fall of empires and survived through all the political and social upheavals. One this that remained constant is its unparalleled offerings that appeased the taste buds of visitors through the generations, hospitable service of the staff and the enchanting environ. Listed as one of the historical places in Venice, it is highly recommended for the travelers.

6. Trattoria Alle Bruchielle

explore, travel, restaurants, 6 venice restaurants where you can have finger lickin’ good food in 2022

Italian food has a very strong signature of its own and it can be best experienced in a family kind of a setting. Trattoria Alle Bruchielle gives you an opportunity to taste the local cuisine from a family run restaurant where you can dunk into some of the most delectable dishes made out of meat and fish. A very informal setup and a very friendly owner welcomes you to spend quality time over some excellent food and wine. Surely, a top restaurants in Venice.

When you think of Venice, a whole lot of things comes to your mind for example – the city is such an important part of world history, its art, architecture, museums and what not. But when you enter these Venice restaurants, it takes you off to a completely surreal journey where your five senses take over and your intellect goes off for a snooze. Make sure you cover all of these during your vacation in Venice.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Venice

Is there a michelin star restaurants in Venice?

Yes there is a michelin star restaurants in Venice.

Which are the nice restaurants in Venice?

Hostaria Da Franz is a nice restaurants in Venice.

What is the price range of food in Venice?

The price range of Venice starts from INR 3000.

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