7 Charming Cafes In Abbotsford That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else In 2022

Abbotsford is home to some of the most exciting and amazing cafes that you can find in the whole of British Columbia. We literally had a really difficult time to choose which cafes should be on the list of the top cafes in Abbotsford. All of them are unique and promises to offer the people with a perfect ambience, great food, brilliant staff behavior and lots of different other things which can set your day in the right direction. So, today we will be discussing about the best cafés in Abbotsford which you need to drop by if you are anytime soon in the city.

7 Best Cafés In Abbotsford

Here are the most thrilling and exciting cafes which can be found in different parts of the city. Each one of them is famous for the ambiance, brews, and delicious produce.

1. Clik Coffee Bistro

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In the eastern part of Abbotsford, you will come across this hidden gem that has been selling some amazing coffee for a long period of time. If you want to visit a cafe with the intention to sit quietly, enjoy a warm cup of coffee and do your work, then the Clik Coffee Bistro is the best place to do so. Their menu allows you to choose from a wide range of food items which range from different varieties of coffee and several other beverages. The friendly staff and warm interiors will make you feel at home and you will never know when the time has passed by. The Clik Coffee Bistro is also known for hosting a wide range of events like paint nights and live music year-round. Don’t forget to check their Instagram page to know more about the events.

Location: 1910 N Parallel Rd #100, Abbotsford
Timings: open on all days from 8am to 6pm regularly.

2. Café Amarti

explore, travel, romantic travel, 7 charming cafes in abbotsford that you won’t find anywhere else in 2022

Inspired by the cafes in Europe, Café Amarti has been set up by two siblings who wanted to provide the people of Abbotsford the true European feel from the moment they step in. This is the perfect place for anyone to visit with their friends and family members for sipping into some delicious coffee and food of high quality. You will find a comparatively younger crowd who visit this café because the entire ambience here attracts them a lot more. The cafe also serves a brilliant diet friendly menu which allows you to enjoy delicious food without worrying about your health anymore. If you visit this cafe then don’t forget to try the Chai Latte, European Espresso and the Espresso Milkshake. Also, their sandwich and soup options are to die for. Visit early in the morning and start your day with a kick of freshly brewed coffee and espresso.

Location: 3033 Immel St #320, Abbotsford
Timings: Sunday closed. Other days 8am to 10pm regularly.

3. The Polly Fox

explore, travel, romantic travel, 7 charming cafes in abbotsford that you won’t find anywhere else in 2022

The Polly Fox is one of the top cafes in Abbotsford which is crowded by a lot of people every morning for their delicious beverages and food items. The cafe is well-known for the gluten-free and peanut-free bakery menu options. The interiors are magnificent and reflects the highest level of aesthetics, that appeals to anyone visiting the cafe. The cafe also welcomes vegans and offers them with a delightful vegetarian meal items. The food items which you need to try out when you visit the Polly Fox includes Chicken on Focaccia Bread, Keto Avocado Toast, Cashew Cookie, etc.

Location: 33780 Essendene #130, Abbotsford
Timings: Sunday closed. All other days 6:30 am to 5pm.

4. Oldhand Coffee

explore, travel, romantic travel, 7 charming cafes in abbotsford that you won’t find anywhere else in 2022

The Oldhand Coffee shop is situated in the Historic Downtown area of Abbotsford. This family based coffee shop aims to provide high quality coffee and other beverages which will surely give you a great start to your day. During the day the cafe is visited by students and friends who come here to study in peace and work comfortably. But during the night, the café also serves amazing cocktails and other drinks which allows you to enjoy the night to the fullest. So if you are in Abbotsford, don’t forget to visit this amazing cafe in the city. Apart from the delightful food dishes, you can also purchase a host of different things like eco-friendly t-shirts, tote bags, books, etc. The interior is well decorated with indoor plants, comfortable seating options and warm lighting.

Location: 2617 Pauline St, Abbotsford, BC V2S 3S2, Canada
Timings: Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm. Saturday – 8am to 5pm. Sunday – 8am to 10pm.

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