7 Commandos Beach of El Nido, Palawan

Long time ago, a fishing vessel got stranded in one of the islands of El Nido.

It stayed there for months that locals finally took notice of it. When fishermen had a bountiful catch near that island, they would tell their fellows that they caught a lot of fishes near Seven Commandos.

Seven Commandos.

According to Jojo, one of our tour guides, that’s the name of the ship. It has become so popular that when it finally sailed back to its origin, the seven commandos name for the beach remained.

Researching the internet about 7 commandos beach gave me more versions of the story, but one plot of the story is the same, that a ship was stranded on the island.

Seven  Commandos Beach is one of the spots to explore in El Nido Tour A.  Early that morning, our boat left El Nido town and went straight to our first destination, the 7 Commandos Beach. It’s near the El Nido town that it is usually the first or last to explore in the tour package.

For us, 7 Commandos Beach was our first stop. It was a nice way for us to chill before exploring the other gems of El Nido which involve a lot of physical activities like swimming, crawling on the rocks LOL! and kayaking.

explore, travel, 7 commandos beach of el nido, palawan

Approaching the island 🙂

explore, travel, 7 commandos beach of el nido, palawan

Eloi and me 🙂

explore, travel, 7 commandos beach of el nido, palawan

From afar, one couldn’t help but notice the white sand and the swaying coconut trees.

As our boat made its stop, Eloi and I jumped off the boat and experienced its fine sand. It has one of the most picturesque island you could ever witness because of its crystal clear waters, limestones and rocks!

We walked on the beach, swam and chilled on the sand. 7 Commandos is one of those few beaches that you would love to explore without worrying about getting sunburn! It’s too nice not to get yourself tanned under the sun.

explore, travel, 7 commandos beach of el nido, palawan
explore, travel, 7 commandos beach of el nido, palawan
explore, travel, 7 commandos beach of el nido, palawan

There are cottages on the beach that are free to use for everyone. If you need some refreshments, you can find people there selling coconuts and some sodas and bottled water. After a long walk, its nice to see a spot beside a huge rock formation to finally get some shade.

explore, travel, 7 commandos beach of el nido, palawan

All in all, 7 Commandos beach was perfect to be our first destination in the tour. It gave us as much needed relaxation before exploring some lagoons and secret beaches.

It also gave us an idea of how amazing El Nido is. It was like a front act of an awesome performance, an opening to a vast splendor of nature. Now, I understand why El Nido, Palawan is raved as one of the best islands in the world!

Disclaimer: Our El Nido tour A including 7 Commandos Beach was a complimentary from Northern Hope Tours. For your tour needs, visit their website for inquiries and bookings. Highly recommended!

Where to Stay in El Nido?

El Nido has wide choices of accommodations from cheap backpackers hostels to luxurious ones. Click for the best accommodations in El Nido and rest of  Palawan!

For us, we stayed at Ocean Vista Inn, it’s so near the beach and in the center of everything. Click here for Rates and Availability of Ocean Vista Inn.

El Nido – How to get there?

Book a flight to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. At the Puerto Princesa Airport, there are vans there that offer services to El Nido. It is much easier now to go to El Nido! 7 Commandos

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