7 Cruises From Melbourne To Make You Feel The Luxury Overseas

What is something that we all desire for a perfect getaway? The luxury of the journey begins from the moment we step into the royal cruises from Melbourne. The perfect setup of a cruise that makes sure that you are not devoid of any facility to give you the feel of a king will most definitely sway you. From exotic bars having the finest collection of drinks and some of the most perfect tenders to serve you, the dining area which provides you a multi-cuisine and mouth-watering food from the finest hands holding the knives. You can also cross the epic Bass Straight into the Port Phillip Bay. You have a great chance to explore the city’s art, culture and rich history, shopping scenes and what not? The amazing Barbeques to small shops lining up the edge of the place, Melbourne has a lot to offer so make sure that you make the most out of it.

Cruises From Melbourne

The best time to visit Melbourne is from September to November and from the month of March to May. The Spring and Autumn are the best time to visit Melbourne due to its pleasant weather. The cool winds blowing, low humidity and light sunray coming out of the sun. Scroll through and read about 10 cruises from Melbourne to set your travel mood on.

1. A Taste Of Tasmania Cruise

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The more you think you have got of the cruises in Melbourne, from lavish and sumptuous furniture to alluring art, teenage club to the finest pantry serving fresh food to more than 2000 people on the cruise. Some of the best cafes in the cruise that has proved itself for the increment in the level of the cruise includes Charlie’s cafe, The Orient and the Promenade Bar. You may be able to experience some of the most fun activities like Photo gallery, show lounges. Sauna bath and Spa are meant to provide relaxation to the customers. The cruise also has fitness centers like gym, jogging track, aerobics, and yoga to make sure the visitor is not devoid of any facility. This is one of the best cruises from Melbourne Australia.

2. Fiji Explorer Cruise

explore, travel, cruises, 7 cruises from melbourne to make you feel the luxury overseas

The guests can now make a way to the Pacific on board and Pacific dawn both of them are around 80 meters long which forms the centerpiece of a huge refurbishment of the superliner which is Brisbane based. It also has a waterpark for fun from Sony Interactive Entertainment. It has more than 3000 pieces of furniture and 1500 pieces of art and paintings and more than 500 new pieces of signage which add on to the beauty of the cruise. It has a lavish outdoor pool. A nice dining area serving its passengers.

3. Spirit of Melbourne Dinner Cruise

explore, travel, cruises, 7 cruises from melbourne to make you feel the luxury overseas

Spend a splendid evening on the Yarra river, the sparkling lights which reflect through the surface of the water setting the standards up to the visitor’s expectation. The 4-course gourmet meal which includes all the beverages. You can sip the finest beer, wine spirits, and coffee. The dinner is mouth drooling and can completely leave you in awe. Drink as much as you want to and go crazy like never before.

4. 4-Night Murray River Explorer Cruise

explore, travel, cruises, 7 cruises from melbourne to make you feel the luxury overseas

If you want to have a hassle-free trip without exploring places in a rush this is just a perfect place. The perfect private cabin gives you all the privacy that you require, you can do whatever you feel like, from reading to playing the musical instrument and enjoying the trip. Take the opportunity to taste the freshly barbequed Australian steaks. Explore the wildlife from the ships.

5. Melbourne City And William’s Town Ferry Cruise

explore, travel, cruises, 7 cruises from melbourne to make you feel the luxury overseas

You can take the amazing sight of the Yarra River and enjoy the sightseeing from the cruise. There is informative commentatory which will keep you updated with all the passing monuments for sightseeing. You can explore the most beautiful art galleries and dine in one of the best cruises from Melbourne. You have the option to book the cruise for either a one way or a round trip. You can completely set the bookings according to your comfort.

6. Champagne And Seafood Brunch Cruise

explore, travel, cruises, 7 cruises from melbourne to make you feel the luxury overseas

This is one of the most scenic cruises along the Yarra river, you can feast on the seafood and have the luxury of tasting the champagne. Relax on the Melbourne showboat and watch the Melbourne central passing by. The drink is complimentary and you can keenly observe the rich history of the place along with the champagne. The travel timing is around 3-4 hours which is more than enough for you to explore and enjoy the experience in cruise. The buffet of tasty seafood and meat dishes sprawling in the containers is something that you must experience while you’re spending your holiday in one of the best weekend cruises in Melbourne. This cruise is premier sightseeing and fun exploring venue, therefore, the visitor rate has hiked a lot.

7. Mekong River Cruise Tour

explore, travel, cruises, 7 cruises from melbourne to make you feel the luxury overseas

You will explore the beauty of the Ben Tre River. The hotel will provide the drop and pick up facility. You will pass through a local village and the coconut processing workshops, you will also cross through a local village. You can take xe loi (motor cart) or cycling to explore the green rice fields and vegetable plains. You can have lunch and return back to explore the scenic beauty yet again. This is one of the cheapest cruises from Melbourne if you don’t want to spend too much but experience the feel.

Exploring the places on a cruise. The moment you start wandering through a cruise, you can get happy by the luxury and the princely treatment from the cruises from Melbourne. Now when you have already made a list of the cruises, do not keep yourself away from this spine soothing experience. Plan your trip to Melbourne and book your tickets right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cruises From Melbourne

Which is the most lavish cruise you can take in Melbourne?

The most lavish cruise you can take in Melbourne is the Tasmania Cruise. It has exceptional interiors and facilities. It has a bar, cafe, Teen Club, and many other facilities for you to enjoy a full day cruise and is one of the most scenic and romantic cruises from Melbourne.

Which Melbourne cruise has a waterpark and lavish facilities?

The Fiji Explorer Cruise has a waterpark and many options for entertainment. For the best champagne and seafood cruise take the one that goes to the Yarra River.

What documents are needed to take a cruise in Melbourne?

Passengers need birth certificates in the country they are born, proof of citizenship, and ID proof such as international license, and any other government-issued proof.

Do children need a passport to go on a cruise?

Children less than 16 years of age do not require a passport to go on a cruise. Check with the policies of individual cruise liners for this information.

Which is the cheapest River Cruise in Melbourne?

The Mekong River Cruise is the most affordable cruise you can take in the waters of Melbourne. It passes through scenic villages and rice fields.

What should you not do on a cruise?

Fly a few days ahead from the day of departure. Do not litter the sea when you are on board. There are strict laws about littering the sea and must be avoided at all costs.

Why should you not shake hands on a cruise?

Germs spread easily and shaking hands is avoided when on cruise. When you are on a cruise it is not considered rude not to shake hands. You can greet fellow passengers with a smile. Bring plenty of hand sanitizers along with you to ensure your hands stay free of germs all the time.

Can you use a cell phone on a cruise?

You can use your cell phone on all the cruise lines as long as you get the signal. Most of the cruise lines also have their own cellular satellite. You can sign up for this service when your cellular network does not work.

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