7 Important Things Kids Learn When They Travel

There is so much the kids can learn beyond TV and books. Here's what they learn when they travel.

A lot of single people think that their world of endless adventure and travel ends as soon as their baby is born. True, it does mean that you will have to mellow out on a few things but having a little one in tow certainly isn’t the end of your dream to conquer the world.

The truth is, travelling with a kid only doubles the fun and excitement. Many families are already making the huge leap of bringing the entire kin to explore the world and even single parents make the journey with their kids. But, why would you actually bother to let your kids in on the travel adventure?

1. The world is a wonderful place

explore, travel, 7 important things kids learn when they travel

>Despite all the negative things we hear from the media — violence, wars, terrorism and poverty – the world is still such a wonderful place to explore and live in. If we simply learn to look further, even the most seemingly oppressed places still has a natural beauty that is waiting to be discovered.

2. There is so much you can learn beyond TV and books

explore, travel, 7 important things kids learn when they travel

Experience is the best teacher, the famous line says. There is no better way to learn about a country and its culture than by seeing, smelling, hearing, touching or tasting it. You cannot truly get to know its people and their traditions unless you immerse yourself in it.

3. The real world is more exciting than any mobile app created

explore, travel, 7 important things kids learn when they travel

In this advanced world, trying to pull your kid away from their gadgets can be an extremely challenging task that usually ends up with tantrums. Showing your kid the world through travel introduces them to a world so much better than any mobile app created. What is better than being able to use your senses to get to know something a little better? Simply the process of getting your travel tickets, boarding a plane and flying to another place is a big adventure more exciting than any make-believe world.

4. You can’t always get the things that you want

explore, travel, 7 important things kids learn when they travel

And speaking of plane and train rides, and hotel check-ins, travel also teaches your kids that many times, things do not always go the way you want them to be. It teaches them to be resilient and to keep on keeping on because even though things don’t always go our way the first time, trying it the next time brings us closer to success.

5. You can carry out great conversations regardless of your age

explore, travel, 7 important things kids learn when they travel

In traditional classroom settings, kids are often confined for extended periods inside a four-walled room with other kids their age. Sure, it is great to make friends whom you can easily relate to, but it is also great to create a diverse circle of friends. Travel allows one to meet all sorts of people, from all walks of life, and also teaches them to hold deep conversations with even those who are five times their age.

6. Nothing in life ever comes easy

While we all want to be able to live life as we want it and not work ourselves off for the rest of our lives, it is also important to teach our kids the value of hard work. The best views at the peak cannot be witnessed without summiting it, and the most secluded beach could not be enjoyed without having to endure hours of travel. It is important to teach our kids that nothing in life ever comes easy and that there is nothing better than enjoying the taste of success after all the hard work. After all, if life were that easy, wouldn’t it be boring?

7. There is always something good in everyone

explore, travel, 7 important things kids learn when they travel

>Despite the bad things we hear on the TV, radio and the newspapers, travelling will open your kid’s’ eyes and let them see that there is still something good in everyone. It will surprise even you that there are still people who are willing to go an extra mile just to help out a stranger, even if it means getting nothing in return.

*All images courtesy of Hey, Miss Adventures!

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