7 Things To Do In Mandu That Will Turn You Into A Historian

The town of Mandu in Madhya Pradesh is located at an altitude of 633 meters and overlooks the plateau of Malwa in the North and the Narmada valley in the south. It is rightly termed as the fort capital of the para mamas. The Vindhya range perches this town and runs for 13 km. The rich history of this beautiful town located in the central part of India near Indore has many ancient monuments and palaces that have stood the test of time. There are many things to do in Mandu as well, that will give you an experience to remember forever. So, if you are planning a visit in the near future, go through our list of some of the best things that you can indulge in while visiting this historical city.

7 Things To Do In Mandu

Let’s now go through the interesting things to be indulged in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh. All of them are unique and will give you a heartwarming vacation.

1. Jahaz Mahal: Get A Glance Of The Medieval History Of Mandu

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The magnificent structure of the Jahaz Mahal occupies a huge area in the Mandu region of Madhya Pradesh. Built when sultan Hhiyas-ud-din Khilji was reigning Mandu, it is believed that this architecture was built in the second phase of the 15th century, to accommodate his 15,000 consorts. This wonderful structure captures the medieval times of Mandu. Situated amidst pond water, this beautiful edifice seems to be floating gently on the water. The structure and architecture of this Jahaz Mahal are awe-inspiring and wonderful. This palace is an amalgamation of Mughal, Afghan, Mesopotamian and Hindu architectural styles.

Reproducing the appearance of a huge ship, this structure was built with utmost precision inclusive of water supplying channels, finely reflecting the pond water that overlooks the palace. The balconies had been constructed in a way that intensifies sound which echoes through the entire corridors of Jahaz Mahal. Its intricately designed carvings, careful engineering patterns and flawless beauty coupled with the other tourist destinations in proximity like the Baz Bahadur’s Palace, Roopmati’s Pavilion, Hindola Mahal, Jama masjid, and Jain temple has made Mandu a significant historical spot in Madhya Pradesh. Spread over a narrow piece of land between the Kapur Talao and the Munj Talao, this palace has a height of 110 meters and is 15 meters in width. The main entrance is in the east. It is a rectangular structure having two floors and thick walls. There are 3 large halls on the ground floor, all connected by corridors and overlooks the Munj Talao.

Location: Jahaz Mahal internal road, Mandu, Madhya PradeshEntry fee: INR 5 for Indians, INR 100 for foreigners and INR 25 extra for taking cameras inside.
Timing: 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM every day

2. Shopping

explore, travel, things to do, 7 things to do in mandu that will turn you into a historian

A tour to any place is incomplete without visiting the nearby attractions of that place. While doing a trip to Madhya Pradesh, tourist places in Mandu should not be missed. In addition to sightseeing, tourists also look forward to buying anything indigenous in that place. Shopping in Mandu is as interesting as in visiting the historical buildings. The malls retain the feel of ethnicity to the core. Urbanisation has not yet affected the livelihood of people residing in Mandu. Capturing the essence of old bazaars, Mandu has several local shops where you can buy anything of your choice. Starting from home decor to wall pieces, gift items, showpieces everything is available here. Tourists generally buy colourful fabrics and textiles.

The massive red stone mosque can be seen from this bazaar. All thanks to the dominating architectural structures built by Hoshang Shah. However, it was during Mohammad Khilji’s reign that this building was completed. This red stone mosque, despite being simple is considered to be one of the finest examples of Afghan architecture in India.

Location: In various places of ManduEntry fee: None
Timing: None

3. Hindola Mahal: Get Awed By The Simplicity

explore, travel, things to do, 7 things to do in mandu that will turn you into a historian

The grandeur of the Hindola Mahal, which means swinging palace is evident from the luxurious building which used to be the royal court of Ghiyas-al-din sultan. This palace exhibits the Malwa – sultanate architecture precisely. The structure of the sculpture is innovative and its engineering technique attracts thousands of tourists every year. The Hindola Mahal was constructed with sandstones. It has intricately carved panels with facilities of cold and hot water connected with the underground rooms of the palace.

Presently, the Hindola Mahal has been reconstructed into a T shaped building that is used as an open-air theatre or audience gallery. The simplicity of this monument is what distinguishes it from the other ones. The Munj Talao surrounds the Hindola Mahal in the North and provides an amazing sight to visitors. It is an ideal place for history lovers. The outstanding scenic beauty and its exquisiteness is worth visiting.

Location: Surabardi, Madhya PradeshEntry fees: INR 5 for Indians, INR 100 for foreigners and INR 25 extra for taking cameras inside.
Timing: 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM

4. Jain Temple, Mandu: Feel The Divinity

explore, travel, things to do, 7 things to do in mandu that will turn you into a historian

Among all other architectural structures influenced by the Islamic methods, this Jain temple stands as an exception, totally different from all other structures. It is a present-day architectural building that boasts of gold, silver and marble statues of Jain Tirthankaras. Also, there is a picturesque Jain museum that is inspired by Shatrunjaya, the temple on the hilltop at Palitana in Gujarat.

The Jain temple at Mandu is the only non-Muslim piece of art and architecture amidst an array of mosques and palaces and dargahs which the city abounds in. The eyes of some of the idols have been adorned with shiny jade eyes. At the rear is the Jain museum that is an imitation of the Palitana temple. For all religion lovers, this place is an abode. Tourists are advised not to miss visiting this tranquil place while on a holiday trip to Madhya Pradesh.

Location: Mandu, Mandav, Madhya PradeshEntry fee: None
Timing: anytime

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