74,000 Audi and VW SUVs Recalled for Damaged Engine Bearings

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Just days after a major recall of most of the nameplates in its lineup, Audi is involved in another recall — this time for its Q5 SUV. Also involved in the recall are parent company Volkswagen’s Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport SUVs. The 74,000 vehicles are being recalled over damaged engine connecting rod bearings.

Affected SUVs include model-year 2021-23 Audi Q5 Sportbacks and model-year 2022-23 Atlases and Atlas Cross Sports. Potentially damaged engine connecting rod bearings can lead to engine failure and a stall, increasing the risk of a crash. In rare cases, the failure of the engine also can result in an oil leak, increasing the risk of a fire.

Dealers will inspect and replace the engines, if necessary, for free. Audi and VW will begin notifying owners Dec. 6; those with further questions can contact VW at 800-893-5298, Audi at 800-253-2834, the NHTSA’s vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or visit its website to check your vehicle identification number and learn more.

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